Currys PCWorld offering £100 cashback on multiple Windows laptops

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UK retailer Currys PCWorld has some sweet deals currently going on for those who are seeking new Windows laptops and Apple MacBooks before heading back to school. Running until September 24, you'll be able to claim £100 cashback on a laptop worth £599 or above.

Windows laptops include the Lenovo Yoga and Asus Transformer Book just to name a few. After purchasing a laptop through Currys PCWorld, it's required for the new owner to claim for the cashback, which will then be provided to bring down the overall cost of the product.

It's a neat offer and we're sure those searching for new computers will hit the source link to have a quick browse.

Source: Currys PCWorld


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Currys PCWorld offering £100 cashback on multiple Windows laptops


I wish that I hadn't bought the surface rt now, not only is it just below the threshold, but it's performance is so poor that I would have traded it in a heartbeat, I should have waited for a pro device....woe is me

Ahh.. i thought It is more like a trade in.. well in that case - it is awesome.. Guess I will have to get something for my girl :)

MS are doing Surface Pro 3 tour around the UK at CurrysPCWorld stores at the moment. Check out Surface on FB for more details on which stores and when for a hands on experience...

So I went to the currys store in New Malden today and said you had MS here yesterday and they had the Surface 3 on tour - can I see anything. They "PC specialist" says he was on leave yesterday and didn't know that happened and then tried to sell me a Surface 2!!! This is why MS doesn't do well here!!! Open some MS stores here in the UK with passionate staff who know what they are talking about and aren't Muppets!!! Learn from Apple - please!!!