Deal Alert: Dragon's Blade goes on sale, now $.99

Dragon's Blade for Windows Phone

The popular Windows Phone RPG game Dragon's Blade has seen it's price slashed from $6.99 to $.99. We aren't sure how long this sale will last but it's not a bad deal on a decent little RPG game.

You create a party from seven classes that includes warriors, templars, thieves, juggernauts, archers, sorcerers and clerics. Once you have your team assembled you explore the lands to discover treasure, explore dungeons and battle monsters.

Dragon's Blade

There is also an online mode where you can chat with others in your area, backup your gaming progress online, and play mini-games within the game such as blackjack.

Graphics and animations are nice and if you've been on the fence about buying the full version of Dragon's Blade now may be the time to act. You can find an ad supported, free version of Dragon's Blade here and the ad-free version of Dragon's Blade DX (currently $.99) can be snatched up here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Thanks, Jonas, for the tip!

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Reader comments

Deal Alert: Dragon's Blade goes on sale, now $.99


I downloaded it a while back but haven't found the time to try it yet. I think I'll buy it now anyway just on rave reviews it gets.

I tried to buy this game but after many attempts and popping the battery I cannot get passed 44% when trying to download it. I don't if the purchase registered or not or I would try buying it through my desktop to see if that worked any better. Anyone else have this happen?

Awesome. I just added this to the long list of games I buy because they look awesome but haven't ever gotten around to playing.

I know Final Fantasy I is a classic and everything but I really believe this game is better than it; unfortunately this probably won't make it to XBL because FF is coming out and they wouldn't want to step on Square Enix's toes.

One of the best 99 cent games recently. A must buy. Zenobia DX is also currently 99 cents (game from the same Dev)

Pretty sure this is a limited time deal - good either just today or through June 1, 2012 according to their FB page. I couldn't quite tell which was meant, but figured it was worth the dollar - it's a good game.

I've already got a big enouh pile of RPGs to play, but I'll give this one a shot since it's on sale. Now does anyone know if there's a Final Fantasy Tactics-like game out there?

This game is great. I wish I had more time to play it at the moment, however, I am more than willing to grab it now and wait for the perfect time to unwrap (play) this.

From my limited time playing it, I would definitely say it is worth purchasing while it is on sale, however, for $6.99 I would have trouble justifying the purchase. So act quick and get it while you can.