Deal alert: Nine EA Xbox Windows Phone Games on sale for the next week

EA Sale

Spring break is in full swing for most folks in the US and Canada. The perfect time to get some sun, travel, and just relax. And there just so happens to be a sale on EA game titles for when you’re pool side and need to zone out with some Zombie or something. The sale will go on for one week and games are either at a 33% or 40% discount from their regular prices. Full list after the break.

Battleship normally goes for $2.99, but you can grab it for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 here at $1.99. Our review.

QR: Battleship

Bejeweled Live normally fetches $4.99, but you can get it for $2.99 on your Windows Phone 7.x and device here. Our review.

QR: Bejeweled Live

Contre Jour is a delightful game for both eyes and ears normally at $2.99, for the next week get it at $1.99 for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 here.

QR: Contre Jour

Mirror’s Edge is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8. Usually going for $2.99, but you can get it at a cool $1.99 right here.

QR: Mirror's Edge

Monopoly is usually a whopping $4.99, but you can get it for all Windows Phone devices at $2.99 here. Our review.

QR: Monopoly

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will typically set you back $4.99 on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8, but you can get it for $2.99 here. Our review.

QR: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Plants vs. Zombies has been a mobile favorite for years. Sale price is $2.99 instead of $4.99 and can be found here for all Windows Phone devices. A must have if you don’t already have it. Our review.

QR: Plants vs Zombies

The Sims 3 is a sky high $6.99, but you can get it for $4.99 on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices here. Our review.

QR: The Sims 3

Tetris is a game older than any game on this list. It’s normally $2.99, but you can get it for $1.99 on both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 right here. Our review.

QR: Tetris

In the comments below, list your top three favorite games on this list to help others pick some if they are new to Windows Phone. Enjoy the games!

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Deal alert: Nine EA Xbox Windows Phone Games on sale for the next week


Really Cool! Just picked up Contre Jour and Need For Speed, thanks for sharing! But, Monopoly is still too high for me to pay 3 bucks...

Because it seems WP users realize developers deserve to be paid well for their work.

Because some people do not care about price. I have "heard" it said over and over "its because of the achievements" but that just seems silly. Why should we have to pay extra for that?
It would be nice to get the same prices and "sales" as iOS and Android, and maybe one day we will. Currently though, developers realize they can get an extra buck or two off of WP users since there are not a lot of mainstream apps to pick from.
I think it is funny though. I would bet that these developers would make more money if they lowered the price of the apps.

You might be right. However, adding in things like Achievemnts and Xbox LIVE multiplayer integration DO mean more work and time spent on development, so that might be a small factor as well. Overall, I agree that the lack of quantity means higher prices to convince developers that there is sufficient money to be made.
THAT SAID, I also agree that developers would probably make more money if they lowered prices. If nothing else, they would have a greater volume of sales. For example, I wasn't going to pay $5 for Plants vs. Zombies or $7 for Skulls of the Shogun, but I WILL buy them at $3 and $5, respectively. I bought Asphalt 7for $1, but I would not for a second think of spending $7 on it like you get with the superhero games GameLoft offers.

I'll grab Plants Vs. Zombies, though I hate the thought of ANY money going into EA's hands. Since PopCap wasn't originally a part of them, I can make an exception, I guess.
I wonder why Risk and Life missed the cut. I actually would get Monopoly as well if it wasn't EA-published.

I'm with you on EA being a turnoff. I had a boss once who said EA stands for Evil Alliance because they were a miserable company to work for.

I would love to know why so many people hate EA, is it because of the working conditions? Please do tell

Personally, the thing that started my financial embargo with them was the Online Pass. That they decided to make users pay $10 for online access on used games ruined them for me. Instead of trying to find a reasonable alternative, they went straight to punishing consumers for doing nothing wrong. $60 is rather unreasonable for many games, so people will often wait for a $50 used copy. Now, when a new EA game releases, a new copy is $60, plus tax. A used copy is $58, plus tax. Buying used has now become a $2 savings because of how the situation was handled.

I've long said that publishers should have gotten together and started a competing used game business, as it would be beneficial to customers. Instead, EA wanted to take the quick money and inconvenience people. I won't buy their games as a result, because I don't see the value in them, and I don't like the inconvenience of the Online Pass.

The whole EA Origin thing that they did to circumvent Valve's Steam platform (Valve being one of the few TRUE pro-consumer businesses) didn't help their cause. I also was irritated to see the SimCity fiasco. Oh, and I was appalled at their decision to recycle the Most Wanted title within the SAME console generation, telling me that they are mostly phoning in their work to make more money. The Mass Effect 3 thing was also annoying, though that was to a small degree.

Oh, there's one other factor: EA doesn't really make much for games I care about. Sure, I'd be all over these board games if EA wasn't the publisher. However, I'm not impressed by Madden (last bought one of those in 2008). Battlefield didn't catch my eye. Need for Speed hasn't impressed me since Carbon (rented/tried a couple of others). Mass Effect didn't fit my style (not huge on RPGs or third-person shooters). Never liked Burnout.

Admittedly, Crysis looked like a good franchise, and Dead Space looked like it was worth trying. However, I was done with their games before those released, so I don't know.

You do realize games from older generations, such as when the SNES and Genesis were the mainstay consoles, were in the range of $70 at launch for some new titles, and that's not even accounting for inflation. You aren't being punished for purchasing a used game: you buy it knowing well that you will have to fork over another $10~ to play online if you refused to buy new. It's publishers' way of insuring that they at least get some cut of a used game's sale, because otherwise they would see none of that money. As for Steam, yeah, it's sales are pretty great, but Valve pulled the same thing EA is doing with Origin by forcing Half-Life 2 players to download and use Steam when that launched. Most Wanted was a game from last generation that only made it onto the 360 because of how close it came out to the end of the last generation's lifespan, and honestly the reboot by Criterion is pretty great, it's much less a Need for Speed game than it is a Burnout game (no surprise there). Literally the only thing they've REALLY done that screwed consumers over in recent memory that the other big publishers haven't partook in also was the awful SimCity DRM. Too bad the internet likes to mindlessly hate EA and ignore the fact they've also greenlit tons of cool games other publishers wouldn't ever touch, such as Mirror's Edge and Brutal Legend.

EA here in Orlando pays horrible and somehow gets away without proper overtime pay. They also require labor camp hours, about 50-60 at a rate of pay of $8/hr. They usually hire the UCF students who don't care because they think they are paid to play games, which is actually forbidden and results in termination if you are caught.

WP - Need For Speed Undercover in EU have since 6 months back the wrong language. You think I got a respons from my ticket....

Thanks for the news but they're still too expensive. Tetris, bejeweled and battleship should be $1. Then I would buy.

Good offer, but I wouldn't want to give any monies to EA. And yet I do not want EA to ignore the platform... Dilemma...

That sucks. I paid $5 on Steam for it, and was HOPING it dropped to $3 on WP. Couldn't justify paying $5 for the same game a second time, but $3 isn't too bad, so I'll pick it up.

I'm interested in Monopoly.  Is it an online multiplayer game?  Or is it pass and play? I'm only interested if it's an online game.

Pass and Play and/or against an AI.  No online multiplayer.  It's still a fun time killer.  I bought it last time it was on sale.

Contre Jour is a beautiful game.  I already own it, but if you don't now is your chance to save a buck.

I have Bejeweled Live+ & Plants Vs. Zombies. I'm planning on getting Contre Jour and Tetris. Having my Lumia 920 really is making my managing of finances a little harder nowadays.. LOLz. Glad I have at least a phone w/ 32GB storage.. Awesome apps and games one after the other.. And my red phone really is redding hot.! :D

That's why I signed up for Bing Rewards so long ago. I just grabbed a $5 Microsoft Store gift card, and still have almost enough for 2 more of those (have bought 3 so far, gave one to my sister).

You can still get them at this price from outside these regions. Just change country/region in the settings and restart the phone to gain access to the US marketplace.

Why the hell do people bash the original Bejeweled Live? Smoother and looks identical to BJ3, compared to Live+. Also, Live+ is EA-crapified with it's stupid EULA, Privacy Policy, and ToS buttons. Maybe the game's WP team is also the reason...
Wish PopCap was never bought by EA...

Well and I just spent 12€ on 4 games (I'm counting Sims Medieval here, hence the higher price). No more games to me for a while. Unless they release Age of Empires, of course.
I just have a beef with Mirror's Edge though. It was free for some time. Then the price went up. Now it comes down but still not down enough. Those who hadn't received their Lumias on time (which is 90% of Europe and the rest of the World) where left out of the chance to get it free for something that wasn't the consumers fault...

I would get Monopoly at least, but my gaming expense for the month already above set limit. Also, the weird Other storage thing too:-(

Not necessarily part of the EA sale, but Earthworm Jim HD is also on sale for $0.99, down from $4.99. Also may be a permanent drop...

I have some of them already. Also the bejeweled is a very hard completion for achievements as one of them takes well over 100 hours as a major grind, and a few require you to be very fast to achieve blazing speed and another to get blazing speed twice in 1 level.

Got Battleship and Contre Jour, not willing to spend more then $2 for a game, with the exception of Monopoly :)