Deal Alert: Sale continues on NAVIGON


A few weeks ago NAVIGON for Windows Phone was updated to version 4.1 which added the MyMaps feature to the navigation app. MyMaps allows you to download only the maps you need.  As opposed to downloading the full 1.6gb of maps.

After the update, NAVIGON dropped the price of their U.S. map version down from $49.99 to $29.99. The European version fell from 84.99€ to 59.99€. The sale ends on January 5, 2012 and if you've got some Christmas cash lying around (or a Microsoft Marketplace Gift Card) this is a great deal on a very good Windows Phone navigation app.

You can find the U.S. version of NAVIGON here and the European version of NAVIGON here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Thanks, Tim, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Sale continues on NAVIGON


I've been Navigon it since it was released & its terrific. Anyone looking for a great SatNav should take up their offer. I highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed.

How do you stop the safety splash screen from displaying everytime?  Will they every offer alternate address entry and deep integration within the OS?
I was spoiled by google navgation on Android which was better in both of these regards.

Define "deep integration within the OS"--that's a big vague. Windows Phone devs can access things like your Contacts, which this does. But if you mean click an address in say your email and have it open in Navigon, then no--that's not an option for any dev.

In that case, you just simply copy/paste the address into the app and it will work.

 "But if you mean click an address in say your email and have it open in Navigon, then no--that's not an option for any dev."
That's wht I was referring to.  Or from a website, or from an app that looks for local establishments, etc.  As far as copying the address, that's where my second complaint about this app comes in to play.  
It has the traditional GPS address entry where you can not paste in an entire adress at once.  You have to start with state, city, road, and finally street number.  I wish navigon would offer the option of complete address entry.
Hope that devs will have access at some point to do this.

This doesn't have the ability to keep voice navigation going in the background or while the screen is off does it? If it did, I would switch from Nokia Drive instantly, but apparently no Windows Phone navigation apps have these basic abilities.

Literally last night I had to drop off a projector and decided to walk as I was literally less than a mile away so off I ventured into the cold UK night.
I entered the street.. couldn't find it. I entered the post code... cool.  It sent me slightly off course and I had to call the guy for directions :(
PLEASE let us enter full post codes and PLEASE find the current street addresses.

If I enter in my entire street name it can't find it, but if I enter in the first part it brings up a list of possiblities and my street is the last one in that list.