Down under with a new Lumia 920 or Lumia 820? Grab your free Nokia wireless charger!

Nokia Free Charger AU

Do you reside in Australia and own a Lumia 820 or Lumia 920 Windows Phone that was purchased between April 1st and May 31st of 2013? You're eligible for a free Nokia wireless charging package! For the Lumia 920 owners, a free wireless charging plate is available (worth $69.95), while Lumia 820 owners can enjoy a free wireless charging shell and plate combination (worth $109.90).

So how does one redeem their free charging bundle? Simply head on over to the promotion website and fill in details, selecting a desired choice of colour for the product. Once the redemption has been authorised (keep those receipts handy, folks), Nokia will post the charging accessories within 30 days. Should you be looking to purchase a new Windows Phone, this offer is well worth considering.

Be sure to head on over to the promotion site for more details and the terms.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Simon, for the tip!


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Down under with a new Lumia 920 or Lumia 820? Grab your free Nokia wireless charger!


Do we get one in India??? Plzzzz....... Nokia... Give us one... Its almost 10% of the Mobile cost here...

No, only with the promotion through AT&T, unless the Microsoft store is doing something similar.  You get the USB cable, but not the plate.

Here in the UK we got a free wireless charging plate and a Windows 8 Pro DVD with the 820 and 920 back in December.

Wireless charging may be a bit slower than USB, but a hundred times cooler - I love the attention my phone got at work when I put it on the plate to charge.

I need to move to Australia, or New Zealand, same place right? (If anybody has seen "Flight of the Concords" they'll understand this haha

Same offer apply for 820 in Bosnia and Herzegovina by major telco, BH Telecom. The also offer 620 and Lumia 900 but without free wireless charger.

UK users can get a free charging plate. Phones4u are acting as the agent for the promo but you do not have to have,purchased it from there

I don't agree about it, coz the oldest customers had a lot of issues while Nokia fixes the problems, the first holders must have a free wireless chargers

Should have preordered to get the play up. Unless you got it outright..then yeah, early adopters usually get shafted. Especially considering the build issues the early ones had.

So Nokia welcomes Johnny-come-lately bandwagon-jumpers with a free wireless charger, while brave, patient early-adopters get... the shaft! Good one.

God I hate Nokia Australia.
US and UK early adopters get a free wireless charger to get them on board.
AU all the early adopters don't get anything, and they put out freebies to keep stock flowing mid to late life.
Wonder how thorough they are, or if a photoshopped receipt with todays date will sort it out...
At least Telstra gave us bluetooth speakers for pre ordering.

I bought my 920 New Years Day. You can be guaranteed I'm still going to have a crack at this though.
And if Nokia want to resist, spitting the dummy like a child won't be beneath me.

im going to email Nokia I think. Being such a proud owner of an Omnia 7, I purchased the 920 in January of this year... no wireless charging plate, and I can't justify a whopping $70 for one. Fairly sure the promotion should be all owners before the end date...

I dont understand why they didnt do this when they first released the phone!
Ive been a long stanting windows phone user and got a lumia 920 they day it came out and now im rewarded with nothing! Not cool