Dump your old iPad at the Microsoft Store and get at least $200 towards your next Surface

Microsoft Store

Nothing like a deal to put us in a good mood. In case you didn’t know, Microsoft is planning to update its Surface line of products in a few short weeks. We’re expecting to see the Surface 2, follow up to last year’s Surface RT and the Surface Pro 2, which is the Haswell refresh of the Surface Pro. Those devices should be announced and available around the launch of Windows 8.1 on October 18th. But below you’re going to read about how you can turn in your old iPad to get at least $200 towards that new Surface.

Let’s start with the bad news first. You’re going to need a Microsoft Store to do this. Not just live in the United States and interact with the Microsoft Store, but a brick-and-mortar shop where you can physically set foot inside Microsoft retail space. So if you have a Microsoft Store near you or plan on visiting one between now and October 27th read on.

Dump the iPad for Surface

If you bring in a gently used iPad 2, 3, or 4 you’ll get a minimum $200 gift card for the Microsoft Store. You’ll want to refresh your iPad and remove any data on there, once you’ve done that you’re $200 closer to a new Surface tablet. Whether you spend that gift card on a Surface or Xbox One is completely up to you, but we’d probably lean the Surface route personally.

Hit up the source below to get the full details. There is a limit of 1 per customer, so don’t all ship me your iPads and expect any gift cards soon.

Anybody interested in turning in an old iPad towards some Microsoft products? Sound off below.

Source: Microsoft Store

Thanks for the tip everyone!


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Dump your old iPad at the Microsoft Store and get at least $200 towards your next Surface


Same...was excited until I saw the exclusion. Come on Microsoft! Original iPad owners need some love too!

Yup, I was so excited when I saw the tile, then the bombshell dropped. Dissapointing, but good for anyone else looking to dump an iPad.

I have 0 Apple products in my household since 2004. Only Apple product I ever owned was an iPod, and the experience was frustrating. Never again Apple!

Book! I have a sluggish iPad 1 and was really looking forward to this. I'll take 150 even

Well if you want an ''good'' iphone experience you will need an Apple TV, mac [book], ipad 
Anyway, i have had an iphone and i liked it but i had nothing special to me.
Looked same old boring all day, and i own an windows pc so i had to use itunes for windows which is pathethic 

Do they have an offer to go the other way? Would love to trade in my slow ass surface for something that works, like an iPad.

if it was slow as you say, nobody would buy suface because everyone would notice how "slow" it is... but honestly I dont even know you have a surface, why should I believe you? not like i care, but people like you some like... another dumbydumb on internet who make up stuff to get attention, just saying

I bought a Surface RT when it came out, and experienced it slowing down to a crawl fairly consistently. By keeping the Resource Monitor open, I could tell that the culprit was the dreaded 100% disk usage, but I never discovered what causes it. I've since given it away.
The RT's performance issues are well documented and by no means necessarily this user's own fabrication. While the iPad is by no means flawless, I've never experienced it hang like I did on the RT.

Just out of curiosity, how much stuff do you have on your surface? I experienced some slowness on my RT and fixed it by off loading my files to an SD card and doing a refresh. Hasn't come back since.

It degraded over time for me. I now have half the apps I did than when it was working perfectly fine. All I have on it are Xbox games and that is it. Dont want to do a hard reset and lose all my game saves and everything else. This wont stop me fro. Getting a surface in the future, probably surface 3 next year when processors are up to task. Surface 1 RT is not good.

Sorry it didn't work out for you. :-( That's the unfortunate part about getting the first gen of anything. Even though I haven't had too many problems with my RT I feel for those who do.

I agree! I'd definitely consider upgrading to a Surface 2 if I could trade in my 1st gen. Surface RT.

Waiting for Surface 2 pricing. I've had a lot of problems with Wi-Fi and huge standby battery drain- can't wait to offload Gen 1.

I got a 64gb iPad 4 for free from American express so this trade in will be nice to get my hands on the new surface so I can ditch the old one ;)

My client got 6 iPads from AMEX but he spends over $100k every month on it. I'm working on him to adopt me :D

If your near the border, you could take a day trip to a US store to trade in and buy the Surface 2. Probably less expensive too

We can almost conclude that the new surface (RT) will not be less than $400. Recycling old iPads will not make too much money. I don't think MSFT will give a more than 50% discount on a new hardware. 

They are trying to encourage Apple users to make the switch to Surface instead of buying a new iPad. It is a good idea. Giving it to 1st-Gen Surface owners would be nice but doesn't make as much sense.

Why would they try to convince people on the same platform to join the platform? This is a promotional event to get people to consider alternatives. You're hardly doing that if you already have a surface. Just accept you bought into the platform too early. Its nothing personal it is the nature of competitor discounts.

I don't think this is new news. I went into the microsoft store a while ago and they said that I could trade in my old sony tablet and get a credit towards a surface. I don't think this is just limited to ipads...I could be wrong though. If you have an old tablet it's worth checking out

Also...if you haven't been to the store you should go. They are pretty cool there. We went (in a group of 4) just to look around. The employees brought us bebverages while we looked around. It was pretty cool

lol, that must be one of the worst deals ever... Hey, why don't you give me your 60k Porsche and I'll give you a discount of 15k on your new Volkswagen?

Got one iPad 2 that's been collecting dust since I got my Surface and a MS Store 5 min from my office!

The more interesting question is:  Will Microsoft offer some sort of trade-in for the Surface RT?  Maybe not as generous as the iPad one, but purchasers of Surface RT took a huge risk that was not entirely rewarded.  It would go a long way to restoring good will to at least offer $100 off.  If they could restrict it to folks to paid bust-out retail price, that would be okay.

I believe that no one is crazy enough to change an iPad for a Surface RT. Microsoft your surface 2 will fail again.

I already have a Surface and love it. My friend bought an Ipad now he wants to get rid of it so maybe this will be good for him.

So. What will MS do with all those old iPads?
Saw them into little squares with rounded corners and sell them to restaurants as iCoasters?

Lets try to give them some good ideas!

The funny thing...maybe it's me but, if you ebay your iPad, you would get more than $200 for it.  Crap, if you had a iPad 4, you could possably get up to $500 on ebay for it, then you could just buy a RT device and have cash in your pocket.
They should offer a program to trade in your RT to get a Pro tablet...
I wonder what they would give me for my Samsung slate 7 (i5, 4gb, 32gb)..... I can see it to be worth around $400-450..I would not trade it for a RT only a pro...as I have Windows 8 pro on my device now.

I have the greatest feeling that Microsoft is trying to incur less of a deadweight loss when the next gen surface hits the marketplace.