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From the Editor’s Desk – Why don’t you report on fake news?

While it may not look it, this Monday has been an especially busy one, particularly behind the scenes of our site. Because of that, I don’t like spending time typing out articles debunking the news. It’s a waste of my time and slightly irritating, but alas, this is also what I signed up for (having said that, following me on Twitter isn’t a bad idea either, since I can respond to things there more directly).

But let me take a few moments to address a bunch of questions that readers have been slinging at us, sometimes with visceral disdain. And yes, I’ll start doing these rants and opinion pieces weekly, as requested by Kevin Michaluk, our Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations.

Let’s start with the most obvious….

Why aren’t you reporting on that alleged Cortana video posted on Twitter?

Cortana Windows Phone

A lot of tech sites posted articles with the video in question, which was sourced from one ‘WPLeaker’ on Twitter. Who is this new source? No one knows. Neither have they been vetted. By vetted I simply mean Have they ever posted anything on the internet that has later been shown to be true? The answer is ‘no’.

That’s an important thing to have—a track record.

So why not do an article on it? Not having a history is not itself a reason to dismiss the leak. We have had photos and information come to us from unknowns before that turned out to be dead on.

But the Cortana video (and related material) from WPLeaker is completely fake.

I know this simply because of people who do know. That’s how this works: you get multiple sources on something, you check with your source and they tell you “authentic” or “fake”. It’s really that simple. They used to call this ‘journalism’. But hey, that’s work and some people got into blogging to get away from such requirements.

This is the same reason why you don’t see Tom Warren at the Verge doing an article on it, nor Mary Jo Foley or Paul Thurrott. People who know about Windows Phone 8.1 will simply gloss over this or just call it bullshit on Twitter.

Tech sites that are unsure, with no way to verify the news, may still post it with caveats like “if” “possibly”, etc. It’s a clever cover-your-ass technique where you can do an article but not really be held responsible for its accuracy. Other sites will simply post anything that they are tipped on, because hey, site traffic is traffic, facts be damned.

This has nothing to do with NDAs either, which are not at issue at all in this situation. No one in the press, to my knowledge, has been officially briefed by Microsoft or Nokia on anything about Windows Phone 8.1. This isn’t us playing dumb. If you even ask Microsoft about 8.1 they will shrug and say they have no idea what you’re talking about. Seriously.

The only way some of us know things is due to sourcing. It’s a pain in the ass to do as you can’t just walk up to Microsoft or Nokia employees and be like “risk your job and tell me what you know…oh and trust me with your identity”.  Hell, half the time you don’t even know who to ask. But that’s why we can accurately report on things like:

We’re not perfect either and we've made some mistakes in the past. But we do at least attempt to verify news before posting it. That’s an important distinction. And when we don’t know something, we grade the rumor on our old rum’o’meter. That’s our informed opinion on the story, plain and simple.

So yes, when people write us and say:

“Come on WP central you are really missing out on alot (sic) of stuff for example a leaked image of the games hub (8.1) was leaked and Nokia Normandy was on sale on a Vietnamese site and cortana (sic) was caught on tape so come on pick up the pase (sic)”

I do take offense a little. After all, we do catch even the smallest bits of news like WhatsApp updates. So the lesson learned for you today: if we don’t report on it, it’s probably because we think it’s crap.

Speaking of, other crap rumors include:

  • BBM for Windows Phone submitted to the Store and their Twitter account
  • “Lumia 1820”, whatever that is (being announced at Mobile World Congress)
  • “Lumia 1520v”, whatever that is (being announced at Mobile World Congress)

There’s just no truth to those, sorry.

Why is the Android version of the WPCentral app free?!?!

WPCentral Android App

So last night our scrappy little company, Mobile Nations, published to the Google Play store our WPCentral app. It’s one of many apps that will be going to other platforms (and vice versa). It’s also free. That has sent many people on site into a tizzy, because to remove ads and grab some advanced features we charge 99 cents in our app for Windows Phone.

Couple of things.

Nearly three years ago, we released our app to Windows Phone. That’s almost three years before the rest of our sites had official apps. It was also three years before ‘Mobile Nations’ - our attempt to bring Crackberry, iMore, Android Central, etc. under one-roof -  became a reality.  In other words, lots has changed in the three years since we used the 99-cent model to remove ads.

Look, the Android app for WPCentral is nice. Does it have Live Tiles? Push notifications? Lockscreen support? Wide range of custom graphics? No. Was it developed by a young developer, fresh out of college, looking to help out our site? No. It was made by Mobile Nations, a small sized company that does over 27 million unique views a month in total.

Going forward, Mobile Nations apps will be free. They will also have ads. The question of what to do about WPCentral’s app for Windows Phone is being discussed. Fact is, we’re damned if we change and we're damned if we don’t.

  • If you just dropped 99 cents on our app and we make it free tomorrow, you and everyone else in the last three years will rightly complain. “But I just paid for it!”. 
  • If we make it free, but it has ads with no 99 cent option to remove, people will also complain, because ads suck.
  • If we do nothing and keep the model the same, people will complain.

See our predicament? It’s not that we don’t hear you, we do, we really do. We just need to find an easy way to go forward. Same with our Windows 8 app.

The fact is, as more and more of you use mobile to access our site, we have to think of revenue too. If you’re not seeing ads, we can’t pull in revenue. If we can’t pull in revenue, we can’t pay people to be full-time writers, monitoring Windows Phone news 24/7. So it’s either 99 cents, ads, or something else.

WPCentral App Windows 8

But hey, expect the WPCentral app for Windows 8 app this week. So there's that.


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From the Editor’s Desk – Why don’t you report on fake news?



Gotta ? For you rodneyej did you buy Spartan assault when it came out or did you download it for free when you got your 1520?

I still haven't got it... I'm waiting for the 8.1 update so that hopefully we can store apps and games to the storage card..

You shouldn't have to, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong. You can go to your purchase history on windowsphone.com, browse for it and re install that way. I've downloaded a few apps when they were free to a day or what have you. Reset my Lumia and noticed in the store I have to buy. Went on my account and simply clicked "install" from the list.

the store may not be so great to tell u that you previously had the app. And devs have to bake in double checks to restore purchases, but check that route. Should be able to reinstall no issue, since you had it already.

I've been ask to pay again and proceeded to click on the "buy" button as I was curious to see what would happen. Low and behold, a message pops up and let me know that I have purchased the app already. It then gives me the option to download without payment. You guys have to go the distance. Proceed all the way to the point where you choose the method of payment. I haven't been force to pay for any app twice. I've lost my 928 and this was my experience upon receiving a replacement device.

Yeah. Funny store quirk. I guess they're trying to keep the app page load quick, and maybe reduce load on their billing servers?

When the app tells you you have to buy, tap on but and then it will show that you've already purchased it and just let you redownload.

To regurgitate myself, "you gave to go the distance." Try it with an app that cost .99 and you'll see. The worst case scenario is that you'll be short a dollar, but I don't believe that'll be the case.

+925. Not only that, but some of my WP friends get excited about news days after I already read it here, that and the carrying on over "news" they sometimes do. IDK why they don't just read WPCentral first. I've told them to do so enough times. Maybe they just like lower-quality material...

I watched the videos, and admittedly got excited. However, seeing that you guys hadn't reported on it, I knew it must be fake and stifled my excitement.if it doesn't appear in wpcentral, I am quick to dismiss it.

Keep up the good work, wpcentral team

Exactly my thoughts to be honest. Got excited in the morning when I saw the news. But immediately realized wpcentral did not publish it. Keep up the good work wpcentral.

Does this mean that the here maps app was a fake too? Because that look f'ing sweet with that new UI!

Are you guys not able to create an app with IAP to remove ads and verify who purchased the app prior to the change via the email when we registered and send us a code to remove the ads?

Eh, I can't really get too mad. You guys want news and you want all the news. 

My goal is not so much to be an oracle but to teach you folks how to more..discerning of leaks. Most of you are, but many 'want to believe'. 

I actually paid 2 dollars for the wpcentral app and didn't mind cause ads do suck. I'm very curious how long till the wpcentral app for windows is. It was announced a while back?

Tell the truth.... You didn't read the whole article. The WPC's app for Windows 8 was like the conclusion. Sort of felt like a sad ending. There wasn't the usual enthusiasm. Maybe it's just me, but there is a pattern within the style of WPC's journalists. The article (though informative) had an awkward ending.

Till this day WPC app remains the only one I purchased so far. Eagerly waiting for windows 8 app, or at least I was till I had to send my iconia W$ for warranty repair, litteraly couple of hours ago. They said it will be ready next week, so Im kinda sad that I will miss the release of WPCentral day one download. Still it seems like next week got to be nice. Hope those guys will just give a new iconia instead of repairing mine. :)

And Daniel and guys, keep up the good work. because of you I ditched all the Verges and Engadjets.

Yes, yes Daniel.. I love this❕.. I'm looking forward to your editorial every week now... Can we expect this every Monday evening❔

Everbody is just too excited . Well , that fake Cortana looks amazing . I hope Microsoft do something much better than the fake Cortana .

You should just make an article for each rubbish rumor with only a headline, photo, and the rumor meter with a big fat zero. That way you get the traffic and I get to read the comments of people complaining your too lazy while others yell back at them that there is no need and they are dumb. Then watch as it slowly turns personal with each other and have to entertainingly read all of it and wonder how the comment section went that far.

Sounds like you need to find a hobby my friend. You seem to have too much free time. Sadly, most of us don't have the time for that - and that includes the WPC staff. Haha.

Lol. I have plenty of hobbies but not much time to do any of them. But I think you missed the point of the joke. The point was for the writers to post articles about worthless topics with no content that take no time to make. In essence not wasting any time at all. Wait a sec. Your post was getting personal about me needing a hobby. Damn it, we just became those commenters I was talking about. Haahaha.

When I read a newspaper, I don't do so to read about all the rumoured stories and how much they are untrue. The nature of the beast, however, is that like in this article, I guess that's sometimes needed. Just to prove a point.

Unfortunately, unlike newspapers, you don't need to be a real writer of any kind to post information on the web. So the poor WPC staffers and the like have to waste there time informing everyone of the truth no matter how lame the rumor is. That just how the world wide web spins I guess. Ugh, how many people believe every stupid fake news article that gets spread on facebook. Almost forgot, nice name.

I wonder if I was to walk into his office and ask him about this video if he would choke me. Lol. The trolls are starting to bring Daniel down. You need a vacation Dan, leave all this for a week in Hawaii.

Make this like Rettinger's Rants. That would be fantastic, with the office environment while you "RANT AND RAVE ABOUT THE WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY!" (Rettinger).

Yep. All the mobile nations editors should do a rettingers rants type video.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Walk in for a meeting with Dan, and he's throwing crap all over the room like a crazed monkey, swearing in a whiskey induced garbled mess about the state of the nation. The mobile nation dammit!

People just 'want' to believe. I know I've spent countless hours searching for any news relating to the Nokia Lumia 1520 or 1320 coming to T-Mobile USA.
But, If WPCentral don't cover a story it ain't true.
Respect to the whole WPCentral Team.

Good explanation.  Also, please still offer a paid version of the WPC app with no ads.  Or maybe start/keep some functions for paying folks.  Thanks!

I've paid for the WPCentral app twice due to my 920 having to be repaired, and I would happily pay for it a third time. I personally have no problem paying 79p, so keep doing what you're doing. If you provide the news, I'll read it and comment. Simple. Cannot wait for the Windows 8 version! I bet Jay has done a breath-taking job.

As long as you sign in with the same Microsoft account on each phone, you shouldn't need to repurchase any app

If you used the same Microsoft Account / Live ID you shouldn't have to pay for apps twice. They're tied to the account. Anyways, thank you! :)

You're welcome Sam. As I said above, I setup a new Microsoft account hehe :) you keep doing what you're doing.... You ALL provide the best articles to read!

You could have just created a new alias and switched it as the primary to avoid paying for old apps. This is what I did.

Thanks for the tip - had I known that I would've done that for sure. Ah well, it's a worthy investment lol :)

The weird thing is that people use to say to not do what I explained above because it wouldn't work but it did for me. Anyone else have something to share about this?

You don't even need to switch it to primary any more, you can log on with any of your aliases and get access to your library.

Not really when the 920 was released the WP store had a bug so a few of us who really didn't care just paid again when you guys said clearly not to pay the store has a bug.

That's true. But I had to pay twice, as something happened during that time. I couldn't stand to see ads. And was too lazy too complain to MS
Edit: it was the same account though.

I've paid twice too when I changed the email associated with my liveID. That was on my Samsung Focus so that was a while back. :)

Awesome article Daniel! Thanks a lot for your work! People will complain for ever, ther is nothing we can do for this

So true. I don't know what there is to complain about in the current model, though.

Some people like to whinge and will do so regardless without thinking through the ramifications it has. Just because the whole world revolves around them :p.

Thanks Dan. I really don't get people complaining about paying .99 for an app. I guess they think the app fairy waves his or her wand and poof the app appears. I would rather have accurate and well thought articles than those rushed and somewhat fabricated. Keep up the good work.

I agree. It's really ridiculous that people complain about 99 cents. That's less than a pack of gum...and the pack of gum is gone in a week or so. The WPCentral app is yours forever.

Indeed, honestly they really need to get their priorities straight lol. Complain about the bloody tax, living expenses etc but 79p / 99cents? For an app that they probably use daily that's beyond incomprehensible. Also i guess some think articles just automagically get vetted, write themselves, pictures added and posted as well.

Good read. Thanks Dan. Why on earth do people complain about 99 cents. Its worth the money if you own a windows 8 device straight up. One of the best put together apps I use.

A lot of people whine about it because "there's no free version" as they haven't bothered to use the free, ad-supported trial. Only a few minor (imo) features are missing. It's definitely worth paying for (I did a long time ago)

What about this rumor from the blackberry rep that comes by: Blackberry was going to release a BBM app for WP8 but Microsoft denied it. :)

That one just doesn't even stack up to logic. There are plenty of IM apps on the platform and it has the potential to ease the transition onto the platform, so there's little reason to block it (and few-to-zero legal reasons).

Dear grumpy Daniel,

Don't fret because people are fickle and whine a lot.  There are still many who love you and the team at wpcentral. 

Now, why don't you put some pressure on AT&T to get out the updates for windows phone?  I mean ... really ... I paid 99c for this app and should get some kind of benefit for my hard earned money.

Just kidding!  You guys do a great job.  Don't let it get to you.  Have a better tomorrow.

Talking of updates, Daniel, I just sent you guys an email about some update on ATT 520. I am confused about what the update is. It is definitely not Black or GDR3.

Thank you for all your hard work, guys. I know we often seem like we don't appreciate you guys the way we should (and sometimes it does slip our minds that you guys do so much), but its mostly because together with you guys, we're also so invested and enthusiastic that manners are forgotten.

Thanks again for sticking with us and doing so much. I check this site daily, and this is literally where I learned all my WP knowledge. Its also why I'm eager to wake up some times. :)

Take it easy! You guys rock.

Then make it free for a week or so.. Like giving back to the community. FYI, I already paid for the app.

You can sense the motivation and dedication you guys work with. I check the app daily and heck I even check the website too to scroll everything over again!

Though perhaps there should be flashing/lights/sirens/stroboscopes/lasers/nukes on the tipping page that state your quality control more clearly?

On a more serious note. I get that this needed to be said, though I wouldn't personally think a weekly rant in this setting would be appropriate. If the subjects would be outside of WPC itself: let there be ranting :)!

Few days ago, I fill the WPCentral Survey saying you guys are slower in updating news than other sites. Now I know the reason, which make sense, so I'm sorry. Thank you for your hardwork.

and I'm glad I paid 99cent for no ads WPCentral apps. Keep the good work guys !

"if we don't report on it, we probably think its crap" naw, that explains why my app got stonewalled. :'( haha. No matter.

Keep the WPCentral WP app as is, it's great not to see ads, even if that costs 99c. For the whiners just make a lite version with ads and less features and you are covered both ways and let the users decide which version they want to use; same for Win8 app.



Some are probably to lazy to press the try button :P. Having said that maybe the first sentence should read "try the official wpcentral app for free", but from my day job i can tell you... Some people are just too lazy to even read the first few letters let alone a sentence.

If you guys are really discussing the pay model for the app, how about a donate option? I bet a lot of people, who've already paid the .99 cents, would gladly pony up a few more dollars.

+1 WPC has actually become apart of my daily routine, and I suspect, the same for a lot of people here. So I'd happily donate.

Are there many examples of donate models working? I follow the dev of DualShot on Twitter. He recently added a donate IAP and after 30,000 more downloads of the app he only received 17 donations.

I think they definitely over-estimate the value, my app 'LiveGaming' regardless of the 24K users and raving reviews, donations aren't exactly flooding in.

As would I, it'd be the least I could do. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, the donations would skip taxes and bypass MS' pockets aswell?

I think people also need to realize that no one on Android is going to pay 99 cents for an app that does Windows Phone news.  Most likely they're going to want to read news about Android - after all, they do own an Android phone.  That being said, I'm sure there are people who may be curious about Windows Phone and it's smart that WPCentral reduces the barrier to entry for Android users.  Don't we all want Android users to defect and buy Windows Phones?  If we do then WPCentral correct to not charge for their app on Android.  It makes it easier for non-WP users to actually get exposed to the platform.  Honestly I don't mind that the WP8 version is not free.

That's pretty much how it is now, though the 99 cent option has push notifications and a few other bells and whistles. But we may re-align those features in the future.

It does seem weird that people would complain when they can have a free version of the app on Windows Phone already.

Many people don't know that trial=free with ad's. So maybe another app listing with name wpcentral free should solve this liitle confusion amongst the newer members/readers.

The WPCentral app is a fantastic app! One of, if not the, best on windows phone. I would pay $.99/month to keep this app. The articles, breaking news, rum-o-meter or whatever it is you all call it ;-) It's solid all around and I kinda agree with some others about keeping some kind of add free option if possible. Dan, Jay, Sam, Michael and all WPCentral folks keep up the good work and thank you!

Dan put the the Apps future in the hands of the people. Make a poll. Which ever winds, wins. Want to complain people ? See the poll results!

I personally like the current payment model, but then again I don't know how a one time payment of 99¢ compares to ad revenue.

99 cents for ad free app is worth every penny and then some. I'd gladly pay $3-5 for ad free WPCentral app. This is one of my most used apps, and like you said, ads suck. People who can't handle a ¢99 can fvck off.

Oh, and thank you Daniel for being a respectable journalist.

I'm proud I paid .99 cents for this app and I'd gladly pay it again. This is one my most used apps and the design and functionality is near perfect. People complain way too much over the smallest things. That doesn't mean we should sit idly by and accept "whatever" is thrown our way but at the same time we should be more appreciative of how far we've come and where Windows Phone is headed. Did I just say too much or get too deep?lol Well just my two cents.:)

Awesome article. This is why WPC is my number one source of Microsoft/Nokia related news, you guys are on top of everything.

And I'm fine with the WPC app payment model as is. I used it for free for quite awhile, then decided to pony up a mere 99¢ so I could pledge my support for all the awesome work you guys do.

Keep it up, you guys are amazing!

I am PROUD to have paid the wpcentral app, and the fact that is free on Android simply makes me happier, as it proves we have the best implementation :)
As regards fake news, I totally agree with editor's point of view.

Appreciate the article.
For the record, my best 99 cents spent on WP. I will try to visit the website once in a while too, so you guys can keep on rocking.

Please change nothing in the WPC app. You are right, ads suck. You guys already have the free forever trial with ads, for those who don't want to pay. They get exactly what Android users get for free.

Would love to have a cushion or two. And you won't or can't make everyone happy. Start with yourself, and the others will follow.

I don't see the problem really. the WPC app is one of the best WP8 apps in the store. .99Cents is nothing when compared to the time that's been placed to create it, and maintain it.

This is a great app, number one app that I view multiple times a day. Don't mind spending money for it to support development.

Thanks to the whole WP central team you always have top notch articles! I can't wait for the future of WP and the site, not to mention that project that you guys are doing with Nokia to get popular apps to the platform or somethin, im not sure

Best .99 I ever spent. The app I use more than any other on a daily basis. Keep it ad free, keep it paid. You deserve it for the work you do to keep us updated and allow us a way to interact with those that share the same passions as us. Thanks and keep up the good work.

You, Sam, and everyone at WPCentral do a great job of weeding out the BS news with the real stuff. And for that I thank you. When I see something pop up on twitter, I usually give it a half hour or so and if its not on WPCentral I run under the assumption its fake or at least not completely true. 

Also Big thanks to Jay for the app. What ever you guys decide to do with it, and the Win8 version Im sure its for the best of the site/company in order to keep giving us our news.

PS. I also support the donate method. I have no problem supporting sites I frequent often. I do it for Geekbeat and would do the same for here.

You took it all out Dan (well hope so!!!)!!! That frustration would be natural, I guess. You can't make everyone happy all the time.

Keep up the great work team. You're doing an excellent job!

I still laugh every time I read about somebody complaining that they have to pay a whole dollar for an app, especially one as useful and functional as the WPC app. So the next time you're chokin back your Starbucks while waiting in the drive through for lunch before you drop by the mall to buy the latest widget, give me a PM first. My daughter is being visited by the tooth fairy on a regular basis now and I'm sure I could find something extra under her pillow in the morning!

Seriously Dan, the next time you get a price complainer have them e-mail me at crybaby@waaaaaaa.com

This site actually reports news, it's what drove us here in the first place. Keep up the quality reporting, and thank you.

Great article Daniel. This is exactly why I come to WPC for my news and nowhere else. Unfortunately the people this is directed towards will probably never read it as they only read headlines...

Easy Cowboy. I am new to these forums but I see that there is much love here. I love it, thanks for your hard work everyone at WPCentral.

I'm not sure if you visit Ars Technica a lot, but I like their ad model. Everyone gets ads, or you can pay for a subscription. Its only $5 a month, and has some other features. I would certainly pay for a subscription for WPCentral.

Awesome rant. I'd like to suggest you guys/Dan also add to the weekly editorial the shitty rumors that everyone send tips about. I mean, if it isn't plausible enough to have an article of its own with the rum-o-meter, you list it in the editorial, as it will (possibly, if one reads the text) avoid people getting overhyped and spamming the same fake news in your inboxes. Cheers! ;D

I am not surprised that WPCentral app is free on on Android.

Android is known for free apps and WP known for  free apps paid.(Ex- Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Moliplayer etc all are paid in WP)

As a 512MB devices user I have a very bad Apps/games experience on WP.


1).I don't like to buy those apps which my friends and family get free(I don't see worth in it).

2) If the app is free then the second hurdle is 1GB RAM. (Like Temple Run 2 and OZ, Subway Surfer). This is very bad that developers are not optizing it's apps for WP.

So, if an free app cross these two hurdle then I get apps.



I saw some news about this 1820 and 1520v (mini), and I've got to say I really wish they were true... Either of those would be the successor to my 925 =(

You guys just rock! Thanks for the honesty and commitment to the community here. Eager to see the Windows 8 app!!

Dan- appreciate the way you all operate, and continue to be amazed at the flow of news coming from WP central. Great work!

Wow.. Now i know why the governments fail so much... They don't have people so patient like you have... Keep up the great work.. Now am a double fan of you... To be frank the moment I bought my new Lumia 1320, the first I installed was wpcentral app.... Am proud of it.. :)

Thanks Dan let it all out its therapeutic. As for the app take a poll I for one am okay with us going free. I paid the dollar I won't bitch.  

Daniel, I believe it's best to ignore the cheapskates. It's the new world culture called "entitlement". Use to tick me off, just learned to shut it out...

Before I found WPCentral, I just searched "Windows Phone" in Bing on my dvp, then went to the news part. THAT is where I found WPCentral, when I wanted to find WP news. I never heard of you guys, and felt that you guys were "small" compared to CNET, pocketnow, etc. NOW, look at wpcentral, and all of mobile nations. If there was a mobile nations country...

Great article, but kind of makes me sad that when I thought something that had a chance of coming out, and you guys called it bs, makes me feel like I'm dumb. I'm too sensitive, lol. :P

This type of article should be on ALL mobile nations sites. Let people know why you guys don't report on fake news

"Look, the Android app for WPCentral is nice. Does it have Live Tiles? Push notifications? Lockscreen support? Wide range of custom graphics?"

I don't care about those really. As long as it is free on Android and I can still catch up with the news. Even I installed the WP version on my 1020, I disabled the live tiles and I can't even have it at the Lockscreen because all the notification placeholders are already taken up by other apps. But I will need to pay on Windows Phone to REMOVE ADS. What?!

Regarding Cortana, we don't really interested to know if it is the real thing or hoax, as long as you reported it too. This is a tech site for WP, not a world news channel. While other popular sites are reporting it and readers are dicussing so much about it, WP central is just so quiet about it. We do not need news verifications, but rather we want happenings to be shared here.

Anyways, is your call Daniel.

So what your saying is your too cheap to pay the incredibly low price of nearly free. But you expect Daniel and the other writers to do more work by reporting fake news and getting other unsuspecting incredibly gullible people such as yourselves hopes up... You really want the same free app as android? Then go to the website and pin it to your start screen! Ffs sooo stupid

C'mon. Don't act like you are so noble. Who doesn't want free stuffs? I can afford to pay 0.99 but is the matter of principle here. Is this how being a WP site, discouraging users from WP and move to Android instead?

"But you expect Daniel and the other writers to do more work by reporting fake news and getting other unsuspecting incredibly gullible people such as yourselves hopes up" - seriously?! Fake or not, just report them! We, readers, are not dumb. If news are supposed to be taken as pinch of salt, we will! But as being a news site for WP, we expect to see happenings. You are the one who are acting stupid.