Facebook Login for apps will now offer users selective permissions and anonymity

Facebook made some impressive strides in privacy at their annual conference today, announcing a new feature that would let users log into connected apps without giving any personal data. There will also be the option for users to tick off which Facebook permissions to allow an app on the initial set-up.

On the web, Facebook's App Control Panel is getting a major update so it will be easy to see which apps are connected to Facebook and what permissions they currently have. Facebook also said that they will no longer allow apps to pull in data from friends of friends; everybody has to individually offer their data to apps. All of these features will be rolling out over the next couple of months.

Considering the biggest stigma against Facebook right now is that it snoops through all of your personal stuff without you knowing about it, these features are extremely welcome. For those that have already sworn off the ubiquitous social network, it may be too little too late, but as an active user, I'm really happy to see these additions. What about you guys? How much attention do you pay to permissions requested through Facebook-connected apps? Is requiring a Facebook account a dealbreaker for whether or not you use an app?

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Facebook Login for apps will now offer users selective permissions and anonymity


I don't use any app that links with my fb acct. I don't want to share my info with everybody. Looking forward to better privacy policies. Of course I will believe it when I see it.

We have an official app! It's just made by Microsoft. And you really, really do not want Facebook making the app themselves. The iOS and Android apps are effing awful!

Just shut up..Stop your nonsense..Facebook app on iOS and android is far far better than this shitty app

Selective permissions. My biggest problem with Facebook integration and login was that most apps would enable the permission to post on my behalf. Hate that permission.

Speaking to the article itself, yes, I am glad they are enabling better privacy controls.  While I don't exactly love FB, it is a very useful social tool/ directory and having to live with it just got a little less uncomfortable.  I can't wait to go in and tidy down permissions!  Let's just hope they don't reinvent the crap a few months later or remove it altogether once in place.

Must give fb credit for this move !, but is it really going to make any difference ?!. I doubt it !, developers will just make their apps nonfunctional if you revoke any of the apps' permissions!.