Feedly RSS service crippled by ongoing DDoS attack [update]

Feedly RSS service crippled by ongoing DDoS attack

Update: It looks like Feedly was able to neutralize the DDoS attack that crippled the news reader service for hours today. "We have neutralized DDoS attack that began at 2:04am PST last night," the company wrote in a blog post, noting that "it might take a few hours for some of the 40 millions feeds we poll to be fully updated." Feedly should work now on the website and through various apps.

Original story:

RSS aggregator service Feedly has been down since early this morning. the victim of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Feedly, which has come away as one of the leading services for news junkies in the wake of the Google Reader shut down, ties into numerous third-party apps across all mobile platforms, as well as their own apps for iOS and Android, and a web client. The DDoS attack took down Feedly's service early this morning, and appears to be ongoing.

In a post on the Feedly blog, the company explained that the attack comes after an attempt to extort them for money. Feedly isn't the only service that's been struck — Evernote was taken down briefly this morning, but was able to recover within a few hours. Feedly went down at around 5:00 AM Eastern Time and as of publishing time was still more or less down.

A DDoS attack uses a network of remotely-controlled computers (often infected with and taken over by malware) to target a network or server with an overwhelming number of requests, bringing the service to its knees.

Feedly is near and dear to our hearts here at Mobile Nations, serving as most of our RSS readers of choice since Google Reader went the way of the ghost. Having Feedly down is an inconvenience, of course, but it's also emblematic of the problems that providers of internet services face — pay up or we'll burn down your house.

We'll let you know when Feedly returns (we'll be excited too), but in the meantime, how are the Feedly users out there coping?

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Feedly RSS service crippled by ongoing DDoS attack [update]


...or Phonely, really nice as well. I just wish collector added feedly support, would go there in a heartbeat.

Feedly is one of the services you don't need to wait for it's official app because it'll work just like Nextgen reader.

Totally agree.  I use Nextgen on my WP and Windows devices.  Works great.  At work (Windows 7), I use the Feedly site and it syncs perfectly with my devices.  Today being an exception.  Hopefully they can get back on line soon.  I will have a lot of unread articles to go through!

Nextgen is hands down the best RSS app on any platform. Hope they get the DDoS under control soon. I see Cloudflare hosts feedly, I am surprised they aren't mitigating the threat since that is their claim to fame.

I use NewsSpot app. I have a Feedly and The Old Reader account. Not too big of a deal for me since I have a backup plan.

(political statement incoming)

If the NSA can't step in and arrest the people behind DDOS attacks or crypto ransoms, what good are they? If they demonstrated "beneficial" uses of their insane powers instead of just destroying democracy and civil rights all day, maybe we'd hate them less.

If the truth is that with all their power they can't even find the source of these attacks, well, yeah they're useless.

"Due to this Nextgen Reader is down too as it uses Feedly.".......


Yep....since early this AM (PST)  :(

Great service but it's a shame that it doesn't have official Win8/WP8 apps. I knowe "they're coming", but when, in bazzilion years?

As long as they don't give in and pay these criminals, I am fine with waiting for Feedly to come back online.