Feel enlightened with the official TED app, now available for Windows and Windows Phone


TED is a nonprofit (started in 1984) focusing on spreading ideas using short talks, covering everything from science to business to global issues, and official Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps have just been released. The global community houses folk from around the world, welcoming those who desire a deeper understanding of the world as we know it today. The main website is a library full of content, which is now accessible using nothing more than your tablet, PC or Windows Phone.

The apps themselves are well-designed and take full advantage of screen real estate to display information about the available stories. There's some interesting content available through TED and the apps can absorb those minutes you have to spare during the day.


We previously covered Bing receiving an upgrade with TED integration on search result pages, and while there are a bunch of third-party TED apps available on both the Windows and Windows Phone Stores, it's always a platform bonus to have official support.


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Feel enlightened with the official TED app, now available for Windows and Windows Phone


Hi, there is a brilliant Khan Academy app by Anand Prakash -- trust me it's good enough, until the official app is released. I would put the link up but I'm on my phone ;-).... P.s he also has the best Verge app in the store too.

Yes his Verge app is fantastic! I'm not familiar with Khan Academy, but if his other work I'd any indicator it's a great app as well.

You guys should check a great app for khan academy by Anand Prakash. The same guy behind the verge app and I tell you guys will love the app. Has Everything and I had a chat with him on twitter and he says an update to log in and comment is inbound. Try it guys.
As for the official TED app, I've been longing for it since the days of WP7.0 and really glad it's finally in after all these years....well never loose hope :)

I think it has a lot to do with what 8.1 brings to the table in terms of backend features. Deeper API integration, universal apps, etc... In addition to the positive buzz from the tech journalism crowd, who are saying it's finally a viable competitor in terms of features and whatnot.

Agreed. This app is so bad on Phone, I'm not even bothering trying the desktop one. Rich, did you actually try to use it before posting about it?

I always appreciate official apps but this one is just a rubbish experience.

Thank you so much TED...
But its like a browser link... Please update as like in Android and ios to manage videos and talks as well as to download for offline reading and viewing...

Another mobile wrapper... These are not fully-fledged apps. What a load of shit, might as well visit the website and pin that to my start screen!

This is not delivering on a promise of more apps at all...

Yeah I suppose, owt is better than nowt lol :)

I was really excited for the Beamly app for example, only to find out it was a web wrapper as well. Totally dissapointed :(

Here's the deal... Even if it's a web wrapper is really good enough. You can still sign in, it has snap view and more importantly you can very watch the talks so, yeah... It's not ideal but it's nothing to complaint about either.

That kind of dismissive attitude does nothing for the Windows platform. The TED app is important to have in any form. And they made it, and in the future they could update it to be a "real" app so obviously they hive a shit. Just enjoy the content, again, the app works.

No, they don't give a shit. It speaks of laziness and as "something to appease the masses". Web wrappers are just another view for IE. Nothing more, nothing less.

I do enjoy the content - it already works the exact same way through my browser.

The experience is still rubbish though. Try filtering on phone ... If your not careful the entire app becomes unusable. Or try swiping through the the home page items.

Yeah, I'm also waiting for real apps on the Chromebook. Web wrapper is not cutting it anymore.

Tired of this crap.

It's already added. You can download videos, view interactive transcripts, login, etc. It's a fully featured app.

Oh my god!!! YES!!! I've been waiting for this for so long. I will use the heck out of this app. I like that you can sign in with the TED account too.

It IS their website. They likely just made a slightly different main page to cut down on loading time - otherwise, it's their site. It's not really an app..

As others noted, this is not a real app.. Only a mobile wrapper and painful to use... Downloaded with excitement as I like their videos... Now disappointed...

Oh damn, as cool as it sounds to have official apps, this only been a wrapper, it still leave us behind. It doesn't even look like a windows phone modern UI app. But hey at least its becoming more frecuent to find Official "apps" in the Store. Keep them coming (real apps I hope).  Time for the platform to shine!