FitBit for Windows Phone gets first update, transparent tile option and fixes

Earlier this week, FitBit brought their official app to Windows Phone (see our review), including Bluetooth synchronizing for those on Lumia Cyan or non-Lumia devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled.

Now, version 1.1 is live in the Store and with it a few fixes, some cleaning up of the design and a new transparent tile option (that is right, the choice is yours).

FitBit for Windows Phone

New Features

  • Transparent Live Tile
  • Switch to Enable/Disable Transparent Live Tile
  • "Whats New" Link in Settings


  • Improvements to new account creation
  • General design refinements
  • Friends leaderboard now centers on the user
  • Number of alarms in device tile now accurate
  • Fixes for Time Zone detection and conversion logic
  • Improved Stability on certain screens
  • Fixed weight log summaries calculation
  • Other minor bug fixes

The ability to toggle on or off the transparent Live Tile is something many users want these days. Although transparency is excellent, giving users the choice is even better as we have argued for before. You may notice now that the app's design and the loading screen is nicer than before, part of the cleaning and neatening up after the 1.0 release.

Bluetooth background synchronizing is not in this release, but that feature is still coming in another update soon, so stay tuned right here for updates.

After a few days of using it, what do you think of the FitBit app for Windows Phone? Sound off below.

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Reader comments

FitBit for Windows Phone gets first update, transparent tile option and fixes


1. Go to store on phone.

2. Find Fitbit app.

3. Press Install button.

Viola!  Fitbit app on your phone.  You can thank me later.... 

I had the same issue. I did a soft reset, after booting up tried to download it again and it went right through with no problem.

My wife is having the exact same problem. Just sits on pending. We did a soft reset, but it doesn't move off of pending.

I've contaced Microsoft Support but they can't help, they told me to contact Fitbit. Did you contact them? I've just sent them proof that there are more people with the same issue.

Are you on the dev build of WP?  If so I think it's a known issue, you either have to go to cyan proper or I'm guessing wait until next week when your phone gets the next update.

This update won't help you...The only update that will help is the Cyan update...Continue the wait with the rest of us...Be warned....It's a long line

I want to buy this , but i dont know if its lumia 520 compatible , and if i can find it on any greek online store. Can someone please help?

I believe the Bluetooth 4.0 support was software related so you'll have to wait until you get the Cyan update to be able to use the FitBit device along with your phone. Hope that helps

Thanks for giving me the option to enable the transparent live tile... It should be an option on all apps!!!

That's odd. My tile (transparent or not) shows the dot diamond first thing in the day until I start moving and get some steps in, at which point is say "x steps today, y to go to goal".

I must say I'm impressed. Compared to others, like Instagram, who just release a "Beta" version of their official app and never get it updated, this contrasts in a big way. Good to see the support from FitBit. I just got their Flex tracker, and I'm happy to see them actively updating the app. :-)

You can. On the food entry page there is a long list of dates. Select the date you want and add food as normal.

It works on my 1520. You have to have cyan for it work. If you are a developer edition. Do want I did. Downgrade to 8 then get 8.1 cyan update. Then turn preview developer app back on. You get the best of both worlds. My phone runs better now than ever before

AT&T is still "testing" cyan for the 920. Downgrading to 8.0 then doing the update won't get 920 users to where you are.

I have a FitBit Flex on my shopping list. I'll buy it the day after AT&T gets their act together for 920 users.

Awesom! Glad to see offical fitbit app come to Windows Phone. I bought my fitbit the day Daniel announced the app was available for WP and I love it.

couldn't get it to sync with my wife's FitBit zip. NL 920 wp dp 8.1 (minus cyan).

Works with my work gs4...weird.

I love this app. They are truly showing what can dine with WinPho. I am frustrated with the app support on this os mind you. Why can't others follow this example. Major frustration

Transparent tile switch doesn't appear to work for me. I get the transparent tile all the time, which is not what I want.

I put a review on the store (4*) because of no syncing, before I realised you need cyan. Anyway, they replied to my review (I got an email) trying to help me out, all within a few hours.

I'm damn impressed, so happy I've bought my Fitbit tracker and smart scale. Outstanding support for the app.

Can't wait till I get Cyan so I can make full use of it.

Fitbit app crashes 3 of 4 times at loading screen even after update. I hope that cyan update will make a difference.
(Lumia 720, WP8.1 DP here)

My Fitbit One does not sync. Is says it's searching for my Fitbit One but never seems to find it and even withthe update on both my app and my phone this morning it still won't connect. I have Lumia 920

I'm running the latest update of the 8.1 dev build on my HTC 8X. I've been using this app for three days and it's been working flawlessly. So thrilled!