France to receive the Nokia Lumia 1020 starting October 2nd for €699

France seems to gravitating as a whole towards the Windows Phone platform, at least according to Kantar’s latest numbers where they’ve garnered 11% of sales. So it should be exciting for our French friends to learn that the 41 MP Nokia Lumia 1020 will be arriving there at the beginning of October.

The information comes via Nokia’s official Facebook page in France, where they posted the October 2nd date along with a €699 price tag. Colors of the device will be the standard matte yellow, white and black varieties.  Unfortunately no carrier deals were announced, so for those looking for any contract agreements you may have to wait a bit for those to come forward.

The Lumia 1020 is the latest high end offering from Nokia and builds off of the Lumia 920’s pedigree by adding a massive 41 MP camera. The phone is launching in France nearly 2.5 months after the US release though it falls in line with the rest of the European launch, which is occurring at the end of September for most regions.

Source: Nokia Facebook; Thanks, Jason P., for the tip!


Reader comments

France to receive the Nokia Lumia 1020 starting October 2nd for €699


€699 (£592) seems like a reasonable amount to pay for such a high end and sophisticated camera phone. Add on a camera grip and a wireless charging shell and plate and you won't get much change out of £700. Compare all of this to an iPhone and i reckon £700 is money well spent.
I'm looking forward to a U.K. release and can't wait to try out that monster camera.

Surely the point is to get a quality camera on a great phone, otherwise you can buy cameras for less than £250.

The Nokia 808 Pureview is a just as great camera phone as the Lumia 1020. The only "downside" is you're getting Symbian instead of WIndows Phone but what you loos on apps, you gain on OS features.