Eyelock Myris

Hands on with EyeLock myris, log in with your eyes

Tonight, we got a chance to see a demo of EyeLock myris, a USB-enabled iris identity authenticator. Iris authentication has been available to corporations and enterprises for years, but this product promises to be user-friendly or cost-effective enough for individuals to use in everyday situations. Instead of typing in usernames and passwords, place the EyeLock myris in front of your face to log in.

Head past the break to watch the demo.

The EyeLock myris is compatible with Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS and Chrome OS and can be used to grant access to digital networks such as online bank accounts, social media, Internet VPNs, email and more. It supports up to five different users.

Key features:

  • Simple set-up and user-friendly application software allow users to securely and easily manage all passwords and accounts
  • Authentication happens on the device - no personal information is transmitted
  • 1 in 2.25 trillion False Accept Rate ensures only the authorized user can access accounts
  • Video-based system for advanced identification
  • No batteries needed - fully powered through the USB connection
  • myris offers consumers multiple user capacity for individually protected accounts – up to five per device
  • Secure communication and military grade encryption with AES 256
  • Compatible with Windows 7 & 8, Mac OS and Chrome OS

EyeLock Myris

The myris is about the size of a computer mouse. You’ll need to plug it into one of your USB ports. When you need to authenticate, pick up the myris, and then look into its mirror. There’s a light ring around the camera. It lights blue at the start and then green when it's finished.

The Eyelock myris will be available in the next two months and it will be priced under $300. More details to come very soon. Are you interested in logging in with the myris? Let us know in the comments!


Reader comments

Hands on with EyeLock myris, log in with your eyes


If I get kidnapped I would end up fearing that my eyes would be forcefully removed from me. I prefer being asked for a password.

The Central Ohio VMware User Group had their April meeting at AMC Easton 30 this week. We all got to watch the movie for free!! Plus free drink and popcorn!!

I'm all for a 2x41 megapixel cameras from microsoft to put into the next Kinect so it can varify using eyes. HECK, Nokia, put main sensor of 920 in the Goldfinger's FFC xD

Picture password is not secure enough specially if you have a twin brother. I still agree that $300 is too much

Demonstrated on W7? I don't understand tech companies, should they be on the latest and the greatest?

What was the job title for the person looking into a device 2.25 trillion times and just 1 mistake. :)