Hotel Tonight for Windows 8

Hotel Tonight on Windows 8.1 makes booking a room a breeze (Hidden Gems)

Hidden Gems At the beginning of June, the popular iOS and Android app Hotel Tonight ( arrived for Windows Phone 8, allowing those on their mobile to book last minute rooms at a bargain price.

Now, the Windows 8.1 version has also been released, making this another universal app for Windows users in 2014. Let's take a look. And remember, if you leave a comment, you enter into our daily Hidden Gems contest to win a new tablet or phone!

Hotel Tonight for Windows 8

What it is

Hotel Tonight for Windows 8.1 is very similar in design to its Windows Phone counterpart, due to Microsoft's new app-platform, which allows developers to share code between their Windows and Windows Phone creations. In addition, the apps are linked in the Store with an icon letting users know that the app is available on both platforms.

Hotel Tonight has over 10,000 hotel partners so far in 24 countries, making it ideal for those traveling worldwide. The app excels in its design for Windows and Windows Phone with its starkly minimalist and clean UI. Featuring an all-black background, apropos for that 'night' theme, Hotel Tonight on Windows 8 makes the inns stand out through their bright photos of the locations.

To use the app, you can create an account or login through Facebook, making registration stress-free. From there, you can let Hotel Tonight use your location to find deals in your immediate area or use the search to travel abroad. The search feature has an auto-complete, which makes finding those whereabouts very easy.

Hotel Tonight for Windows 8

Once you have your area, you can further navigate by locales. Each listing will feature a snapshot of the hotel along with a price per night, user ratings and category e.g. luxe or basic. Tapping on a specific hotel lets the apps drive deeper, bringing up even more information including mapping, photos and details on the hotel. By tapping the easily identified 'Book Now' button, you can then reserve a room in seconds with a single click, especially since Hotel Tonight can securely store your payment options.

Hotel Tonight for Windows 8

Fast, fluid but not information overkill

Let's cut to the chase: Hotel Tonight is a gorgeous looking Windows 8 app. It slick, fast, logically designed and it makes finding that last minute hotel a snap.

What I like about Hotel Tonight is that it provides all the pertinent information I need, without overwhelming me with ads, frivolous details or other distractions. For instance, once on a page for a specific hotel, the app breaks down the important things with bold headers and bullet points, including:

  • Why we like it – bulleted summary of the major selling points, including location or other unique features
  • Need to know – all important details you need to know, including ID, restrictions, etc.
  • The hotel – how many rooms, Wi-Fi, hot tub, etc. will be listed here
  • The room – size, mini bar and any amenities
  • The food & drink – Is there room service, on-site restaurants and more

The way the app lists hotel locations makes it very easy to 'glance-and-go' when looking for places. Windows Phone users will be very accustomed to the idea as there is no 'chrome' here, just the facts. There is no reason I would ever want to use a web-based hotel finder after using Hotel Tonight.

Hotel Tonight for Windows 8

When you compare what Hotel Tonight has done compared to say Expedia and their 'web app,' you have to give a nod to Hotel Tonight. Not only have they embraced Windows Phone and Windows 8.1, but they made arguably one of the nicest universal apps yet. The apps are free, useful and represent the very best of the new Windows ecosystem.

As a bonus, if you have never used Hotel Tonight, you can type in ' WINTONIGHT ' in either the Windows Phone or Windows 8 app (under 'redeem promo code') to get $40 off your first booking. Not bad at all.

Because of all of the above, Hotel Tonight for Windows Phone and now Windows 8 earns our Hidden Gems categorization.

Have you used either app? What do you think? Let us know in comments and remember, by leaving a helpful comment (criticism or praises), you enter into our daily device giveaway!

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Reader comments

Hotel Tonight on Windows 8.1 makes booking a room a breeze (Hidden Gems)



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i  really  like  the  app  in  my  windows 8.1  update 1  pro  



-  THE UI  is  asusal  BEAUTIFUL   , SMOOTH  app  


nice  descriptions  about  the  various  details , findings of  rooms  ,   hotel  details   +  payments  and  guest  i  like  .  make  app  to  use  too  easy   to  use  !!  on the  go  (y)  <3  <3 


disappointed that can't use it in lumia 720  because it's broked 2 weeks ago . ( missing lumia - my love )

they  should  improve it  on  start  screen :




I think best way to  show is

:     ALL  COUNTRIES  then  when  we  click  on  ALL  COUNTRIES


whichever  country  we  select     (  eg :  UK  ) 

 then  in  THAT   section  it shows  all cities  as a  sub menu  in  ALL COUNTRY 



why  we  like  it 


*  what we need  to  know   


*   the  hotel  + the room  and  food & drink  details  really  impressive .




and  the image  quality  gives  attraction  




AND  BING  MAPS  ( IN  LOCATION )  is  powerful  feature  to  find  path  in  the app  .


-  they  can  improve and  take  more  benefits  of  bing  maps  


very easy to  use  and  everything fine . 




THEY CAN  INTEGRATE  with  calenders reminder  in  windowsphone 8.1  and   windows 8.1  




OVERALL  IMPRESSION  is  really  impressive .



I used the app when I was in Vegas. I got a great deal on a four diamond resort. The app is very smooth and worked like a dream. There was an issue with the company faxing over the check in info., but it was resolved very quickly and I wasn't even charged the $25 resort fee! Overall very impressed with the app and the service.

So i tired the app, it looks nice to have when traveling.
what i like is : Nice UI, it gives cool details about the deal (Wifi, gym, bar...) and provide photos of the room
what i didn't like : well actually nothing, it's really nice app
if the photos were real, daym the hotels here are real clean and nice for good price (Vienna)
but i want to know, why does it only let me chose for 5 days max ? what if i want more ?

First of all. Beautiful design. Didnt think it would have options in puebla mexico, but it does and very good ones. The extra info provided is very helpful. I would like to see pics and comments from the users but I guess with time that should improve. Congrats to the developers :)

Very smooth and beautiful Interface like Spacely said. I like it, it seems to have its sh*t together. Perfect for planning trips too Atlanta. Speaking of, the next time I go I can get an expensive room with this $40 voucher.. Extremely stoked about that..

One thing, I guess the app will automatically update the home screen when your in a different city.. Right now its just listing a bunch of hotels in my area which I don't really need...
Might edit this comment later. It all depends. So far so good though

Downloading on my pc, will give a detailed review once I'm done... And also on my phone.

EDIT: Just as Dan already mentioned, it has partners in 24 countries, and it appears like it doesn't support Noida (India) yet, but I'll try some other city for the review ;)

First of all, thanks for creating such a *BEAUTIFUL* app. I've used the app for one hour both on my PC and my phone, and here are my initial thoughts.


Although the app is simple, yet detailed, wherever necessary. I would love the app to show me a “TOUR” when I use it for the first time on how should I use the app to discover it to its fullest (because it has a lot to discover). Example: To explain the meaning of Basic, Lux, Hip etc without having user to go to help section (although it can be done by just tapping over it but a first time user can get confused as I did!), the way to choose no. of days to book hotels, etc..

India ain’t yet supported by Hotel Tonight but I wish it does so, soon ;)


I wonder if there’s any other app available in the whole Windows / Windows Phone store that can compete against it with respect to UI. This is the second example of beautiful in-app transition after Magnify BETA, which works a bit slower though! but this one doesn’t compromise on duration either. I salute the developer (Reminds me of Rudy) to redefine the meaning of “Transition” and “Fluidity” while keeping an eye on "Performance".


The app works just fine with WP8.1 but while Windows Phone 8.1 is coming out to more countries, it shouldn’t be unobvious for me to expect a transparent tile for the app. It’s not that I can’t live without it ;D but you know, WP8.1 users usually prefer to have those apps on their start screen which has transparent live tile (Which benefits in two ways: for advertisement and for quick access). You can give option to user to choose a live tile right in the “Settings” page where there’s only “location” toggle option available now.

And by live tile, it should keep the meaning ;) it should show me my “Recently viewed” hotel images / info, my booked hotels info (like the time I should report there) etc…

Okay, next thing is Cortana integration. I would love Cortana give commnds like “Hotel Tonight look for a Basic hotel in Chicago”. It would be cool!


Again, everything works just fine in my Windows 8.1 Update 1 machine. But, after I installed the app, it appeared nowhere in the start screen. I had to go to the app list and pin it there. Would love it see it do automatically.

Splash screen takes a while to load the app, should be faster. I've a PC with good amount of RAM and a decent processor, so it can't be due to.....

Resuming the app after minimizing it for around 20 mins, takes even longer to show up. I guess a little tweak can fix this! (Its same with most of the Windows Store apps though!)


It sure was easy for me to sign-up as I had a Facebook account. But I feel giving user this facility can add both to pros and cons.

PROS: I loved that you made a “Suggested” category that shows the top notch cities / hotels in the world. I would also be great to have a search option right there to look for a particular hotel. Next, since you’ve facebook log-in possible, you can take some legal advantage through it. Like, you can see what user has “Visited Places” via FB profile page and show relevant place hotels. (If possible. I know that can be difficult, just my opinion!)

CONS: Hotels can do their own rating (like those in “Photos”) and can lead to misinformation.

Secondly, it was good to see I could “Invite a friend” and save myself money if he joins. But, I was actually expecting to link me directly to Email with PROMO CODE written in there. One more thing, the text “PROMO CODE” should appear before or at the top of the code not below it. I was getting confused if my name was the promo code or not LOL!

It would be also great if a user who’s booked a hotel could write a review. This section could be included along with "why we like it", "need to know"... etc


Impressive. Works amazingly great even on low memory devices like Lumia 520.  It was really difficult for me to find out some bugs, honestly.

When I tap a Hotel, it  pops up quickly. But if i open the hotel pictures (those behind the hotel info, not "photos"), it has a slideshow. But it keeps on changing pictures even when they're not loaded! In such cases I just see a blank black space moving left direction. It should first load, then continue.

Next, "Report" button could be changed to something like ( ! ) instead of (...) when browsing "Photos" of a specific hotel.

And, “Taxes" and  “Fees” could be brought to the short hotel info without having tapped "book now" to see at a glance ;)


OVERALL: 8.5 / 10

Sorry for the typos! I’ll add later if anything else / bug appears in my experience and would love to see it getting 10/10. That’s all for now, hope you’ll work on these ;)

P.S: I tried to be honest at my best, and again thanks to the developer for creating this impressive, beautiful UI app in this era, where the world is going web-wrapping app culture, slowly.


EDIT: Looks like I just encountered a little bug that keeps displaying this image again and again. I understood what the message said but it looked like it wasn't responding. Neither "Remind me" nor Back key on my phone was working. I had to force close the app. Here's the screen shot.

Here's my review. Most of all I love how the information is presented/organized. Also.. oh forget about it, Gautam Kabiraj said it all. I'll let him win =)

@carlo_b @champ13
The thing is I'm a student and just finished my 12th grade, have a LOT of free time to spend before my college admission and i know once I'm admitted in there, I'll have a hard time getting back to life (Earth). And I can't do a better job than this right now while i can, so just putting some effort that barely takes an hour. And thanks for your wishes ;)

Haan yaar, in Science (PCM with C++)... Applied for B.Tech (in Comp. Sc.) and now waiting for DU's cut-off lists... :P

(Apologies to everyone for this off-topic conversation!)

Damn!!! WTH? Today DU has scrapped FYUG courses... I'm doomed :'(

UPTU is my last hope now because either I'll admit in a Govt. college or its the end of my study for now.  X( 

I agree with Gautham. The app is awesome, guess better than makemytrip. I like the way UI designed, its not cluttered with junk information and pictures are neatly shown with a slideshow. Though there are no service in India, I tried some other locations to try how it works. I liked the section "why we like it" and disagree with Gautam for a con. Most others don't give a genuine review and just partner with them for a brokerage or commission for getting customers and don't bother about the services given. I agree there should be a section for the customer who stayed at the hotel to review it. I didn't see that anywhere and not sure if its under implementation.

Ok,so I tested this on not on only on Windows 8.1 laptop but also on my WP8.1 620.And I must say this app deserves a solid 10/10! :o


One of the most fluid apps I have ever seen/used.The animations are really smooth and I like the smooth metro UI.Coming down to what's inside the app,The categorization into countries and then cities and then hotels is really really neat.The details of the hotel(what's there and what's not there),bulleting of important things I need to know makes me love this app.All the important info required is right here at my finger tips.

Too bad my country isn't in the list but making it a universal app makes me like the dev's work even more.In the end,I would like to say,well done!This is a MUST HAVE app for the people who's country is supported in this app.Really liked this app.The UI was better than yesterday's hidden gem,no offence to the respective developer :) 

P.S:An addition I would like to make is that I didn't expect the app to have Cortana integration or Transparent tiles as WP8.1 isn't out yet(except the preview) but a functioning live tile could be a welcome incusion in future updates :)

Nice app with nice idea. It helps me do personal stuff from my windows phone which helps make it most personal phone

I downloaded this when WPC first featured the app. As this article mentions, the app is fast and the UI is clean. It's a cool app because it caters to the procrastinator in me! I haven't had much use for it yet but will try it out next time I'm out of town and am in need of a last minute hotel.

Love the interface..elegant and metro the fact its universal even more! Another example of a WP app done right and done with care and purpose taking advantage of WP features and aesthetics...bravo..welcome to the revolution!

I tried this app last weekend on a road trip through Eastern Washington, and unfortunately, I found the service is limited to a few large cities. The app is not very useful at all until it can cover the whole country. I was pretty disappointed.

Haven't used it yet, but I definitely need to look into it. I travel a lot and am always looking for hotel info.

Just downloaded now. The app really does take advantage of Microsoft's design language and put all the information they need to display, in just the right place so it's not overwhelming, but not so minimalistic that it leaves out details. It's a really good balance with little to no compromise (from what I can tell after using the app for a short while).

The same can be said for any Windows (Phone) app that really uses the system well. There's just something about information that can be consumed without frustration, which is more rare than we may lead ourselves to believe.

Okay, trying to be helpful here :D I think it's really complicated for them to add more cities/hotels, maybe some kind of partnering up with either hotel franchises or other online booking solutions would be good? Because for me (and most likely others) the selection of cities, especially in Europe, isn't good at all. The app is really nice in terms of UI and UX, but to me it's not useful - I just try it once, like the app but can't use the service.

I really like the design and ease of use of the app on both windows and windows phone.
So basically I can't say THIS is ugly or THIS doesn't work right....
I just can say it's very cool app and the developers should go on with this, whatever they want to do there.
I would change nothing except expanding the partners.

Wonderful design and Works great.Easy to navigate. In short,time savings and money savings. :)
Would be better if they add more hotels and small cities too.

Another great Universal app! The UI is really nice and easy to use. Too bad it doesn't really cover the Netherlands well. If it would, it would be a great app!

Lots of dollar signs listed in the screen shots. Is it restricted to dollars or does it pick up the regional settings from the PC?

I actually love the idea, it's pretty easy to use and I like the images and the ratings on the hotels it pulls up. The one thing I am not crazy about is how far apart information is spread out. It feels like I need to scroll too much on the Win 8 app to see all of the information that is presented, it feels like the vertical space is under utilized, especially on the info page for each specific hotel.

This app works so well it's pretty crazy that it's free. Price points on most locations seem pretty good so far and the recent update means hopefully the developers will continue to take care of the app. Will definitely continue to use it.

I would suggest some sort of feature that could compete with, which gives me a free night for every 10 that I book with them.

These Universal Apps really need to be marketed prominently - its a major distinction from the other ecosystems out there. So many potential advantages from having the exact same app on my phone/tablet/computer - Macbooks and Chromebooks have no answer.

Not something I would really use but seems well designed. Also I like the hypocrisy in the comments with everyone making nice and articulate sentences to get a chance to win the WPC contest. No "seems faster" silliness :)

I'm glad Apps are coming out in pairs. It's nice to be able to use the same app on both the phone and the tablet. I haven't tested out if your information in this pair cross platforms, but I have seen in others.

A really helpful app if you travel a lot and has clean, fast and fluid UI and also available for many countries

Need to know...

Tax for the locale

Deposit Fees

Penalty Fees

Are reservations alterable?

If yes, time frame?


Other than that, for the traveling executive with their Surface Pro, very nice. Except that their assistant will be booking their travel on what is likely a plain old desktop = (


The aesthetics are very calm and appealing. Great interface. Lovely logo and splash screen. Purple is a hard color to pull off but when done correctly, it is fantastic. Not much to change there.

But yes, the other data prongs are a must for anybody that does any serious amount of traveling.

And the "Why we like it section" could feature a "needs improving portion". Any good and honest debate acknowledges both sides.

A verified reviewers section would be a nice option as well. User input is great even with the strong potential many an experience may be manipulated.


Twice during my years of traveling have I had the need to find a hotel room for the same night... Twice in roughly 15 years. I doubt that I will make space for an app that I may... MAY! ... use once every 5 years. I would guess that many would feel the same?


I second that very blunt assessment.

But to offer an introspective, 15 years ago, most traveling was booked over the phone or through a travel agent...

I actually work for Marriott (who has yet to make an official app on WP8). While the layout is nice, as a hotel employee what I want to see are associate rates. I'm not sure if information like that could be integrated into this app, but it would be nice to compare offers with special rates included.

Awesome example of universal design. I was trying to use when i was traveling to greece, but it lacks of info about it. It is totaly cool app, but it needs to have bigger DataBase ASAP

I have not been out since I downloaded it so I can't comment on the actual booking process but the app itself is easy to get around and the deals seam to be good and it looks great. 

Love the Metro UI in this app, works very well and looks clean.  Major props for making it a Universal Windows App.  We need more developers to convert/design apps using that model to take full advantage of the platform.

Well designed, works well on my Surface RT.  Would be nice if it would link to Bing Travel app to learn more about the locale where the hotel is located!

I rarely travel but I actually really liked this app. They don't make you register before taking a look around. The layout is simple and easy to understand. I was able to search for a location and found a number of good results. I really liked how you could use the slider to adjust the number of days for your stay and it would update the price to reflect the days. I also liked that it had large photos you could browse through for the current selection to get an idea of what the place would look like. One other thing that was nice was the badge for each hotel such as Basic or Solid to reflect on what you should expect.

The app is really helpful for people who travel a lot!! Basic info about the hotels really lets them sort hotels out according to their preferences!! A really nice app.. :D

The app has nice graphics and is fast when opening the app and also when we search for the hotels..But it lags in providing the details of the hotel..Its pictures also loads very late..Tried on a 820(same performance in Wifi and 2G/3G)..So that's why am sayin it lags don't know if its only in my phone..The prices mentioned are too high in the same hotels and inns I had visited in a trip 3 months back..The app has just come on WP and WIN 8.1..So hoping to get some bug squashing and feature loaded updates in the near future..Otherwise helpful for travellers..Kudos to the Devs as its a universal app!!

Nothing against the app, but after having already been featured on WPCentral, how is this considered a Hidden Gem? Seems to me that Hidden Gems should be apps that have not already had front page articles.

As far as the app goes, based on the screenshots it looks like a nice polished app. Not sure that I will ever use it as I rarely travel and need a hotel. It is nice to see quality apps being created for WP though.

Love the app interface.  It's smooth and provides a ton of information.  The locations seem to be a bit limited, though.  I will definitely use this on my next trip!

This app need a better background, I understand that it's night but the black make it difficult to really see the beautiful pictures, but I love the layout and the deals seems good.

The UI is very nice, clean and follows the modern UI style. There are not many hotels to choose from for the city I looked up. Descriptions of the hotel are short and concise. Got to say it is a very nicely done app.

Unfortunately doesn't support where I live but the more official apps come, the better and healthier WP ecosystem gets.

I find the app icon very sleak and straightforward! And that UI is a complete gem (pun intended). Don't you just love the simplicity and its elegance. I do wish i have my computer with me to test out the Windows 8 app but on  my phone it's just a joy to use. Im not gonna use this as a daily thing though haha.

Not very useful in Scandiavia right now, but it will hopefully save us some $$$ when we are on our roadtrip through NY, NJ, PA, WV, TN and MI later this year. 

The UI is good and easy to navigate. Good that I could use single sign on with my Facebook account.

The map and navigation option is also very useful when visiting unknown spots (like we will on our roadtrip).


Such a great app! Android friends have been using it forever, the app itself is great and it looks and feels good on the windows phone too! So pumped it's finally here!

This looks like a great app for people traveling to major cities.  If you're out in the boonies though, you'd better have Trip Advisor installed along side it.  Hopefully they continue to add more cities going forward.

Gorgeous looking app. Would like to see more supported cities and hotels up here in Canada. Going on a road trip soon, so I definitely will try this out.

I could have used this app last week when my family was traveling.  Priceline ended up giving us a hotel that didn't actually have a room.  

This is by far the best interface of all the hotel apps I've tried.  One issue I did have, however, is trying to make sure I'm getting a double queen room.  Does that happen during the booking process that I didn't go through?

Looks like a great app for those of us that do motorcycle touring. Makes it easier to find those discount hotels instead of hit or miss.

Can't quite comment intelligently yet, but I'm taking a road trip to North Carolina next week and intend to use it extensively. Unfortunately won't be able to share any thoughts til then. :/

Okay, I downloaded the app as I wanted an app like this one .
First of all, I loved the UI. Its great ,no glitches and its fast.I pparticularly love it because of its easiness to use .No complaints from me.
Thanks for the promo code, I'll save some money!
Thanks devs, I appreciate your work.

One criticism...please take advantage of the live tile on both WP and Windows versions...I envision some beautiful photos of properties as well as deal alerts etc to make use of it. The windows tile especially has the option for the largest tile but just sits there all purpley...nice color but needs to flip or slide.

I like the layout of the app and the fact that it is mobile compared to Expedia. Having a picture of the hotel on the price search page is good.  And the ability to see all the hotel details and pictures is really good. The thing that is missing are user comments. Web sites that allow you to do the same have a lot of comments from customers which are lacking in the app so far.  Also when I looked for options in my city of Austin for a stay-cation there was only one hotel listed for downtown and it was expensive. I won't be able to use this app until they can establish relationships with more hotels in the target areas I want to go to.  If you're willing to wait though I think this will be a really useful app to have.

Looks like it's definitely worth a try. I'll try it next time I need to book a hotel! Can't download it now because I'm way low on space on my Surface 2 - this will not be a problem any my Surface Pro 3 arrives tomorrow (hopefully).

I'm glad we have this for those who can make use of this. For me though, I can't see myself using this very often if at all. I don't do spur of the moment travel. I hope they keep updating and refining it though. Our platform of choice can use every quality app available.

Wow.  I'm not sure where my criticism would be for this app.  It's quite beautiful, fast, and efficient.  I'll be using it over the next few weeks and maybe then I'll have some complaints but, right now, it's very nice.  Well done!

Like others have said nice clean interface. Feel like the menu options could be improved. Making it easier to find and search cities covered would be very helpful. As long as you are in a covered location, looks like a great service for finding a deal on a room for the night.

One of the best apps to book for cheap. Also it has a beautiful UI,nicer animations and is pretty straight forward.
Wish it was useful in more countries and option for sort is important.

Great to see on both platforms! But when I installed it on my Nokia lumia 920 it had a tendency to keep crashing

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Great UI.  The photos, even for the smaller city I live by, are really awesome and, in my opinion, give a good representation of the cities I have looked at.

Also like that it is a universal app.  Always love to those!

It appears to be a very useful application. Makes finding that perfect hotel super easy without being too much. And it's free!

It really is a beautiful app, nice and clean UI, functional. I had no issues with the app. The extra discount is great, will definitely use it

I've got the Windows 8.1 version on my laptop, and it's great.  Sadly, I didn't have this before my last few big trips, but I will definitly be taking this (and the WP8.1 version) the next time I travel.  Saves loads of time.

I'm glad we keep seeing more and more Universal apps.  It's what really sets MS apart from the others.  This app would be great if it integrated a bit more with Bing and you could find a hotel with certain types of food+drink around it.

It's a great app. Really fits into metro kind of design of Windows and Windows phone.I like it.I like that it shows the imagery of hotels.Aesthetically, pleasing as well. For frequent travelers this app is pretty much mandatory. Hope it comes soon to India.

Love the UI of both the Win8 & Windowsphone app. That's how apps should look like!
Can't for Universal apps to take off!
Its a well designed app & very helpful ... Gives a lot of data about the hotel ...

I used this app recently when my wife went out. We needed a hotel, literally, that night! And we found some!! Unfortunately they were all booked that night. So we didn't get one. But the app was cool!!

Very well designed app, I like the way the info is presented. The dark tone of the app also helps if you have an amoled screen.

Overall a decent app, will give it a try next time I need to book a hotel, and see if it's better than booking direct.


I have not used it, nor do I have any use for it. However, this app sounds awesome for those who just want to cut to the chase and not be put on hold. Also, people who don't care what hotel they go to, if they need somewhere to spend the night and they don't care, this should work great.

Looking forward to using this on our next trip away from home.

Will be nice to have eveything in one app.

I like that the app is quite smooth. My one gripe with it (at least in the Win 8.1 version) is that hitting Enter in the search box doesn't actually initiate the have to click on the suggestion to get the search to go.

This app is not useful for most people, but for those who look for a hotel frequently it will be most beneficial. I can see myself using this when planning a vacation. I like way hotels are rated, solid, charming, basic ... etc.

I downloaded both the win 8 and windows phone app, and while the design isn't horrible, I prefer how the windows phone app looks and flows. Mainly because the windows phone app fills the screen where as this one has a lot empty black space. I do like the slider for # of nights staying, great way to filter the hotels. And I do like how the details of each hotel are broken down, "why we like it", "need to know", "the hotel" ... etc.

App seems to run without any hitches which is always a major plus, but as I said I prefer the windows phone version. I am sure more cities will be added as there are countries that are not listed.

The reason the Windows 8 version is not filling the whole screen is probably because it is a universal app. With the universal apps, they are stretched to fill the screen they are running on, I am pretty sure.

I allowed it to use my location. Now I can't figure out how to change the search location. I'm at the airport and want to know about hotels at my destination, not here. Lumia 1020.

OK, I managed to change the location but found nothing much better than the rate I booked yesterday on the hotel's own website.

Naviating the app is easy which is always a plus. I would like to see more information avaiable when it comes to what speiality of food a particaular hotel my specialize in. For example some hotels serve great steak others it could seafood etc... Also I hope the selection of hotels diversifies over a period of time.

Great app with a clean layout but needs help in the serch department. If I'm in the app I should be able to just start typing and have search take over wether it be cities or hotel names, etc. Other than that the Need to know info is killer. Like you said, all the info without overload. This one will stay on my Surface 2 for sure.

This is a really good app. It would be great if there was a larger selection of hotels to choose from but I suspect this will come with time. For instance, I was only able to find two hotels in Brighton which has tens of hotels to choose from. The ability to see the rooms, reviews, facilities and availability is very useful as is being able to book right from the app.

The app on Win 8.1 is simply beautiful.  Smooth transitions, very classic Metro-style UI.  The thing is, I'll *never* use an app like this.  Why is that?  Well, I can count the number of times I needed to book a room *tonight* on...well, no hands.  I've never, ever done that in 24 years of being an adult.  I mean, tomorrow?  Sure, I've done that a couple of times.  But tonight?  No way.  Who does that?  Only the "oops I'm too drunk to drive home" crowd I guess.  Because, let's say I plan a last minute trip to Vegas.  It isnt going to be TODAY!

Now, merge this app with Trip Advisor or Hotels.Com or Trivago....and now we're talking useful.

Different styles for different folks.  I travel ALOT.  I almost never book a room until the day I need it.  Who knows where I'll be tomorrow!

just finishing a business trip. Will have to check this out when I get home. Great to see apps bring released on Win 8 and WP 8 at the same time!

I have not yet used the app to book a hotel room, but looking through the app on Windows Phone, I'm rather disappointed. First, when you open the app, it is localized to where you are. You can look around all you want in the app from there, and you can't find a way to search for a different location. It just isn't there. But then when you give up, and decide to get the heck out of the app, and you hit the back button, viola! There it is. Nothing intuitive about it at all. Counter that with my boss, who installed it on his iPhone when I mentioned the app, and he was searching while I was searching for how to search. This is no way to implement a UI.

Second, the discounts that I'm seeing in the hotel prices are nothing big. $5 off a $75 room, $30 off a $220 room....  You get the idea - I look at these and I think, "I can beat that on priceline without even thinking about it, let alone other sites, including sites that allow you to have hotels bid on you." I seriously doubt that I'll book a room through this app, but I'll probably keep it around for a while just to see if a really good deal does pop up.

Slick UI and good presentation.  I don't see anything that would make me not want to use this app.  The details provided answer the questions I usually ask about a hotel.  Thanks!

I installed it on my WP. I like the interface but I wish it would have a better search based on country. When I searched for Germany, nothing came up in the results. But I see that Germany is listed when you scroll down the list. I also wish that there where more countries and partners.
This is a good start and am waiting for further updates.

I just downloaded the hotel tonight app on my Nokia Lumia 625 and the first thing that came to my mind was "fantastic". I was awestruck when I used the app for the first time and here's why -
The loading is smooth and fast. The animations are nice and swift, especially the bed that magnifies and faded out just after loading.
The menus and tabs are smooth and the list of cities is appealing, the transition from the list of cities to the search page is extra-smooth and the search is efficient and can be used for "in-between-the-letters search"
The country selection method is quite revolutionary as most of the apps use a scrollable-list based selection whereas Hotel Tonight uses the index letters method to select countries (although its, sometimes a bit confusing to find and select the correct country code).
It's clearly visible that the Dev has put in a lot of sincere efforts in creating this app and has tried to revolutionize the layout of apps, loading times and smooth, for animations. I'm totally in favour of using and recommending this app for booking hotels while on a journey (especially an unplanned or unexpected one). Now all that needs to be done is add support for more countries but its completely upto the Dev. Keep up the good work.

The UI looks solid, but it does not yet support my area. So my constructive comment is to keep expanding the cities and hotels covered so more of us could use this useful app. I would actually use it, if it worked in my city which is Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Fantastic app!!! I live in California and have family from san Antonio to Pittsburgh to new York to Orlando to Puerto Rico... It is so helpful to have it when a sudden trip pops up and you need accommodations fast and as close to the family as possible!

I can't imagine ever needing this app!

Even if you did need a bed for the night you'd be mad not to use an app with a much bigger database of hotels - the Agoda app for example.

I didn't do any price comparisons though so maybe there are significant discounts?

The app does look great. Credit for that.

When you select a hotel on WP the pop up menu with the "book it now" disappears to allow you to swipe through some pictures.  Another tap and it reappears.  The overall design is nice and I'll certainly compare it to others when I go to book my next room.

It is displaying hotels from my home city on the start-up using current location.  That is not really necessary as I'm never going to search for a hotel in town.  At the same time I can see why that would be usefull if I were somewhere else.

It displays recent searches which is great but I would like a way to save favourite destinations as well.

This is a great looking app on both windows 8.1 and windows phone 8.1. Its very minimalist and sticks neatly to the metro style.

I cant see myself relying solely on this app alone as it doesnt have enough cities listed, hopefully this improves over time. As it stands if I'm in a rush to find a hotel as is quite often the case I have a feeling this app would let me down.

Just downloaded this app and while I must say that the performance is very smooth, but the app could provide a more comprehensive support for more cities so that it can position itself as the go-to app on Windows 8.1.

Maybe if some more dutch city's are added, it has only two cities now. Also i found no option to change the valuta from pounds to euro's, but maybe this is because i didn't create an account yet. Also the prices in these two cities are still a little to high for me. But besides that the app looks really beatifull and i think it works really well for those wo can afford it

Windows 8.1 Version
UI: The app has an good UI that is pleasant to use and easy to learn. One other thing thats nice about the UI is the preview pictures about the hotels and the cities. When you choose an hotel you can see a slider in the upper right corner, you can change the length of your visit in the hotel by just simply sliding it.
Functionality: The app gives detailed information about the hotels, for example has the hotel an WIFI, which is an important info to all geeks like us. The app also has an pretty good integration with bing maps, which can be really usefull sometimes.
UI: It would be nice if the app could have some backroung "wallpapers", maybe pictures of recently viewed hotels. Also an World map would be usefull to view the countries, it could be integrated with Bing maps.
BUGS: I found two bugs in the app. First you have an problem with Facebook integration. When I tried to sign up to Hotel Tonight with my Facebook account I got an error message, even though my internet connection was just fine. The second bug I found was when you went to view the hotel from Bing maps and tried to change the type of the map, the names of the different map types were written in chinese (i guess).
Conclusion: The Hotel Tonight app is an really good app which I would recommend to use, althought it has some small bugs that could be easily fixed in a software update.

Credit to the dev for this one, looks really slick. Credit also for not needing my email address to use. The map feature is superb, helps barrow down the choices by local area. Would be nice to see a distance calculator, so I can check how far it is to any site of interest. For example, I had to visit a university in London last year, but had difficulty finding a hotel nearby as there were so many options. Would be nice to enter in my area of interest and have it show me them by proximity. Also by price. Very nice app.

I got the "Hotel Tonight" App on Windows 8.1 for my Surface 2 and I have to say this App has been built very well. For starters it's very fast and easy to naviagte. It gives all nearby locations to you, where you can browse hotels in the area. The service is also excellent because it gives you the best deals which is important. The prices for some of these hotels are not bad at all and I would consider using this App for booking a hotel if I was travelling to a location the App supported which brings me to my only bit of criticism. The service doesn't do Hotels in the smaller places or even large towns. However this is something that will most likely improve over time but if you're going to a place like London or Dublin this App is very handy! The App(s) could also be made better by giving options for how many guests you have and update the rooms and pricing so you're not misled. I really do like this App and would give it 7/10.

Love to see this app come to Windows.  Downloaded it for WP a little while ago and now on my Surface.  I have friends that swear by this app and they are right.  Its beautiful, runs fast and is funcational.

I like how the WP app jumps right into local deals; the Win version should do that as well.

Also, I think alerts would be nice.  So you put in a future date, city and price and the app alerts you that day with options.

I would use this App even if just to check out what rooms looked like before making a final decision as to where to stay

I've been an Android user since the start (of Android) and one of the reasons I'm switching over to WP is the universal apps. I like how MS is converging all their devices and services.

PS - Can't wait for the launch of Lumia 930!

Pros: Simplicity and User Friendly App
Slideshow of Hotel Pics at background made app look more dynamic
Prices are fairly cheap
Decent Information of Hotels are provided

Cons: Cannot cancel the booking nor refunded
Could be better if allowed to book rooms for any day not just tonight
If allowed to select Room Types for preferences.

Tried out this app on my WP8.1 L520. Really good design, love the fill screen photos. The premise of a room for tonight and not in advance is very clever and the app sends to work smoothly. I'm in the UK, and the app found my location quickly and displayed a handful of Glasgow hotels. The prices were on USD, not sure if that's because over changed my region or if it is a US centric app. Couldn't see a way to list prices in different currencies.

Nice looking interface and I like to quick summary of the hotel. Very useful app if you travel a lot, i think it can be used very nicely with SkyScanner - but again the usefulness of the app will vary between everyone. It looks very useful though to book various hotels from within the app to make things easier; and hopefully those universal apps keep coming!

Really nice UI and very easy to navigate. What I did find a little annoying was that for large cities like London, you couldn't search for individual towns that lie within London's boundaries in the search bar, you have to go into the London page, where London was split into London East, London West, London Central, London West End.

If you'd arrived in a new town and wanted to stay for the night it would be easier if you could just type the part of the city you are in (or are heading towards) in the search bar and then either get taken to a list of nearby hotels or to the map to have a look around.

The Hotel Tonight app is absolutely smooth and very responsive. I love the visual layout of the application. The information given on each hotel is very informative and factual. I think it could only improved with local scout integration or at least the ability to see nearby restaurants and entertainment. Also, I wasn't able to prompt navigation not sure if I needed to create an account for that but voice navigation integration would be superb. Keep up the good work!

Well... It looks slick, but clearly not put together by someone who understands Metro. Practically no use of the Pivot for example. It's very hard to find a hotel that's not in your immediate vicinity - why no Search screen or button clearly and consistently available? The mail is nice, but why can't you point to a spot on it and get results for that location?

Also, frankly, they lost of covered cities and locations is very limited. I eventually found out how to search for a particular location, and went looking for places near a number of beach vacation sites on the Eastern US. Other than the Jersey shore, which frankly is to be avoided, there was almost nothing.

Looks like it might be useful for a road trip or if your flight is cancelled leaving you stranded, bit not much more. It needs to be redesigned to use Metro properly, have a decent search capability and user the map for searching.

Overall I like this app.


Once again I'm probably the wrong audience (since I don't do last minute bookings very often, I'm just far too nuerotic.)


Having said that, if I wanted to take a last minute trip somewhere for a weekend get away this would be pretty useful (and there are several places w/in driving distance listed.)


I'd note only 2 things:

1) Personally I'd like to be able to click to see teh hotel location on a map.  Especially in a city like Chicago, where a few blocks may make a huge difference (if it was there, I couldn't see it.)

2) The slider to add extra nights is a bit confusing.  At first I didn't even notice it, then when I did I was already on a specific hotel's page, and so sliding it did..nothing, it just snapped back.  Presumably this was because the hotel didn't have multiple nights available (eh, it happens.) but the lack of any explaination or error message was a bit frustrating. (Eventually I figured I could back out to the city page to get the slider to work without problems.

The app has a damn good Metro style UI no doubt.
But then major drawback, I'm from India and I don't travel outside the country much, so the app isn't useful for me. If they add Indian cities, then I can definitely know this app better. As a person who's never been outside the country and doesn't know much..can't contribute too much.
My brother lives in Fort Collins tried looking that up, couldn't find it..So went for Denver. The bookings open at 9:00 Denver time so you have to wait and the 'countdown' doesn't work the clock shows 0:0 and screen flickers, that's a bit irritating. But does seem like a useful app for people who travel and make impromptu plans.
Overall Damn useful app for last minute bookings. Would be great if it came to other countries too.
Like the theme, like the UI.. :)

Not to sound like one of "those people", but it'd be helpful if the app would show where it's getting the pricing information from.  For instance, if it is getting the price quote from the hotel itself or from a service like Priceline or something, that matters.

The Hotel Tonight app is very easy to use.

I've actually been using this app as a reference while traveling and it works good to see which hotels are trying to fill rooms at the last minute.  However, I havent found the need to actually book a room through it yet.

Many of the offers are actually pretty good. But some aren't any better or are worse than what you can get on your own. Particularly, if you normally get a senior discount, a AAA discount or a government/military discount for hotel stays, you'll probably do better with those rates than with the rates Hotel Tonight supplies, and sometimes considerably better.  But when those discounts arent available Hotel Tonight could be a descent alternative.  Just be sure to compare rates before booking through the app.

Here's an example of a Hotels Tonight rate for tonight at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Normal Room Rate = $329, Hotel Tonight Rate = $199, AAA & AARP Rate = $296, Government Rate = $186

As you can see, depending on the hotel and the rates you do or do not qualify for, the app can come in handy.  As mentioned sometimes the other discounted rates are better than the apps rates. And for more moderately priced hotels the rates will be closer.

I've also noticed that sometimes when a hotel website says that no rooms are available, you might be able to still get a room through this app, and probably with a slight discount.

Overall, I do recommend it just be sure to compare pricing as you normally would.


This app was helpful for me when I had unplanned extended stay in Vegas. It was super easy to use it.

The UI is nice, but the problem with windows 8 apps is that its hard to compare other sites with the app information. Also, not enough hostels - they need to compete with Hostelworld if they're going to appeal to world travellers.

The app is still in infancy.....24 countries and select cities is not much....Not to mention it doesnt work for my country India

this is excellent and convenient on windows phone so i'll get it for my yoga 2 pro as well.  plus i got a $40 credit for downloading on my phone and signing up.  very useful when you're in a rush, and good prices too.  good stuff

Beautiful UI, attractive and smooth. Limited places in the UK covered though, and it's a shame that "last minute" just means the same day. It would be much more useful if it allowed a day in advance.
They are both "problems" with the service though, not the app itself.

Indeed the app is very fast and fuild and desgined very well but like many others have said it lacks many of the hotels in my area. I don't really stay at hotels that often so i'm not the targeted adudience for this app but  the intergation with bing maps is what i like most about it and with an update to add more hotels i can see it being top hotel app in the WPstore.

+ Great UI
+ Full screen map
+ Much details
+ Direct booking
+ Much hotels
+ Ability to create account from the app
- In the Netherlands only Amsterdam supported
- You're able to choose a country, but it's a bit hidden (tap country name in cities list)

Have to say they should have more locations. Other than that it had a very nice UI, very easy to use and features great hotels unfortunately the city I am currently staying in isn't in the list of places.

The app is totally legitimate for finding a good deal.  It got me downtown Chicago on a weekend for $130.  I wish I had found this sooner than I did.  Thumbs up on the mention, guys.

Very nice looking, simple and easy app, but: only few hotels in the cities, even in Berlin, only few Polish cities (found only Kraków and Warsaw), too simple room info - beds are so important (ok, maybe there is some more info during booking process, didn't check). But local user currency is very nice, no need to convert. I'll wait for more European countries and cities to use it.

I downloaded the WP version and, as other here said, the transition effects (especially when magnifying photos in detailed views) and  the simple design of the app are both superb. The amount of details and photos of the rooms and hotels are also good. Search hotels on a map of the city is also a good thing because I like to choose hotels close to tourist attractions or near points of interest.

But I think search options are still too limited in this version of the app. There is also a big thing missing... It definitely should have an option to sort the results by price. Or maybe an option to search or filter results by category (5 stars, 3 stars, basic, and so on...) An option to specify more than 5 nights would also be welcome.

I will try it on my next trip, but certainly I will compare its results with other search tools, as

Like others, I don't travel but a few times a year, and I book well in advance. Thus this app won't make it onto my phone.

Based on the screenshots alone, it looks like a good app for those who need to book rooms with short notice.

It looks very nice. Good design and I like it. It´s really nice to see more essentials apps on Windows 8 and WP8.

Is this one of those discount hotel services though? The hotels always reserve the lowest quality rooms for thins like Hotwire :/

ON Lumia 1020,


Attractive simple uniqe interface (really love the UI)
- Transition between pages is smooth and nicely done
- NIce and beautifully integrating the map with the apps
- Direct informations need by traveler or tourist


It takes a long time to start the apps
- Need a lot of improvement on adding more countries. Like seriously.
- Need an exit confirmation button before exiting the apps
- I had turn on my Location (GPS), but it did not detect where i was
- Lags a lot on showing the content
- Adding a seach button to seach for specific hotel
- Didn't show any place where i can comment or rate the selected hotel
- Didn't show any contact or references for the selected hotel
- No calendar to select which date the customer to choose from


- Need to put setting buttons to configure what to show and what not to show
- Maybe a currency converter, or put it in the setting whereby you can easily change what currency you want to use
- Maybe add a button or something, showing the POI near to the hotel selected
- Adding not just Hotel and Apartments, but Hostel and Motel too


NB. Sorry i comment a lot. I do travel a lot. And i really need like full function apps. I don't want to change between apps just to find what i wanted. For now, there is no TRAVEL APPS that best suited me in the WPStore. Hope you can make that changes