How to get an Uber car with Cortana

Uber Cortana

You have probably heard of Uber by now. It's a transportation network company that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire in over 70 cities. We were very excited when the official app returned to Windows Phone and we have been using it frequently. Windows Phone users also get treated to a very cool integration with Cortana. You can ask her to grab you an Uber car!

Follow the steps and/or watch the video:

Here's how you do it:

  1. Bring up Cortana. You can do this by pressing and holding the search button, or tapping the Cortana live tile on your home screen.
  2. Say, "Uber, get me an UberX" or "Uber, get me a taxi."
  3. That's it! Uber for Windows Phone opens up. The pinned pickup location is usually accurate, but double check before tapping the request button.

If you haven't tried Uber yet on your Windows Phone device, you should! The first ride is free (up to $30 off). Use the code, uberapp30.

  • Download Uber from the Windows Phone Store

Have you tried Uber yet? How are your experiences so far? Good? Bad? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, Adam Z.!

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Reader comments

How to get an Uber car with Cortana


Google sucks. I use Bing. And, yes, those are some shady business practices, but the reality is that Uber has a Windows Phone app and Lyft does not. Thus, Uber wins my support regardless. If Lyft doesn't see me, as a Windows Phone owner, as worthy of being their customer (i.e. no app), then I really dont' care if Uber pushes them under.

That's why he said Google/Bing. As when people say to search something on the web, they say Google it. Everyone here says Bing it. Even though I use Bing, I say "Google it".

Yeah Uber is pretty dirty. But they're supporting Windows Phone and Lyft isn't right now, so ill use them. Cortana integration is cool.

Today cortana is behaving strangly... I asked whats my name or who am I . In reply she said - "back slash username back slash " :-o

Finally got it to work after about 5 tries.  The dictation is very important.  I also fired up Uber once after not getting it to work right and then retried and BAM, it worked.

Did not work for me either. tried for several times on my NL 635.

Finally got it to work when I said 'U-ber' and not 'Oh-ber'. 

'U-ber get me an 'u-ber' black car'.

You guys read that article on the verge regarding uber's business practices?  Apparently they hire people to call and schedule rides with competitors to cancel or something like that, to keep them business with no business.  Then hire people to schedule rides to recruit drivers. 

Pretty shady


Uber supports Windows Phone; Lyft does not. That trumps everything else for me because it means that Lyft isn't even an option.

Well, that depends on what country you live in as to whether Cortana is available. BTW Windows Phone does support the 920 seeing as that's the OS that runs on it.

Article doesn't mention that you need to open the app once after yesterday's update (which presumably added Cortana integration) before Cortana will recognize the voice command properly. Without opening the app, she'll just give you a list of taxi companies near you. 


This is a very tricky command. Cortana has difficulty for me distinguishing the word "uber". Took many tries. It thought I said "Google" most of the times.

I hope I will find all these great Cortana articles in your archive in 1, 2 or how many years ever when Cortana is available outside english-speaking countries or maybe China. Just in case windows phone still exists. Everything appears so behind and slow right now.

I tried applying as a Uber Driver in Ottawa and they said the service isn't available for Ottawa yet so I'm not sure if it's all of Canada or just some cities.

Uber are a taxi company, so should be taxed as that. In London, the cabbies vandalized their offices. Quite right too, I say! Bring down these tax avoiding dogs! Taking away business from the good cabbies of London!

Thanks! I use Uber all the time. In fact I used them 7 or 8 times just this past weekend. Each time was opening the app, selecting etc. It is nice to be able to ask Cortana to do it.

Oh and to all the haters out there....I use taxis all the time....well did. If taxis were clean, had leather, cool/warm depending upon weather conditions, timely, didn't rattle and felt safe, and the driver didn't smell and spoke english better then Uber wouldn't be needed.

Nice integration. I'll be giving it a go here in Adelaide, Australia as we just had Uber start up here (been in some other Australian cities for a little while) All I can say is at least Uber has gone outside USA borders, Lyft is 100% USA only, so GO UBER.

Got to hand it to uber. Nice app. Even the micro browser experience prior to the app was great. Too bad lyft doesn't step up.