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iBlast Moki and ProShot are the latest Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals

iBlast Moki Path of Kara ProShot Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals

It’s another good week for Xbox Windows Phone 8 gamers with yesterday’s release of Tetris Blitz. But more games are always better, and Windows Phone 7 users need stuff to play too. So perhaps the Xbox Red Stripe Deal will do the trick. It’s a blast from the past with iBlast Moki from Godzilabs going on sale for 99 cents. iBlast Moki has only been on sale once before, way back in October 2011, so this will be many deal hunters’ first chance to get it on the cheap.

In non-Xbox Red Stripe Deals news, Anshar Studios’ popular puzzle game The Path of Kara (totally not supposed to sound like Path of Korra) is down to a buck as well. Meanwhile, Rise Up Games’ photography app ProShot lens for Windows Phone 8 is the same price. Details and Store links after the break.

iBlast Moki (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $2.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 15 MB Store Link

iBlast Moki was one of the first games I reviewed for Windows Phone Central after joining the company at the beginning of 2011. And it’s still one of the better non-Angry Birds-style physics puzzle games on the platform, right along with Tiki Towers and Gerbil Physics.

The goal in each level is to use bombs, wheels, and other devices to knock the round and cuddly Mokis into the exit. Levels start out simple but become increasingly complex over the course of the game.

iBlast Moki

The game introduces new tools gradually, so players shouldn’t become stuck too often. Trying new solutions is simple enough, and the game even saves your most recent solution. The Achievements are easy too, as long as you look up solutions for troublesome levels.

Sadly 2011’s iBlast Moki 2 never came to Windows Phone; I guess Godzilabs didn’t fall in love with the platform. But this one’s still worth a play for puzzle fans.

QR: iBlast Moki

The Path of Kara (Windows Phone 7 and 8)

Regular price: $1.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 135 MB Store Link

The Path of Kara for Windows Phone

This one’s a puzzle game too, but not of the physics variety. Path of Kara contains a variety of different matching puzzle styles spread across more than 70 levels. On top of a pretty art style, it also features a surprisingly detailed and interesting story to keep players enthralled. Our own George Ponder reviewed Path of Kara earlier this year.


  • Over 70 unique levels
  • Various mechanics and bonuses
  • Story-driven gameplay
  • Arcade and logic challenges
  • Demanding boss fights
  • Hand drawn graphics

QR: Path of Kara

ProShot (Windows Phone 8)

Regular price: $1.99 Sale price: $.99 Download size: 5 MB Store Link

ProShot for Windows Phone 8

George has written a silly number of articles about ProShot. Why not? It’s one of the best lens apps available. It even received GDR2-specific features in a recent update. The only thing ProShot can’t do is support photographs more than five megapixels in size (for the Lumia 1020 and 1520), but I suspect that will be added in the future.


  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Focus
  • Flash
  • Aspect Ratio
  • AF Assist Lamp
  • Burst Shot (up to 5 FPS)
  • Self-Timer
  • Intervalometer (for time lapse)
  • Grid Lines
  • 3D Level Gauge
  • Histogram
  • Full HD photo browsing
  • EXIF viewer

QR: ProShot


Reader comments

iBlast Moki and ProShot are the latest Windows Phone Red Stripe Deals


Though I'm happy with Nokia ProCam, I'm giving ProShot a chance since it's on sale.

By the way, Gameloft has also put Uno, Assassins Creed and another brain puzzle on sale ;)

Allegedly, reading the experiences of others, ProShot is better at low light than Nokia Pro Cam. Then again, stock camera is better at low light than Pro Cam... ;)

Fun to see the old Samsung Focus in the screenshot and video.  My kids still use my old Focus from time to time just to play games.  Might have to get iBlast Moki.

Good to hear! One of the first applications I bought for my 8X when I got it! Would recommend to anyone.