INSTEON home automation for Windows and Windows Phone now exclusively at Microsoft Stores

Home-automation company INSTEON and Microsoft have finally managed to get stock of their kits and accessories to Microsoft Stores, both online and physical. The deal is exclusive to Microsoft.

First announced in mid-May, INSTEON's products support Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 PCs and tablets, letting users control various devices like motion sensors, thermostats, Wi-Fi cameras and more when away from home. Microsoft Stores are stocking three kits, in addition to separate items including Wi-Fi cameras, leak detectors and INSTEON LED lightbulbs.

The three kits range from $199 up to $499, and consist of

  • Starter kit ($199 – Link) – INSTEON hub, on/off module, motion sensor, Wi-Fi camera
  • Home Kit ($299 – Link) - INSTEON hub, on/off module, motion sensor, Wi-Fi camera, plus thermostat and open/close sensor
  • Business Kit ($499 – Link) - INSTEON hub, on/off module, 2 motion sensors, 2 Wi-Fi cameras, thermostat, 2 open/close sensors, 3 leak sensors

Customers can order the kits directly from the Microsoft Store online with free ground shipping in the US.

Home automation is considered to be the next big growth area as the "internet of things" (IoT) gains momentum. Letting people "see" their home through a Wi-Fi camera, remotely controlling their thermostat, or turning on the light bulb can now all be achieved from your phone when you hundreds of miles away. Alternatively, users can set individual appliances to go on or off at specific times. For instance, on a hot summer day, you could have an air conditioner turn on 30 minutes before you get home for work, or have the lights on waiting for you. Some other exclusive features include:

  • Visitor Mode – provides restricted access to children or guests in your home
  • Live Tiles – get status on multiple devices directly on your Windows 8.1 Start screen (not currently available on Windows Phone 8)
  • Enhanced Camera Support – view multiple cameras at once, view full-screen, and camera support without the need of an INSTEON Hub
  • Multi-House Support – enables you to control multiple homes or businesses from a single account
  • Dashboard View – a quick and organized view of the status of your home

We've ordered up the Home Kit to test ourselves, so make sure to look out for our unboxing and breakdown in the coming days. Let us know in comments if wiring up your home is something you are interested in, and if INSTEON is your next purchase. While you wait, you can grab the Windows and Windows Phone apps below.

Source: INSTEON; via All About Microsoft

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Reader comments

INSTEON home automation for Windows and Windows Phone now exclusively at Microsoft Stores


Very interested in this. Also hoping the stores are stocking some of the standalone components like the light bulb modules.

Now THIS can turn out to be a very useful app. I am looking forward to seeing some reviews. I will definitely consider this kit.

What do you want to know? I have the hub with both windows 8 app and windows phone 8.1 app. Two light dimmer plug in modules, 1 plug in on off module and one 8 button remote switch

Majortom1981, do you have the Wi-Fi camera? If so, how is the quality and does the app work well when you are out of your home?

I have the foscam camera. Its 640x480. Quality is great. Its cheaper getting the foscam ones.The insteon cameras are just rebadged foscams. It's easier using other apps to actually view the video but you can use the camera as a motion detector to turn on the lights. The app works well outside the home but is not https so I don't enable it all the time.I have remote https access enabled in my router. So I go in and forward the insteon ports, do what I need, then disable the ports again. My wifi reaches were I park my car so I do not have the ports forwarded.

I'm interested. Would like to see other options. Interested in some of the analytics and more features that nest has. Since Google owns it, I'm probably not going to go that route.

Are you sure you can with Windows/Phone 8?  I was told by their customer service that I could not control the Nest.  If you can confirm, especially with a screenshot, I'll be buying this thing.

I am not sure. I think the iPhone and android apps can control it but not the windows apps. I don't have a nest(my ac guys told me the boards keep dying in the nest ). Maybe somebody else can? Insteon has a press release about it.

Checked on my wife's iPhone. You can add it via the iphone/android app and control from there but not sure if once added you can control via windows phone since I don't have a nest

I was ready to get a similar product by another company in the spring. The entry price is rather steep to pick the wrong one. As much as I am interested in this, I need to see that MS purchases part of this company, or see INSTEON gather much better market share. Otherwise I will rely on old fashioned motion detectors and my hands to turn on lights.

Find the non microsoft branded ones on amazon. I got mine for $99. Comes with the hub and two on/off/dimmer plug in modules. Then just download the app from the phone store.

I would like an event driven interface that would allow me to run a script.. 

Like on_doorOpen {SoundTheAlarm}

Does it allow that kind of functionality in the hub or through a connected home server?


I think so via web commands. Go to insteons website and go to the forums. I think I saw it there. People have done third party apps for it.

you can create simple scenes like that wth the W / WP App.

The Motion Sensor will automatically act as a trigger for - let's say a plug in Module with a Siren attached to it.

The Settings and behavior of the Motion Sensor can also be modified directly in the App.

To create more complex events like: Turn living Room on at 5% brightness between 11pm and 5am and turn off after no motion has been detected for 5 minutes...

... you have to use HouseLinc on a PC that's always on at home.

With HouseLinc am I limited to their functions or can I run my own code?

Like if motion is detected in the back yard after 10PM turn on the outside lights and run specified script..

Like I said there are web code commands using PHP and html that you can use against the hub. Go to the insteon forums to learn more.

I don't need it, the kids leave everything on when I'm miles from home, if I turned stuff off remotely they would just unplug the hub

U might just need a module to control the kids :) I can't imagine my kids unplugging my hub without permission. I don't have perfect kids for sure but there are just certain things they wouldn't dare try :)

i have already set up an account buthavnt bought the setup yet, but will. cant ewait for the review

I want a kinect in every room of my house and cortana listening to my every command. I want my house to recognize my face and unlock the door as I walk in. And tell me who is at my front door. I want the lights to automatically turn off once I walk out a room. Make my smart house Microsoft!

Yes!  Actually, perhaps shorter term, I'd love if Microsoft and Insteon could bring some sort of integration to the Xbox One so if I start playing a blu-ray, for example, I could have it automatically turn off the room lights (or do it with a voice command), and then if I paused the move, raise the the lights to half-brightness.

I have been using both the Win8.1 and WP8.1 with the hub and it has worked out great! Love Insteon. Make my home automation dreams come true Microsoft! :)

They're also supposed to be some sort of interoperability coming between insteon and staples connect systems.

I have been waiting for this. I think a road trip to the Microsoft Store is in order for this weekend.