RPG games, or role-playing games, are now a staple of any gamer's library.

Set in worlds which are often rich in lore and history, their origins stem from games played on pencil and paper, such as Dungeons and Dragons. Most of the terminology and mechanics we use in role-playing gaming today is from such table-top games.

RPG's are centered around a single character or a team, who complete quests and storylines, gain experience in order to level up and often have a structured combat system when fighting enemies.

There are plenty of distant worlds and fantastic creatures on Xbox One and here are a few of our favorite to create a new life in:

1. Neverwinter

Unanimously hailed as a good place to start for players unfamiliar with MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), Neverwinter is an entertaining and fun RPG to play alone or with friends through Xbox Live. Originally, Neverwinter was a highly successful PC game and was ported to consoles in the advent of a new generation of hardware to take advantage of.

With skill trees to tailor your character to your specific design and a reasonably generous loot system, you'll find yourself losing more than a few hours at a time plumbing the depths of new dungeons as you level up. A number of post-release campaigns continue the main game's story and provide players with lots of missions to take on. Neverwinter also boasts a robust guild system that has allowed Windows Central's guild to thrive.

Neverwinter is free to play high-fantasy goodness, as is the DLC. The game does feature micro-transactions but is generously rewarding enough that you don't even need to consider buying them. Neverwinter is not the prettiest RPG on Xbox One, and the frame rate definitely chugs at times. But it boasts a whole load of game for nothing, so don't judge this game by its cover.

Check out our Neverwinter guides for tips on how to chat, level up, and more!

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2. Lords of the Fallen

Said to be the Western cousin of Dark Souls, to dismiss it as such would be a big mistake. While there are similarities, Lords of the Fallen shoved its way into the corner of an already very niche group of the RPG market like a Viking on steroids. With an advanced combat system and mix-and-match class and skill ability trees, taking on the Gods for turning their back on you never packed so much of a punch.

Lords of the Fallen is a hardcore action-RPG, with roots in the now formidable series Dark Souls. It has enough personality of its own to be a big fish in a small pond without being as will-crushingly difficult as similar games, which makes Lords of the Fallen a good choice for those who may have been put off by the legendary difficulty of the Souls' series.

The school or get schooled theme runs strong in this one, as you play as Harkyn, a human trying to take on seemingly endless supernatural forces. With character choices that effect the world and varying play styles, you may find yourself going back in to face the Fallen God more than once.

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3. Quest of Dungeons

Falling back to the retro gaming days of the late 80s, Quest of Dungeons may be one of the closest things to an old-school roguelike dungeon crawler we've had to date on Xbox One.

It has a 16-bit pixel art style, procedurally generated floor levels, permanent death, randomly placed items and monsters, and a turn-based battle system; all of these are staples of the 30-year-old roguelike RPG sub-genre but this game is anything but dated.

Quest of Dungeons has an admittedly gentle learning curve, so players shouldn't have too much difficulty trying to complete this game with its different classes and weapons. And when you're done with the main game, there is an alternate story to play. Two for one. In true roguelike fashion, when you die, you start all over again. Nothing carries over to the next game. Do you have what it takes to find your way through the labyrinthine floors and stay alive to collect the light that the Dark Lord has stolen?

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4. The Banner Saga

Boasting a gorgeous hand-drawn graphic style and a compelling and deep story, The Banner Saga bowled players over when it was released. It was evident from the start that this Kickstarter-funded game was something to watch out for when it went to raise more than seven times its initial goal.

Balancing resources in the downtime between turn-based battles in a manner akin to The Oregon Trail, choices made while trekking across the breathtaking icy wastelands to take on the Dredge could lead to far-reaching complications down the line.

The Banner Saga is a great one for getting immersed in its rich Norse mythology-based lore, beautiful graphics and impressive battle system. This story driven game puts you in the right in the middle of the action, where every decision you make could spell the end of your civilization. Every choice you make from where you travel, or who you put in charge to fight threats will have meaningful consequences. Not everyone will survive, but will you live to tell the tale?

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5. The Elder Scrolls Online

Only one of two MMORPGs on our list, The Elder Scrolls Online is an online safe haven for those Elder Scrolls fans waiting impatiently for their next instalment of the widely acclaimed fantasy series.

Having shrugged off subscription fees, purchasing the game is the only time you'll need to lay out any money unless you should choose to supplement the variety of classes available to you with microtransactions. You could race across Tamriel on mounts, join guilds, perform daily tasks, take part in raids and embark on quests with your friends or play alone. Explore every nook and cranny of the land, forge your own equipment to use or sell, read the books. The scope of The Elder Scrolls Online is massive, and way more laid back than the individual titles. Spend your time just walking around the coastlines (keep an eye out for bandits or imps), or saturate the market in poorly made hats, it's entirely up to you.

If you're waiting for the Skyrim Remaster, or looking for something to tide you over until a new standalone Elder Scrolls game, pick this up and lose yourself all over again.

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6. Wasteland 2

Wasteland on PC was the original inspiration for the post-apocalyptic classic Fallout. This addictive and successfully Kickstarted RPG lets you play your own way, with consequences to boot. Tactical decisions and moral choices are all yours as you fight for survival, and comfortably mapped controls from PC to console are a smooth and easy transition. Everything is a learning experience, and there is much and more to explore as you complete quests, gather equipment in one of the most brutal RPG experiences.

Over 80 hours of playtime await you, as do hundreds of characters and customization options which will enable you to tailor yourself an experience all of your own.

Wasteland 2: Directors Cut took an already very successful formula and ported it to console in such a way, it really has to be played to be believed.

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7. Dragon Age: Inquisition

When events occur that make you seem like a Divine Being, what would you do? Go with it, and seek to bring peace and harmony to the land, or denounce your new holy status and build an army that will be written into history as you save the world from the brink of destruction by evil forces?

Create your character (and import choices from previous games) and lead your team of heroes across Thedas, the expansive world of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Over 80 hours of main game story, and hours of side quests will easily take you over the 140+ hours mark for near full completion, not including DLC. Bioware is known for making high quality, well-rounded RPGs, with in-depth lore and character back stories so well written you'll feel like it's all real.

Fight High Dragons, ward off the ancient evil bringing the end of the world, and rebuild.

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8. Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 2 almost made our list, but we only had room for one of these action adventure RPG titans. Dark Souls 3 is the most recent offering from Japanese developers, FromSoftware.

Still retaining its place as one of the most punishingly difficult series of games ever made, Dark Souls 3 is built on the story of Dark Souls on the previous console generation, but with a few new bells and whistles of its own. With the addition of weapon arts in your roster of attacks, Dark Souls becomes a whole new beast. Changes to the combat system created a deliciously fluid game, where death rules over all, eventually.

Setting the benchmark incredibly high, Dark Souls 3 is in a unique and breathing world, and no self-respecting gamer should avoid this brutal land without at least having a damn good try first.

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9. Divinity: Original Sin

Can I pour out enough words about how dynamic the combat is in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition? In a nutshell, you have fully and completely customizable characters, and a number of different game modes. Any character you make is an archetype, and you have full control to make them exactly as you want. Combining skills and elements to give yourself the upper hand, team up with 2-4 players (offline and online) to create synergies between you to absolutely decimate opponents.

With well-mapped and intuitive controls, raining death down on enemies has never been so easy.

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10. Fallout 4 + DLC

Bethesda nuked out a hit in the fourth instalment of their cult classic game, Fallout 4.

The last survivor of Vault 111 after a world-ending nuclear event more than two hundred years in the past, Fallout 4 offers a huge open world of Wasteland to explore, and now rebuild. Every misspoken word could be held against you, and every choice has a consequence. You could be helping one group, but who are you angering in the process?

Can you restore the Wasteland to some semblance of civilization, or will you just succumb to the deathclaws and supercharger mutants? Let's face it, it's made dog companions cool again after Fable tried so hard. And, did we mention Fallout 4 is now compatible with mods, which fix minor performance related bugs? If you fancy collecting curvy Pip-Girl statuettes, or ripping someone's arm off and beating them with it, go check out Fallout 4.

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11. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

For what is essentially a AAA standard indie game, The Witcher 3 absolutely deserves the top spot of our best RPGs currently available on Xbox One.

Truly a masterpiece in its own right, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is top of its game in this hugely open world, as you play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, monster hunter and master swordsman. Meaningful choices decide the fates for whole communities, all the while slaying monsters and holding back the tide of enemies standing against you in a jaw-dropping environment, backed up with the kind of storytelling that will mark it in history as one of the best.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt and its DLC's hold over 100+ hours of fantastic combat against mythical creatures, alongside a cast of superbly written characters. It is a time sponge ready to take the hours you'll spend looking bewilderedly at your games catalogue wondering when you'll ever play them again. If you haven't played The Witcher 3, you need to get it.

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12. To sum up...

We will never tire of a good RPG to sink ourselves into. To slip into another life and carry their burdens for a while is sometimes a nice break from the stresses of our own lives. While some on the list are short and sweet, others will suck you in for days at a time, but the feeling at the end is the same.

With such a large variety of games to choose from, and a large variation of styles of RPG there should be something in the list for everyone. What are your favourite RPGs on Xbox One? Which RPGs would you like to see on the Xbox One in the future? Let us know in the comments below!