Keep all your rewards cards in one place with Stocard for Windows Phone


If you love to shop, you likely use far more than one loyalty card to make sure you get points while shopping at your favorite retailers. Now Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 device owners have a way to collect all those reward cards into one place, thanks to the recently launched Stocard app.

The app, which was previously released for iOS and Android, uses a phone's camera to scan the plastic reward cards the owner might have in his or her wallet. Once that is done, the app then allows the use to simply take their smartphone and have the screen scanned during checkout to obtain reward points for each card. Stocard has over 900 pre-set card setups for retailers such as Best Buy, Starbucks, CVS, Walgreens and much more.

The app, which does not require a separate registration to use, has been made for the US, UK, Canada and Australia markets. Stocard does point out that the app can only be used if a retailer uses an image scanner for its reward cards. Older laser or flatbed scanners won't work with the smartphone app.

You can download the free Stocard app right now from the Windows Phone Store. Is this app a nice addition for people who have a ton of reward cards?



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Keep all your rewards cards in one place with Stocard for Windows Phone


Is this wallet integrated?

Edit: the screenshot on the app apge looks like it does. Gonna give it a try.

Its pretty cool and basic. I would like to save the cards in the cloud so I dont have to reenter them all again. I don't such feature.

Yep. Wallet died. No editing cards without an app or MS eCommerce site, no image barcodes, nothing. Just a brand logo and basic info. Let's just hope I can make NFC payments with the Icon... Y NO ISIS!?!

I hadn't actually used it much, but lookad at it now. Yeah, I can see why you say it's died. It's just a launch area for apps, basically (except for credit cards to be used for in-app purchases and in the WP store).

It could've been everything that Stocard is and more, but it was probably not worth it for MS to keep it around.

Thanks! We are looking to add further features (cloud & offers) to our WP8 version in the future.

Most of the others are horrendously old. This and Barcode Wallet are basically the only ones vaguely up to date.

No need for that, the others are crap compared to stocard. You don't need to get anything else for cards management other than stocard, it's like the best app of its kind across all 3 major mobile platforms.

Totally going to be giving this a shot. The problem is that a lot of stores don't have the barcode scanners that work on the reflective phone screens. I tried this a long time ago with FidMe and that's what I found w/ the majority of stoers I went to and tried to use my phone instead of the physical card.

I had a similar problem with scanners and fidme but just last week when I was at the movies, the lady who unsuccessfully scanned my card told me to turn the brightness all the way up on my phone and voila! The scanner was able to read my card.

I found that also...but have gotten much better over the past year and I'm able to use the FidMe app, just about everywhere now.  Problem with FidMe app is no passcode to get into it, and check in doesn't work.

No. An image scanner (like mentioned in the article) actually sees the entire image, while laser-based scanners only see the reflection of the laser and how the barcode affects it. A laser scanner looking at a screen of any kind can't tell the difference between bars and white space, so it doesn't work. That's why a lot of stores now have handheld image scanners now if they haven't replaced their built-in scanners.

I've written Windows Mobile apps for both types of scammers ad well as an RFID reader/writer.

I know my local movie theater stopped allowing the tickets to be scanned from a phone screen so now i have to manually enter the booking id to pickup my tickets

Key Ring claims Microsoft and Nokia refused to work with them on releaseing their latest verson. Bunch of BS if you ask me. Stocard is a pretty good alternative.  Would l like to see ability to back up your cards to onedrive, store ads and specific deals added in the future. All of th othe loyalty card app stink or dont work in the US.

Found the downside. No way to back up or restore list of cats. This means having to enter in both my phone and my wife's phone. Nope. Loyalty Cards keeps my business.

Most if all uk major retailers use laser scan so probably get problems, also if the original card is not used they may not honour scanning the barcode on your phone

Most USA stores use laser readers as well. Clerks are always surprised when it works on my Lumia 1020 as they usually have problems scanning phones.

Anyone else having a totally crappy experience with this app? After installing when I try to add a card it crashes and exits.

Could you let us know which cards you are trying to add, which phone you are using and what your OS version is? We would love to fix that.


Sucks compared to Barcode Wallet.  Uninstalled before I even made it through all my cards.  Some cards, it will not even allow you to scan...you have to enter the numbers manually.  Others, it scans, but produces the wrong kind of barcode, and doesn't give you the option to change.  Barcode Wallet is MUCH better, scans ALL cards, and allows you to choose exactly what type of barcode you want if it guessed wrong.  Plus, it allows you to upload and crop your own pictures for the cards, AND syncs them with OneDrive, AND syncs them to Wallet.


Which cards did you have problems scanning?

The reason you cannot chose the type of barcode in Stocard, is that we try to keep Stocard as easy to use as possible and don't expect our users to have to be barcode experts to enjoy using Stocard. We know which barcodes are needed for almost all cards and thus display the barcodes correctly automatically. 

Please let us know for which card it didn't display correctly and we will make sure to fix it.

We also do not - and never will - have any banner-ads in Stocard, cluttering your experience.

I've been waiting for a current solution for loyalty cards and such. Looking at the card apps on offer was somewhat disappointing. By far the most disappointing is the current state of Wallet, which is now only useful to purchase apps.
Nearly all of the wallet apps were horrendously old and haven't been updated in forever. Barcode Wallet is the only good one. But it's UI wasn't the best.
Trying out Stocard, its much better looking IMO. It has a good UI with a ton of preset cards with the ability to add your own, which I haven't had any issues with. It has Wallet integration, by all that means now (with 8.1) is basically an area to launch Stocard, ugh. Besides Wallet's shortcomings, Stocard is great and is by and large the best app of its kind available.

I've been waiting for an app that was similuar to Keyring on the Android App.  I've been using Loyalty Card, but I don't think it's up to par with Keyring.  



Unfortunatly I broke Stocard App as it keeps crashing on me if I try to add a Lowe's card.

Just wonder how well over all this works....i tried a few versions in the past with my Trophy and 928 and it would not work any where....anyone try this?

Now I feel a little irritated I've thrown all my rewards cards away in favor of phone/email lookup in store... would be good to have them for this app.

Keyring to Stocard trick: make screenshots of your cards in Keyring with barcodes showing. Save to OneDrive, scan into Stocard from computer screen. ;-)

I'm in Canada region. It seems several cards cannot be added into Wallet. One is Cineplex Scene card, another one is Shoppers Drug Mart card.

Also, I tried to scan a Starbucks card from iPhone App. But Stocards gives QR code instead of barcode. Not sure if it works at Starbucks shops.

Edit: I like the feature in iOS app which extracts the real card number from the raw number. For example, the raw number for Aeroplan is in the form of xxxxxx yyy yyy yyy x, while only the yyy yyy yyy part is the real card number. It is nice if WP app can extract that portion as what iOS app does.