LIVE! with Kelly gives away Windows Phones

The Nokia Lumia 710 made an appearance at the Oscars. Courtesy of Kelly Ripa. The Windows Phone was taken backstage to snap photos and hob-nob with all the Hollywood hot-shots.

Kelly showed off the Lumia 710 on her Live! with Kelly morning show and as an added bonus gave each of her studio audience members a free 710. As if that wasn't enough, each audience member received a 6 month T-Mobile service plan.  Based on the reaction of the audience it appears they liked this Windows Phone promotion.  

Looks like another successful Windows Promotion that joins Ellen Degenre's HTC Radar giveaway event that took place last December.

source: LIVE! with Kelly


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LIVE! with Kelly gives away Windows Phones


To be fair though the audience reaction is "managed" by the TV production crew and would be basically the same for any give-away. That said it is good to see Nokia out greasing some palms.

I think the better step is to get Windows to Verizon. They do that and people will migrate to it.


I think we already know that they're either going to get the 900 later or just wait until a new Apollo phone comes out.

Well I how they finally get more then just one option of windows. I really don't want to go back to at&t. That company sucks.

This is great, I just wish it was an 810 or 900. I love my 710, but they should of had a hero phone on display for this.

This is a great promo. They often give away phones to techies but don't overlook the soccer mom audience. This group gets it, gets used to it, likes it. They start showing it off to their friends. Etcetera, etcetera. You've got a wave of mainstream people wanting the phone.

Oh my!
I am so happy for them. It makes me glad to see that so many middle aged women, become pumped for a Nokia WP7! Haha they are all like, " I am a 42 year old female and what is this?!"

No but serious guys... I think its great.

Just have to get the phones in peoples hands. The crowd looks like they are aroud the 30-60 age group. Decision makers in their homes. Another great promo

Unfortunatly i think the crowd is just pumped at getting either:
a - something free
b - smart phone ("That iphone phone")
But i think this is great for WP, as someone esle said, they will show it to other people, and those will see it and will atleast have it in their mind the next time they upgrade. So good job nokia, can't wait for 900 to hit ATT... 

I'm just glad it wasn't Quantums they gave away or I'd have to go out and smash mine into a million bits. Kelly Ripa. Geezus Christ how lame. Even worse than Ellen. What's next, the view????

That crowd size is what, about 200 people? If half of them, or thier kids like the experience that's a nice little positive word-of-mouth advertising for Microsft and Nokia and perhaps even T-Mo. It just has to get into the hands of people and let them determine if they enjoy the WP7 experience. I still get asked questions almost every time I use my phone in public and I'm happy to answer questions and help educate folks on WP7. Exposure is key and this should help. The more we all talk about it the better.
It was also nice to have Kelly show how she used the device and how easy it was for her to use.

For the record, I was in yesterday's audience.. and am in the video above. The audience did not know about this and the reaction WAS NOT "managed" by crew. It was completely real. I am only 27 and probably will keep using my Galaxy S II droid, but regardless, I was excited and my response was genuine. What Kelly did not mention was we also each got a $230 giftcard, which again, was a surprise. Some people are such haters... geez