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MetroTube finally available in the Marketplace--launches with special offer


MetroTube, the rebranded, updated version of LazyTube, has finally launched in the Marketplace. Yes folks, the much anticipated YouTube client for Windows Phone that includes many new features, Live Tiles and a smooth, elegant interface that embraces the Metro UI is finally here for you to download and use daily. What's more, we're told it's launching with a special offer: an unrestricted, unlimited, ad-free trial in which you only pay the $0.99 if you feel the app is worth it.

That's some confidence right there.

A free, ad-supported version is in the final process of being approved for the Marketplace and in addition, we're told video-uploading will be featured in the next major update. So sit tight for that one. For those who opt for this $0.99 edition, you get

  • HD video streaming
  • Early access to new features
  • Chameleon tiles adapt to phone theme
  • Warm fuzzy feeling for supporting developers!

We took the app for a spin last week and walked away very impressed with the redesign and new features, so we have to give the thumbs up to this app for you YouTube fans. Certainly we expect this app to climb to the top of the most-downloaded on Windows Phone as it deserves a lot of the praise it is getting. So without further ado, here's the download link to the Marketplace.

Sound off in comments on your thoughts!


Reader comments

MetroTube finally available in the Marketplace--launches with special offer


I have never and do not intend to ever upload any video to YouTube.  With that caveat, can anyone say whether it is better than EasyTube in any way?

EasyTube is nice but this UI is certainly much nicer. You also get HD video streaming, and better sharing abilities. So my thought would be yes, it's better.

But watch the video to see it in action and/or download the free, unlimited trial and try for yourself. You'll know after a few minutes if it's right for you or not.

I'm in the same boat and have been using Easytube up until now. I spent about 30 seconds with this app and that was pretty much all I needed to know it was worth the purchase. Easytube works and I like it, but this interface is so much slicker (thought that ET wasn't much of a looker IMO) it was immediately worth it.
Off the bat there were two things that I wished it had though - a home button to get back to the main screen as well as the ability to search within a channel/author. Minor things that have workarounds anyway but in no way show stoppers.

BTW, if you update a phone, you can't charge existing customers for it.  HOWEVER, if you change the name, you can charge EVERYONE!!

Yeah. Too bad it's a free update for previous LazyTube users. So maybe you'll want to check your facts first before posting.

Yeah.  Too bad it's not available in the windowsphone website marketplace or in the phone's marketplace.  So maybe you'll want to check your facts first before writing an article....

It's a FREE upgrade for all existing LazyTube users so don't worry, we won't charge you extra!  If it hasn't shown up on the marketplace yet, give it some time... Hope you like it!

Except it's the same app so if you bought Lazytube you'll just get an upgrade notice as with anything else. No need to pay again.

actually... if u "change" the name in update page the marketplace id remains the same so it won't get treated as a new app, if you "submit" a new app then you can recharge for it, im not sure if you can use the same name though

Won't be long, you should get an update notification within a few hours max.  If not, perhaps try re-installing the app.

I upgraded from LazyTube. If you don't want to wait for the update push, just go to the marketplace, look up lazytube, click on it, click the back button, then click on it again and you should get the update button. This works for all apps when an update is available before it is pushed.

HELL YES!!! I've been waiting patiently for this to come out. Downloaded and it simply rocks. Guys honestly as i said on facebook this really is good enough to be the official WP7 Youtube app!

I don´t have a Windows Phone (Ima get one next year) but from what I can see in the video, this app looks amazing, it has all the important features and it is snappy. Nice app guys. Keep it up! :)

LazyTube was one of the first apps I downloaded when I purchased my Windows Phone over a year ago. Such sentimental value! Thanks for the new version. Well done.

Interesting app.  Looks great but there are some UI inconsistencies.  For example, they've replaced the text at the top of the app with text flowing down the left hand margin.  Looks good and cool idea, but they didn't do it for all of the pages.   The 'most viewed + staff picks' page is still done in the traditional way (at the top of the screen).  I prefer the traditional text but if the developers intend to break tradition, it should be done for all of the pages.
Still, worth a download.

I agree. The header text on the left (vertically) looks very weird and kinda just messes with the whole flow of the app. It'd look much better right up there on the top like normal.
That aside, I didn't think I'd ever pay for a YouTube application, but this one is so nice and performs so well, that I will, and dump the HTC YouTube app in the process. Great job guys.

@WP-Central Team and all the others:
I really do enjoy this nice App. The look is awesome and the UI is more than just intuitive... but:
i am having trouble with the sound. Don't know how to explain but the app seems to have some issues with the audio-loading. It's the same with or without earphones... Do you have the same problems?
Some info about my phone:
-HTC 7 Pro (Arrive) with Mango on it
-I am currently using the free trial version of MetrTube
Thx a lot and a nice day

ok problem solved :)
had this problem while being connected to zune (via usb cable) and having 3G and Wifi turned off... after disconnecting the cable and turnin on the 3G network everything went fine with the audio/sound...

I've been just using the regular HTC Youtube app, and I've had no problems with it all. But do you think this is better then the HTC one?