Microsoft begins certifying hardware running Windows Phone 8.1 for Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Lumia 1520

Microsoft has added another Windows Phone to the Bluetooth certification process, the Lumia 1520 ("Lumia 1520 Bluetooth update to WP8.1"). This phablet joins the Lumia 930 and Lumia 630, all certified for Bluetooth 4.0 LE to take advantage of connected hardware without sacrificing heavily on battery. The company had Windows Phone 8.1 itself certified earlier this year.

While support already implemented came from Nokia on top of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is now ensuring every handset running Windows Phone 8.1, which is capable of Bluetooth 4.0 LE, will be supported. Those who backed Microsoft's mobile platform have patiently waited for updates to arrive, which would enable companies like Fitbit to release official apps and provide reason for consumers to switch to Windows Phone.

Source: Bluetooth SIG, via: WMPU


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Microsoft begins certifying hardware running Windows Phone 8.1 for Bluetooth 4.0 LE


LOL, that was my first thought too!


Personally, I do want a Fitbit app that can sync

it's not flash player, i think what he meant is an app that can transfer files using wifi network, but without the internet

The L520 likely will support it, yes. But not all devices that will receive the update to 8.1 have hardware that is capable of BT4.0LE. Samsung and HTC to my knowledge will update their devices but they won't gain 4.0LE Support in the process.

No that is not true, only certain phones support BT 4.0. Nokia Lumia 920 and higher support BT 4.0 but none lower than that, that's what i heard atleast.


I don't know about other brands like HTC or Samsung but we will see i guess.

Lol werd.  Any phone built on the snapdragon S4 or 800 has the required hardware to support BT LE.  W're just getting shanked by MS and the OEMs.

Any more negative comments, anyone??? Lol so many people seem dissatisfied no matter what features we get.

Everyone is just a little agitated because we are still waiting for a flagship to be released with last years specs...

Yep, I still can't replace my 920 because the 930 won't be released in the US and nothing else is coming until the fall (maybe). And no I can't use a 6" phone.

Ha! I like that idea. Sadly that won't happen as Nintendo has mountains of money and even more pride. A Japanese corporation of their prestige and history would never sell to an American corporation like Microsoft. Just saying.

Now they need to make a damn UVO (which is made by MS) app for my Kia Cadenza!! Hurry ya asses up!

econd paragraph, first row -> "While support already implemented came from Nokia on top of Windows Phone 8"

From Nokias website:

"Latest software release for Nokia Lumia 925 is Lumia Black (3051.40000.134x.10xx)
•Bluetooth 4.0 LE – preserve energy while staying connected via Bluetooth
•Get better Bluetooth connection quality, enhanced battery monitoring, and other stability and usability improvements"

And for anyone else asking, almost every Lumia got 4.0LE with the Lumia Black Update. Visit Nokias support site and just click on your device, then Software Updates And Downloads, and first thing that pops up is Lumia Black.

Lumia 520 & other 8 g.b. Internals have already 1.9 g.b./7.2 g.b. for system...after update will it be 4.0 g.b./7.2 g.b.....& in wp an 40m..b. game e.g. Temple run 2 takes 160 m.b. Of internal.....everyone at least 32 g.b. Sdcard going be necessary & apps run slower installed in sdcard...hope it gets solved in official release....

& other space + temporary = 1.8 g.b. Free space in wp8.1 start=2 g.b. No. Of 40 m.b. games you can download = 10with no extra apps & music or videos

All Nokia should have them that are wp8 just hasn't been enabled to take advantage because software wasn't ready, Nokia did q good job ensuring phones last at least the 18month mark, that's why I got the 1520 after my sim card slot went bad on 920

I jus want to kno when the 8.1 update is coming out, I'm in Texas but haven't heard a word about it yet, tired of hearing all the different stuff being added already

I think it is, pretty much.. only differences are one came with 8.0, and (AT&T only?), while the 930 everyone else can get and comes with 8.1.

For all you f**cking retards out there EVERY freaking LUMIA is capable of BT 4.0. Now quit asking

I think actually its one of those unwritten chassis requirements was to have 4.0(like nfc wasnt in the known chassis specs) but have the Le profile was optional

The 810 (hardware wise) is capable of bt 4.0, it's just that it will never receive the update required to do so

Even if I have, like everyone of you, the wp8.1 developer preview I would ask:... When the official 8.1 version will be released ?

July 4, 2014. A challange to MS! CIA, KGB, M15, may have that answer!? Cyan wiill pop-up sometime in the 21st century.