Microsoft teams up with PepsiCo, plans to give away thousands of Xbox Ones (US Only)

This fall, PepsiCo and Microsoft will be teaming up to launch the biggest gaming promotion in brand history. The multinational food and beverage company plans to launch the promotion through its Mountain Dew and Doritos brands. The plan - give away thousands of Xbox One systems.

More information on the sweepstakes will be coming in the future and we will make sure to keep you up to date here at Windows Phone Central. For now, you can head over to DewAndDoritos.com and enter your email address to sign up for updates.

The fun doesn’t end there though; Major Nelson is giving away a couple of DEW/Doritos/Xbox commemorative kits and if you want the chance to pick one up, head over to his blog here and leave a comment.

If you haven’t yet checked out Microsoft’s latest gaming system you can grab our recap of the Xbox Reveal event here.

In the meantime, let’s talk munchies – what is your favorite snack to chow down on while gaming?

Sources: Major Nelon's Blog, PepsiCo


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Microsoft teams up with PepsiCo, plans to give away thousands of Xbox Ones (US Only)


Mr. Acharmault,
Thanks for updating the title.  Would it be possible for you and the other editors to make such an indication standard for artices on WPCentral?  It seems like a lot of these promotions are US-only and it would prevent people from having to ask and then wait for a response. 

I also don't like when this kind of promotions are US Only, what happens a lot with Microsoft but this time it was easy to predict.
USA is one of the very few countries where XBox 360 holds more market share than Playstation 3. And, again, USA is one of the few countries where Pepsi holds more (much more) market share than Coca-Cola. In other countries, this could lead to the same "Two sinking boats won't float if you glue them together", like people told about Nokia and Windows Phone partnership when it was announced.
And, in many countries, this kind of giveaways need to be proved by the government, making it impossible for Microsoft and PepsiCo to approve it in about 200 different countries worldwide.
The point is: this is not the first time Microsoft and PepsiCo team up to promote their products in United States or any other country, and wont be the last.
In Portugal (where I live), Pepsi is starting to become the drink for cool people again (what doesn't happen for years). This happened because they started treat to Portugal more closely to United States: updated the logo and slogan, advertised a lot, changed the 1.5 liters bottle price to 1€ and made a lot of promotions, most of them with Microsoft, with XBox 360 giveaways. I bet this will happen again with the XBox One many more times...

I don't mind this promotion being US only. The problem is most of the things MS does are US only, and with that I don't mean promotions only. It could be that US is the biggest market, but sooner or later they have to attend the other ones too. Though I'm eager to preorder the One, I can see a lot of the features not working outside the US. They still didn't clarify if the TV guide works outside the US, at least not that I know of. On the 360 voice commands weren't available for a long time here in Europe. I wasn't even able to use English commands, what's up with that?^^

Cue the "I wouldn't want one even if they were giving them away because MS have messed up big time blaa blaa blaa"
Give it a rest whinge bags! I for one can't wait to get hold of mine on day one =)


I for one cant understand why people are spitting such venom. MS has only done what publishers and devs have been asking/demanding

thats not "new" news.. it was posted some days ago at news.xbox and they said it in E3. but some people seem to ignore the good news about xbox one. if its not something bad, they wont pay attention.

I already have my Day One preorder done.

In my opionion, Microsoft was dumb for the 24 hour check-in, and absolutely horrible in the messaging.  They deserve some flack and it will cost them millions in sales and cool factor.  Like others, my connection has gone down for over a day and having them cripple games will be infuriating.  Don Mattrick came from EA and just made a horrible call (not on the online stuff, but making the 24hr check in mandatory for all games). No other way to put it, but he was dumb as dumb can be. Especially since everyone knows that techies tend to take one minor issue and blow it up into a massive problem. Hopefully he had them engineer it so that the 24 check-in could be switched off or delayed.  If he didn't give them any flexibility at all, that's unacceptably stupid and he probably should be fired immediately.  Ballmer should just ask, "can we quickly back out of this if the Christmas sales start going south?"  If he says no, Ballmer should fire him on the spot. 

That said, I plan to use the system to play games and stream video, so mine it will always be connected (if service is available). I believe the system brings surperior functionality and games. I also like the integration opportunities with my phone, PC and tablet. Overall, I believe its the better system, so I bought it.

Throw in some Doritos, and it's all that and a bag of chips.


No other hobbies you can do if internet goes out for a day or two? Not saying gaming is a bad hobby, but lots to do out there in those 1-2 days other than game.

Obviously, people can find something else to do if their internet goes down and Microsoft cripples the Xbox One.   I still bought a Day One device.  I am a Microsoft supporter.  I have a Lumia 920 and that’s my 3rd Windows Phone.  I’ve been using Windows 8 since the public preview and I like it.  I created a dual boot, but never sign into Windows 7.  I have the 360 and use it for games and video.  I even have a cheesy game in the Windows Phone store.  I am not Microsoft hater looking to jump on anything to make them look bad. 
Now that we have that out of the way, the 24 hour check-in is about the dumbest thing I can remember Microsoft ever doing.  Why not let a game that’s installed on an Xbox, and been previously checked for legitimacy, play forever?   It would be like shutting down Windows if you can’t connect to verify every 24 hours.   Even if there wasn’t a mass push back against the only “cool” and dominate device you have right now, it would still be a dumb idea.  When you include the fact that you just killed your street cred you had as a cool company, it becomes a termination offense in my opinion.  Being considered “cool” in consumer devices is king, not system performance.  The decision is undefendable and that’s why Don Mattrick looks more like Don Knott’s in his recent interviews.  You can tell he’s just waiting for Ballmer to walk up and fire him.

Yeah that's great and all....but it wasn't the initial first console lol.... It was the Slim which wasn't an entirely new console like the One and PS4 sooooo yeah lol. Just look at the amazon preorders, gamestop, bestbuy.....right now it looks like for every XBONE preorder there are 6 PS4 preorders. You can't make this shit up lol

man does it consumer your life so much that you have nothing better to do than bash on a console or anything for that matter you dont like? i gotta say thats pretty sad.... i dont think anyone in here said anything negative to incite this blatant fanboyism that seems to be oozing from you.

It says right on that page, "Microsoft is neither a sponsor of this promotion nor has any responsibilities regarding its conduct or administration." Troll harder.

Can't agree anymore.. Its great for the people in the U.S., but only having these "events" there kinda makes me ask why they went global..

Internet check is just once per 24 hr .. U could switch off ur kinect completely .
Do u people remove front facing camera of your phone .. :/

Lose sir.  Do you see when my account was created?  How about the phone I'm currently using?  Try clicking on my name.

Lol, I know, it was just a joke. I actually think the Xbox One is pretty bad ass. All this "OMGALWAYZON" crap is just media, as usual.

Nice. Def gonna be on the lookout for this contest. Let's hope it involves their Throwback version of Mt Dew, because that's really the only one I drink.

I still feel that I haven't seen much of the Xbox One in action. I hope in the coming months they'll give us more footage of the OS and its capabilities in action. An online emulator/simulator like they have for WP8 would be sweet too.

You people get PC still has discs for games right? Most don't have to be connected to the internet, unless you want indie titles, but consoles are the same way.

Nobody wants it but it will sell like hot cakes. As for always online and new games...i keep my x360 connected 24/24, i think its 5 years since the internet connection dropped for more than 24hrs. And i always buy new games, no second hand - i want stickers, unused dvd's, books, free dlc's or bonus content that can be found only on NEW games.

Thousands of people over the internet don't want it but there are billions of people in the world and millions that will buy it.... "too big to fail" comes to mind.

"Too big to fail" really refers to something else. Not so much that something is so popular that it won't fail, but more so that something is so big and important that we can't let it fail, like certain banks and auto manufacturers during the economic meltdown a few years back.

Great promo associating with the gamer's junk food/drink of choice!  The Xbox One is going to sell like hotcakes like or not.  920 user - so no point getting a ps4 with the obvious lack of support from Sony.

I think the US demographic is the reason for the junk food. I don't think a majority of people go for kale chips over doritos. God knows I dont.... :-)

No because ppl will still buy it like sheep and MS won't change a thing since it will be getting support.

I hope this contest gets started before the pre-orders go out. I'd hate to have to return or offload an xb1. Guess I could always buy another tv....

Oh great, sitting on the counch playing games all day, eating Dorritos and drink Dew. There is NO way this country can be fat!

I won't drink a Pepsi even to win a XB1. But I do love mountain dew, just wish I lived in the USA or at least on the Canada U.S border.

There are now questions if the whole Xbox one system can be sold by you on sites likes Craigslist. MSFT is very hush hush on that.

Yes, but are they giving away Mountain Dew or Doritos with Xbox One purchases? That is the question.