Microsoft updates Motion Data step counter for newer Lumia Windows Phones

Motion Data

If you are using a Lumia 630, 635, 930, or 1520, you may want to check the Store for an update to Motion Data. Version is now live in the Store, although like many of the system apps for Lumia phones, this one forgoes a formal changelog.

What is Motion Data? Motion Data is a special feature originally built by Nokia for their Lumia phones, based off their beta Motion Monitor app from late 2013. The system app uses GPS and the accelerometer, letting the phone collect your steps and location for use in third-party apps like Bing Health + Fitness through the SensorCore API.

Only phones with the newer Snapdragon 400, 600 or 800 series can leverage SensorCore, as it uses aspects of the chipset not found on earlier S4 hardware. You also need the Lumia Cyan firmware to enable.

Today's update likely brings some fixes and optimizations, so if you use Motion Data (it is opt-in), you should grab the refreshed version.

How many of you are using Motion Data daily? Do you find it useful?

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Microsoft updates Motion Data step counter for newer Lumia Windows Phones


Although I agree for 'apps' in the traditional sense, I have seen changelogs for minutia too and I assure you, they are kind of useless as they are 'programmer language' orientated. For System Apps, I'm not sure they would hold much value, unless it fixes and obvious and known bug.

Motion sensor not working properly after update on my 1520, when I make call my screen turns completely blank until the other party ends the call. Anybody experiencing same thing?

That's the proximity sensor I had this with my 920 had to go to Nokia care it cost almost 35 dollars to fix

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Thanks for the info. Can I use it on 8.1 DP update 1 w/o cyan? Haven't received it yet. 1520 Ukraine here. Thanks in advance

Without Cyan you can still/only use Motion Monitor beta. Works find on my 1520. But I think all collected steps will be lost after update to Cyan ...

No, don't think so. I have it running in background for two or three months now. Waiting and seeing what cyan brings ...

Bring out the Cyan for Icon already so I can use this... Going to try it on my 635 today and compare to my Fitbit. :)

Yea, Blame Verizon on no CYAN for the ICON.....Known for waiting forever for updates... I cant wait to fix my battery and heat problem on my ICON...

I had to go back to 8.0 as it was getting bad. Verizon would only send out a refurbished phone and it had new problems so I sent that one back.

I completely agree. I just saw a coworker looking at his step counter on his iPhone 6 and I thought, hmmm, can my phone so that?? Negative. And I'm so bad with the camera settings on the 1020 that it feels even more easily replaceable (with a newer Lumia).

I have it turned on. The Health & Fitness app sometimes notifies me of how many steps I've taken, although I doubt it's accuracy. Haven't been exercising a lot recently, but I think it's a worthwhile feature

Last I checked, I have one of the newest & highest end phones that Nokia has released. And I can't do anything with Sense Core API. Thanks, Verizon.

What is this app for? Is it just configuration app? Because 3rd party apps will directly invoke sensorCore APIs, right?

Hopefully the live tile updates more consistently, it really doesn't on my 930 unless I open the app, and then it "catches up"

Yeah, I'm using it, but wouldn't say on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the live tile isn't transparent, otherwise I would have potentially pinned it to my startscreen.

I am using it everyday on my 1520...I have pinned it to my start screen...though I agree with others that live till does not update unless u open the app and of course a transparent tile would certainly be great!!!

I am hooked on my steps tracking on my 930. If i dont complete my 10.000 steps a day before midnight, I feel useless. I have noticed bugs. Like certain days just show no activity at all, but it is rare.

Me and my wife actually use this a lot. However since Fitbit was released I started using that instead. She stays loyal to this though she loves it.

"If you are using a Lumia 630, 635, 930, or 1520"  This is how you know your Lumia 920 has a gold watch, a handshake and a cardboard box close by.

Just like all the other features that are enabled by Cyan, so what! Cyan and Windows 8.1 are not both commercially available for the majority of Windows phone users. So, the apps that benefit from those updates cannot be appreciated or realized by enough people to create a dialogue that can speak to their effectiveness as apps. I even have a problem with the marketing campaign that highlights Cortana. It's only available on 1 US phone. If I bought an Icon based an the attack ads, I'd be pissed!

I have a Lumia 1520. I use the Health and Fitness app to count steps. Sadly, I never come close to the 10,000 steps per day the app recommends.

635 owner.  Step counter currently working just fine with Bing Health and Fitness.  Motion data and location enabled on the phone.  As the article suggested I went to the Store and searched for Motion Data.  Wasn't there and obviously neither was the 1.2.05 update.

OK so maybe the update hasn't made its way to all the update sites, but shouldn't the app be there?

NBD, just tryin' to understand how this works.

Tell the people that this app goes internally in the Health and fitness app. Many of good guys can't find it after installation.

I understand what you're saying, but if you look at the top post, it clearly shows a "motion data" app.  So the question is --- where did that come from?  If the Store as is mentioned in the article, why can't I see/find it?

Link worked (thanks) :) Store search didn't :(   It was updated today but I received no notification about any updates.  I have in the past for other stuff.

So here's what I learned.  Store searches don't always work and you sometimes don't know if an app has been updated.  Onward and upward.