Microsoft's Belfiore says WhatsApp fix is coming 'quite soon'


Can you feel that? It’s Friday, which means we’re about to go have fun for the weekend, but there may be a WhatsApp update in store for us shortly. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter again to calm the surging masses who want their WhatsApp back. In the brief tweet, Belfiore noted that they have worked with the WhatsApp team and that the fix should be here “quite soon”. To our ears that sounds like some last minute certification is occurring, meaning we may have something by this weekend (or earlier).

"Sorry for being quiet about WhatsApp. We've worked with them to get a fix built and expect it to be back QUITE SOON." - Joe Belfiore, Microsoft

WhatsApp was recently pulled from the Store due to a serious notification bug affecting those on Windows Phone 8 Update 3. Microsoft and WhatsApp have been working together to solve the problem, though, after nearly two weeks, new users to Windows Phone are getting angst ridden. People who have picked up the new Lumia 630 don’t have access to the app, resulting in frustration.

It should be clear that Microsoft is paying attention to the demand, so hopefully we’ll see something soon. Stay tuned, folks, it could be a fun weekend!

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Microsoft's Belfiore says WhatsApp fix is coming 'quite soon'


What's the new news you just making articles coming soon!!
And why the hill don't you read your massages

Tweet all the things!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Sorry, that was lined up perfectly, I had to take it. :)

These people are the equivalent of dickheads who sit at the lights with their windows down, pumping out their shit music. They think they are cool but in reality everyone thinks they are cocks, and they have no sense of that at all.

Only time I've seen more complaints is when updates are due from att. Its as if people never heard of an app being pulled for a fix before now...

Hope it will shout whiners mouths that can't survive without one app for a few weeks. Seriously stop using your phone so much and go out

Well it has become "the way" to message in some countries like the UK and Australia. How about I remove your SMS (which most don't use here now) and see how that works for you? ;)

You can't. And there's plenty of alternatives. Jeez people, stop being so addicted to the screens, and live also a real life, not just behind the screen.

I'd understand if they were working on it, to be honest. I wouldn't spend my time complaining and predicting the end of a company because of it. I once lost my phone...the whole phone...for a few days, and I wasn't as lost as some of you temporarily without an app. Actually, most of the whiners aren't even without the app. It's still on their phone but they just have to rage.

Yeah, complaining, even though they have it installed. Windows phone users are the biggest moaners on the earth.

Thank god! What's gonna be next? Huh? I'm sure they will find something to complain about ... Aside from Cyan of course. (empty circle .... A deja vu of Amber & Black)

I hope it comes back soon enough, because I'm sick and tired of " When is whatsapp come to windows phone, it the worst mobile". I can't imagine what it's like for you guys.

You know what will be funny.. If they release this update and still don't push out the new features.

I'm loling already

Daniel, that's like a good boy! You did it :P and as far as I can see, funny weekend? :D before Sunday sometime may be :P

On more serious note, GDR3\U3 was released in October ... How come it took em this long to figure out there's a bug?
I've been using WhatsApp through out GDR1, 2, 3 & now 8.1 DP on daily basis & didn't notice anything out of the ordinary ... My sister's phone is on U3 & doesn't have any issues with WhatsApp.

Curious as to what people will complain about when its back.... When's the Cyan update or maybe back to the music and games hub/app issues?

Update is live in the app store. Just downloaded it.
Came with a change log too
- chat backgrounds
-privacy settings
-custom notification ringtones
-bugs fixes.

I've just checked my updates manully and guess what... There's a WhatsApp update here... downloading now

Now with 8.1DP installed I got this message that WhatsApp does completely support this version (or words to that effect).

I could care less about WhatsApp, I just want Daniel to share all his amazing Polyscreen backgrounds!

I have one already but keep seeing some different ones here. I tried to create some with the app last night but had a lot of issues with it. Kept crashing on me, overheating my L920, and rapidly draining the battery so I uninstalled it :(

Thanks :)

Whatsapp is back. Confirmed from twitter account joe!!!

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