More Windows Phone Tango updates being reported

More and more people are getting the Tango update

Man, you guys are quick! It's only been a couple of days since our Tango carrier roundup and already we have another list of carriers and phones that are reportedly getting Windows Phone Refresh (aka, Tango). The Tango update shows up as version 8773 or 8779 and, for most devices, brings minor enhancements, bug fixes and features. But for those of you with any of Nokia's Lumia line of phones, you should see some bigger changes.

According to our faithful readers, these phones have also been receiving Tango update notifications:

  • Nokia Lumia 800 in India (carrier not specified)
  • Samsung Focus on Rogers
  • LG Optimus 7 on Vodafone Denmark
  • HTC Titan in Brazil (carrier not specified)

We haven't verified any of these (nor will we) so don't blame us if you don't see the same results. If you are feeling especially antsy, you can go ahead and try to force the update yourself. But be warned, this is for experienced users only.

Thanks to everyone for the tips. Keep 'em coming!



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More Windows Phone Tango updates being reported


Windows Phone 7.8. The "yeah we kind of screwed you but it's not Windows Phone 8" update.
And yes, I have a 900, so I'm with you in there. :)

I can't tell you how bad the disappearing keyboard has been. Follow that up with the fact that I was one of the ones who had to wait 6 months to get a DVP that didn't crash 25 times a day. I love the OS, but these two things have almost completely soured me on the experience.

My Rogers Lumia 900 (and my cousins as well) updated over the weekend. Nothing notably improved as far as I can tell, but I'd love to hear what I'm missing. :)

Did you get the 8779 update on the Lumia 900 or just up to 8773?

I've got 8773 (got impatient and sideloaded 8112 and 8773) a while ago, but I've been waiting for the firmware update from Nokia also (that supposedly comes out between 8773 and 8779).
The firmware is supposed to fix the blue hue on low light screen settings, the keyboard issue, proximity sensor, etc.
In fact, now that I've updated to 8773 the 'disappearing keyboard' has been extremely annoying, either disappears or the voice recognition kicks in spontaneously... grrr
It would be nice if Rogers just released the updates and firmware for all instead of filtering it in waves.

Still waiting Tango on my LG Optimus 7 (Telcel) in Mexico. I didn't want to try the CAB file updating but I did tried several times the unplugging network cable thing without any luck. It worked fine for Mango, but I desisted a week ago :(

I just got the notification for Tango (7.10.8773.98) on my Optimus 7 on Telcel. Altough I applied a registry edit to debrand the phone and get these updates without waiting for Telcel :)

Yah I chatted for half an hour with an art yep online and they said that they are still testing the tango update (which probably means us first gen'erz will not be getting it) She even said that there may be a chance that if they feel the update does not run smooth they will not releasing it, so I forces it to my focus. :)

For all you guys who have a Lumia 900, i've initially got a Lumia 900 running .8773 and now have a Lumia 900 running .8779 and i honestly don't see a difference in both builds (primarily because the Lumia 900 launched in the UK with Tango preinstalled)
However as far as I can see, it's primarily to allow the Nokia apps such as Camera Extras, Nokia Counters, Contact Sharer/Transfer thingy and Play To compatibility possibly
I may be wrong but judging by what im seeing, that seems to be the biggest changes so far - you could even safely assume the update will probably have bug fixes, stability/performance improvements etc bundled along with it

The only noticeable change for me (HTC HD7 O2UK) is the ability to attach ringtones and videos to my texts.

This is the thing, Tango brings next to no real improvements to the OS and calling it minor is actually an understatement yet it still seems like its a struggle to get it approved by the carriers. Good luck to anyone waiting for 7.8, going to be a long wait for that.

But it has things I really miss from my iPhone like the ability to send multiple photos and videos in a single text. I'd say it's worthy of being called minor

It does not send videos I tried and it keep saying file too big even with a 4 second video done in VGA so cancel your expectations of sending video

Uhmm...no, that's not the case. As far as how updates work right now with Windows Phone, Microsoft doesn't push anything straight to the end user, the carrier always has the opportunity to do their own "testing" which sometimes is nothing more than a way for them to block updates

I don't think we're getting it. I could be wrong though. I got tired of waiting and updated by cab method to 8107 with plans to do Tango soon the same way. Keyboard hasn't disappeared since :-)

still NOTHING from the "Premier Windows Phone Partner"  its almost to the part of starting a nasty twitter campaign

I got the 7.10.8773.98 on monday.
I'm on an LG E-900 (Optimus 7) Unlocked and unbranded
What I'm still pissed off though is that I never recieved Internet Sharing, does anybody know how I can force it?

I already had Internet Sharing since Mango. I'm on Vodafone Germany.
Strange stuff, which carrier do you have?

Just a reminder T-Mobile USA won't be providing updates for HTC HD7. I have heard the HTC Radar won't get it either. Which is sad. If anyone sees otherwise let us know.

What Source ? Joe B said ALL Legacy windows phones will receive 7.8 Which means all windows phones from day 1

My dell venue pro (india,non carrier specific)received update 8112 a week before and yesterday it got 8773.98,wish i could post a pic. Although it adds ringtone attachment to sms along with picture and videos,just coldnt send any though,too long for sms it says.waiting for 7.8 eagerly but apart from looks ,i dont think it has anything extra,coz if it would,it might become a superfone,anyway its sufficient except fot the pricing for such low spec phones today,nearly an year after windows 7 launch

Good thing 7.8 will be will sent by ms at&t does nothing for its customers, im at the point where I rather not know about updates and let it be a surprise to get one. I have an original Samsung focus disappearing keyboard sucks

Anyone of you guys know how to Interop Unlock my Focus S. The update re-lock the phone and Windowbreak not works on Tango :(

My gf with an LG Optimus 7 at Telus (Canada) just updated yesterday as well. Not seeing anything for my Rogers Lumia 900 though.

Got an update yesterday on my UK lumia 900 on vodaphone, only thing I have noticed is I think it has added flip to silene. Does anyone know of any other changes. Still no camera extras!

And, according to Microsoft Portugal, the comercial name of the Operating System we call Tango/Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh is: Windows Phone 7.5 CR3*
*CR3 stands for Commercial Release 3

I got Tango a week ago on my HTC Mozart on 2Degrees in New Zealand. Not that I notice anything changed or new at all other than the version number...but still feels good being up to date.

Hey Seth, what are these big changes you are referring to for the Lumia phones? Would be nice if you could update your post to fill us in on what you are talking about.

I agree with others that AT&T is crap for not pushing updates out in a timely manner. I filed a complaint with the BBB against them!

it's called an unbranded phone in american lingo 
btw, even i' got the update notification for my unbranded Samsung Omnia W

Anybody else notice a change in Marketplace symbol upon update.? Lumia 800 here. Also I have now MMS improvements, Flip to Silence, and internet sharing. Don't know if there's more.

Installed 8773 on my open market Mozart last week. I'm from Malaysia. No significant change, maybe I don't use those added features.

I just got my update yesterday. I plugged my Lumia 710 and got the notification. I'm now running the 8773 version.
I'm in Brazil, and my carrier is Vivo. 

Damn... My Focus is saying I got an update available, but for some reason my phone doesn't recognize my phone anymore. It give a usb error message in windows and doesn't show up in Zune...

That's been know for awhile, or speculated depending on who you ask. I still have yet to get the 8773 update on my hd7. At this point, I don't really care since I will be using my upgrade on tmo for whatever the sweetest new WP8 will be.

My sisters lumia 710 on T-Mobile got it about a week ago. She could care less but I told her it was important. Im sitting on an HTC Radar so far nothing...