NFS: Hot Pursuit for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone now in the Marketplace


This week's Xbox LIVE title, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, is now live in the Marketplace.

Fetching for $4.99 with a trial, the game is one of the must-have's coming over the next few weeks to our trusted OS. The game itself looks like a lot of fun and should be a nice addition for you racing junkies:

FEEL THE RUSH OF THE ESCAPE AND THE THRILL OF THE TAKEDOWN! Outrun the law as a Racer in supercars like the Pagani Zonda Cinque – or stop racers cold as a Cop in high-speed police interceptors like the Lamborghini Reventon. Enabled for Xbox LIVE®, experience pulse-pounding action as you make the escape or make the bust with Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit on Windows Phone 7.

Use your existing Xbox LIVE Gamertag or create a new one via the Windows Phone 7 main menu to track achievements and access leaderboards.

Drive up to 20 precision-performance cars in adrenaline-fueled showdowns across 24 day-and-night tracks. Take it to the limit in 48 total Cop and Racer Career Events, collect bounty, and rise to the top of the ranks.

As a Cop, lay down the law with roadblocks and spike strips – or fry the Racer’s electrical system with an EMP lock. As a Racer, make the getaway with overdrive, jamming, and oil slicks.

Grab NFS: Hot Pursuit here in the Marketplace. Let us know in comments if it gets a 'yay' or 'nay'. We'll have a review up soon!



Reader comments

NFS: Hot Pursuit for Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone now in the Marketplace


I'll give it a try too, but I really regret that I bought NFS Undercover ... Totally waste of money!
Hope this will last longer than 3 hours to win all races ...

Just installed and played with it for 2 minutes. How can a racing game (or any game for that matter) allow the phone to go into screen lock? Either you tap the screen every 30 seconds or prepare for constant unlocking. Graphics are better than NFS Undercover are everything is top notch as you would expect. Omnia 7 user.

So the game isnt mangofied then with fast app switching, its actually allowing screen to lock while you play? This is a joke right?

It's got fast app switching and runs smooth as butter.  Takes awhile to load, but its a pretty graphically intense game.

I will give a try but not holding any hope just want chickens and toy soldiers!
Off topic-why the frick is it so hard nowadays to find out whats out on xbla on weds?? Does my head in!!:-S

i use the website windowsphone.com for wp7 releases and the marketplace on xbox.com for xbla and game on demand releases...

I did a search for it after I read this and it couldn't be found. I even checked under the new section for Xbox Live.
Yet, the link to it in the article worked fine.
I really hope they fixed the sounds from Undercover.

So far it played good. Did lag a little at road blocks on my HD7 but I was also low on battery and the phone may have been kicking the processor down a little.  I did notice I got mad with the 1G achievement for finishing the tutorial. wtf right?

This game is utter crap. No gas pedal automatically makes the game destined to suck. Add to that the terrible sound effects, uneccessarily fake boost, and boring gameplay and you've got a game that's not worth your time, much less your money.
If you want to play a good game in the NFS series, play Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2. That game was purely awesome.

Try visiting ingame Options. You'll find your "gas pedal" automatic mode on/off  switch there. The game it self is not bad i found it quite addicting. Trial version shows nothing comparing to full game indeed. Career mode is versatile (not only hot pursuit mode) and quick racing allows to earn some extra bounties to upgrade your rank. But #1 WP7 racing game for me is still HydroThunderGO.

You can change acceleration to manual if desired.
The game is a lot of fun and looks great in my opinion on my Titan. HOWEVER.. one MAJOR BUG.. I have to continuously tap the screen to keep the phone from locking! Super annoying. I have the same issue in the Rise of Glory XBL game.

Or like me turn off the auto screen lock entirely and manuall lock your screen.  Your screen wont lock if you use the boost or tap the brake since you are touching the screen.  Only lag under intense areas.