Nokia hoping to dine on jellybeans today

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As we all sit here on tenterhooks awaiting the coming announcement from Nokia and Microsoft, Nokia’s twitter account just posted something strange. In what appears to be a little knock directed at Google’s Android OS, Nokia say “Today we dine on Jellybeans”.

Nokia appears to be stepping up their PR antics in the run up to the announcement with placards at Samsung’s recent event and of course the teaser trailers. Considering how well regarded Jellybean is, Nokia must be feeling confident they have the goods on this fine day.

WP Central Nokia are going to dine on Jellybeans today a reference to Googles An

Nokia is certainly talking up their game, with slogans like “things are about to change” they certainly have everyone’s attention.

As well as a host of leaks about  devices with wireless charging and Pureview technology there is also the lingering question about a possible surprise announcement of a tablet. Things are certainly heating up and we certainly hope Microsoft and Nokia are going to bring the goods today. If Nokia are set on hounding the competition they must be about to bring something big?

We would love to know your thoughts on the eve of all this excitement. Please let us know bellow..

Source: @Nokia; Thanks, Alex, for the tip! 


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Nokia hoping to dine on jellybeans today


I love WP and Nokia, but could do without the posturing. I will buying an 820 or 920 but let's face it, aside from a watered-down Pureview, these phones will be similar in features to what's out now. Humility is the key to not eating crow later.

Specwise maybe. Design-wise Nokia is ahead by a mile.

Similar specs. Better design.

NOKIA > rest

I would agree with this if it were Samsung or Apple taunting Nokia.  Lets face it though, Nokia has to make noise.  They are the serious underdog here and they have to be scrappy.  Now, the big thing is they HAVE to deliver today otherwise it's just noise and nothing more.  Follow up that bark with a big BITE.

Trust me..
'these phones will be similar in features to what's out now' will be proven very wrong very shortly..

Nokia better deliver... the guys in my cube were talking about the Iphone 5 and I said... who cares... Windows and Nokia are announcing their new phones today... they stared at me for a second... and then went back to the Iphone conversation... talking about how they wanted better reception and how Wi-fi sucks on the new Ipad.  
Please... Drop a 7" Windows tablet today Nokia.

I can't get any work done because all I'm doing is refreshing my webpage every 5 minutes waiting for the announcements to come through. Hurry up!!

Does anyone know if Channel9 (or anyone else) will have an audio or video feed of the event? It's a little difficult to follow the live blog while trying to "stay busy" at work ;)

Pureview will revolutionize and make compact photocameras and camcorders redundant. The most exciting event since colorscreen on mobile:)

I had that phone, the first with a color screen. The Sony Ericsson T68i. Had a camera you had to attach to it! How times have changed...and I'm only 26!

I like that Nokia seems to be having fun.  Maybe they realize they need to go all in or go home.  The only other company that seems to have fun is Apple.  So I'm all for the playfulness.  I also hope on Apple's launch they show up with Giant Lumias or something.  I think Nokia's PR group is killing it right now.  but other than all of us on these Windows sites, how many regular (non-Windows Phone) people are seeing these teases or info?  Needs to be out there more. 

With all the chest thumping NOKIA doing they had better 'bring it'.
Poking fun at samsung I mean why..they make the best screens and they are absolutely killing it sales wide.
Poking fun at android / jellybean...I mean why? they have taken NOKIA'S lunch and reduced them to scrapping all their OS and rebooting, getting a new CEO and etc.
How about delivering a knock out product that will make people line up for your product on day one.
How about making a product announcement and I don't know...have it ready in less than 30 days.

Why? Is their knocking going to affect your lifestyle or ruin your day. Let them have fun... I'm quite sure you have friends and family knock other people for friendly fun.

Pureview...yawn...the product doesn't deserve the props when you look at the finished photo and can't tell the difference between 8 and 28 megapixels

Will be an exciting day in the windows world!! Hopefully more people will start paying more attention to windows phone now!

I hope I can catch the video of this later.  I unfortunately have a meeting scheduled right at 9:30 RT.  Then I'm in meetings until 1 PM.  Hey Daniel you going to have a link to a rebroadcast here?  That would be sweet.  Get Rene on it! I'm really excited to see all the WP8 and Windows 8 stuff coming out!

Lol!  Luv it!
Does anyone remember the Motorola/Verizon invitation for today?  They sent it out right after Nokia announced their event for today.  Motorola's invite said something like 'today's real event'....Yeah, whatever.
This is Nokia's jab back at Google :)   All in good fun, though.

People, stop being so damn sensitive. They're just creating buzz, its great pr. Instead of just saying come check out this phone (lame), they say, we're gonna tear androids balls off and feed it to them (awesome).

I feel lots of strategy going on. Nokia tells us that things are about to change. Then HTC wants to show us what's next in a couple of weeks.
Not saying that it can't be coincidence, but it feels like there could be some guidance from higher up when it comes to HTC as well. Apple sent out invites for the 12th, and while HTC has been very quiet so far it didn't take them long to follow that up with their invitation for an event on the 19th. So, big OS presentation today, then Apple gets to do their thing, and a week later WP and Microsoft get back in the spotlight with the help of HTC.

Think about it like this: Would you rather have them be as "excited" as that guy that announced the ATIV?  Oh man, someone had to reel that guy in.  He was generating WAY too much buzz/energy/charisma. /sarcasm.  Yeah.
No, I want Nokia to come in swinging.  This generates buzz and gets people to look.  So long as they deliver an amazing product, then it'll be worth it.  I think they will. ;)

The p.r.'s working for Nokia, Microsoft, Samsung and HTC. You can tell Windows and Windows Phone 8 is now a success in the minds of the tech community and critics because no one is responding by saying, "Why are they talking about phone features like wireless charging when the OS is incomplete.". The buzz is now about which OEM will give you the best look, feel and value on your carrier. Hurdle 1 - become a valid option to consumers - successfully completed. We officially have a 3rd mobile platform ecosystem worldwide boys and girls.

Whether or not Nokia delivers is not the issue. They have to be in the public eye to generate interest which translates to sales. Most of us that already have lumias know we're getting the 820 or 920. We already know we have the best OS, which is why we've stuck with WP. We need Nokia to generate interest, cause nobody else is. They have the most vested in this.

Liveblog link (wpcentral) please!!. Verge already has its up, but I dont think they gonna be reporting anything enthusiastically. Fanboys and all!!!

WP8 is nice but it lacks a sexy interface. I have the Lumia 900 and still have the old iPhone 4 kicking around in the drawer somewhere. Nokia and MS are headed in the right direction with one MAJOR exception!

All the posturing in the world cannot make the WP interface a thing of symmetry and beauty.

Own up to the fact that WP needs something to make it sexier and then we will be off to a good start in the right direction.

What would I do to fix it?

1. Allow users to change tile colors using themes down to the tile level

2. Add a setting to auto group tiles

3. Make the tiles more sexy - flat is not pretty IMHO

We as a community need an app that lets us communicate what we want from our phones. Perhaps if Microsoft supported more frequent incremental group driven positive change they could lead the pack once again...

My two cents =)

This is crazy to me. The interface is the #2 reason why I got a Windows Phone (#1 being Xbox Live). Compared to the competition, WP is super "sexy".

I love it. Why not take jab at the other competition. Not like they haven't been doing it. "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC". "If you want a 4G phone why not get a 4G phone".

Time for MS to show all of them why they are here in the first place. MS for the win.

I'm glad they're not planning to dine on Apples as well. Go right for the guys with the biggest market share and the ones in the middle will be collateral damage. Waiting for AT&T to drop the 920 in the store.