Nokia Lumia 1520 'country variants' receiving Lumia Cyan worldwide

Yesterday, we reported that the unlocked Lumia 1520.3 variant started to receive the Lumia Cyan update. That phone works on AT&T and T-Mobile with LTE and is considered a prized win for consumers willing to spend the extra money. As it turns out, many country variants (CV) of the Lumia 1520 are now getting the Lumia Cyan update with Windows Phone 8.1. Unfortunately, many carriers are still listed as 'under testing.'

As usual, we have gone through and accumulated all the countries and regions that are now eligible for the Lumia Cyan update, in addition to updating our tracker page.

  • Africa – Algeria CV; Egypt CV; Ghana CV; Libya CV; Morocco CV; Nigeria CV; South Africa Vodacom; Tunisia CV;
  • Asia Pacific – China Unicom; India CV; Indonesia Erajaya, Parastar, Trikomsel; Malaysia CV; Philippines CV; Singapore SingTel, StarHub; Taiwan CV; Thailand CV
  • Europe – Denmark CV; Estonia CV; Finland CV; France CV; Germany CV; Hungary CV; Ireland CV; Latvia CV; Lithuania CV; Norway CV; Sweden CV; Turkey CV; UK CV, O2
  • Latin America – Chile CV; Colombia CV; Costa Rica CV; Ecuador CV; El Salvador CV; Guatemala CV; Mexico CV; Nicaragua CV; Peru CV; Uruguay CV; Venezuela CV
  • Middle East – Iraq CV; Jordan CV; Lebanon CV; Pakistan CV; Palestinian territories CV
  • North America – United States AT&T

Remember, if you are using the Preview for Developers program and already have Windows Phone 8.1 installed, you will not get an update notification and cannot get Lumia Cyan at this time. Instead, you still have to downgrade to Windows Phone 8.0 and then take the official updates that way, later hard-resetting and restoring your phone.

Read our tutorial on the process, which is relatively time simple if not time consuming (to restore).

To see what is new with the Lumia Cyan update on the AT&T Lumia 1520 you can see our recent summary.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Nokia Lumia 1520 'country variants' receiving Lumia Cyan worldwide



FAO: Daniel - UK CV 1320 is getting Cyan too. It looks like a global roll out for CV 1320 too, in case you want to cover this.

Windows Phone 8.1 messed up, what I like to call the "Big 5" : Photos, Games, Music+Videos, Kids Corner & Store. Lumia Black wasn't available yet, but I had 8.1, I went back to 8.0. If I stayed with 8.1, and got gdr 1; I would have skipped Black & Cyan.

You forgot the Me hub. It used to be so easy to comment and like on Facebook without leaving the hub.

I switched to a Nexus 5 for a while (hardware problems, switching carriers when I get my next phone) and would gladly go back to Windows Phone, but they got rid of the Me hub?? One thing I loved about WP is the way it consolidated all your accounts. Phone numbers, email, social media, all in 1 page. Android BLOWS at this. WP did it seamlessly, the Me hub was great for checking notifications on social networks.

I respect opinion but 8.1 can and well be updated alot faster then what was on 8.0 this is Microsoft decision and I pretty sure within the next few updates they well do there best to fix what they can but having separate apps allows them to update faster then having to update the whole OS but looks how fast GDR1 to 8.1 is coming I say wait and see what happens

Hey Daniel, You guys should close the comments section for the cyan update news. You will not find any thing different than this below any news

We know. Just be patient and it'll come


Well, for the matter of fact, neither is the update available for 520 in Belgium, but do you see me complaining on every article? No. Be patient.

Geez just be glade you don't own an android phone , you wouldn't know when your phone is getting the next update so everyone needs to stop there complaining


You must be another cheapskate self absorbed 520 loser that needs to crap on about how your low spec phone is still not updated in a 1520 story.


5 000 004

When the article is about 1520's update and you are whining about a 520..Well it seems stupid and yeah mindless..It will come when it has to!! Buy a higher end phone if ye have a lot of problems!!
And FYKI I have a 520 and a 820..Both haven't received an update yet but am still waiting and not complaining or asking about it at every second comment in every article!! STOP ASKING ABOUT 520'S UPDATE..DANIEL AND CO. WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE IT'S ARRIVAL!!
When "Seems Faster",,"Not in Brazil",,"Why only US",,"Not in India" ended "520 updates" has started!!

Sorry guys... I'm new at WPCentral (First day here) and I didn't know that hoping for cyan update for L520 is WHINNING,STUPIDITY and MINDLESS.
And I'm not complaining. I was just HOPING.

There are thousands of 520 users whining for Cyan and I don't know who's asking for the first time or the tenth..It's irritating for us regular/old WPC users to read stupid comments in every article about an update's release date which only Microsoft knows!! Taking back mah words for ye @CrossIsHere..Welcome to WPC and no swearing(wt*) brother!!

Do people really comment in every article about an update's release? Oh then I know how regular members will feel about it. BTW, Thanks Aman for the tip #NoSwearing

I was hoping not to read stupidity from 520 cheapskates like yourself who are so deluded as to think people reading about a 1520 would actually care about you and your stupid self absorbed nonsense.

I think they'll have to for future updates. I wouldn't be surprised if this is an issue with official Windows Phone 8.1 with Bitlocker as well, considering the two products are identical in other ways.

Although I'd imagine that it's less about fixing the OS than fixing the update procedure.

It'll take much more under my slow internet connection. Then I'll need to reinstall all the apps and games. Seems too much work.

Why wouldn't they ? On top of that if your so impatient go to an android phone tell then have some dam patience well ya if this was an android roll out how long do you think it would take before you received the update

Well the update is already here. I just can't install it. It's much more frustrating. If I were that impatient, I would have already taken the downgrade path.

It really sucks, that it's not released for DP... They shouldn't made DP available to the wide public in that simple way if then all the people who are trying it, getting in such trouble!

Are you a developer? yes? then its easy for you to do. 

Are you a developer? no? then your own fault and no sympathy from anyone.

Fault???? Fault with the person who installed it? Not fault with the person who made it world wide?? Why did they choose to make a fee for uploading apps specifically for developers and not a fee to install this?? If precisly MS wanted the developers only to install it the line "Now everyone can install this update and its simple" should not have been said. Both WPCENTRAL and every other article mentioned this line " Even the general public who arent developers can install this update" . Atleast they should have chose to mention the word "May" than placing the word "Can" . Simply encouraging and hyping about 8.1 and testing on a mass scenario and cant later release an update citing a simple reason that this had caused problem with DP? Seriously? An update test with MS didnt have testcase from the testing team to test on the build that been installed with DP?? And yo say no sympathy frm anyone???? Again I say this because they never mentioned "Some of the users installed DP facing the issue, The article read, the users with DP installed earlier had to downgrade now" 

The name of the program is developer preview. So it's your fault for ignoring the devloper part. Besides every article that said "available for general public" also said "it will void your warranty" and "it's a preview version so there might be a few kinks and bugs". And again it's your fault for ignoring that as well. Just because its available for the general public doesn't mean the general public should download it at once.

Oh ya! Just because official is available for general public and if encounters a problem of boot yo would paste this line "Just because MS rolled out it for public didnt mean yo had to download it at once" . Dont be a blind follower of MS dude ! Either they shud have been selective like creating number of people specific number to sign up for developer program or not open it to public .. ! And whether or not, the fault of users, MS knows that DP is installed and the update must also be in concern to the people who had installed the DP. and another article said "There are lots of users, who had installed the DP than expected, and if yo dont know how to , then please do the following procedure" Now my question here is Why didnt they mention that "specific users who run DP, arefacing this issue, and mentioning All those people who installed DP have to now downgrade" . Didnt an update test carry out a testcase that tests their official update on a build that had alrady been installed with DP??? And they simply roll out?


Secondly, How much can you confirm that the update is an official one and not an other DP update??? Update 1, Cyan update, wp 8.1 update??/ 

Thirdly , They mentioned "It may void your warranty" never " It will void your warranty" That may should have been replaced to "can" during the install of DP.

Gee. Overreacting much? I agree that MS should've tested this issue, and it's a blemish on the reliability of the DP going forward.

But if you have the 8.1 DP running, you already have the same code as official 8.1. The only thing you're missing out on here are the minor updates in Cyan. Which, yeah, have some stuff, like for the Icon they add the Fitbit sync functionality, but overall it's very minor.

Just enjoy your 8.1 DP and wait for the fix.

Now if you had 8.0 and were complaining about the slow rollout I'd understand...

Look you have a choice to update it or not no one forced you just be glade you don't have android cause even then who know if or when you would get the next versions

A very small percentage of 8.1 DP users will have issues, but they have halted the rollout for everyone to minimize the damage, so they don't get in trouble. Cyan is a much smaller update than 8.1 is. An 8.1 DP user isn't in trouble for having to wait.

Nobody is "getting in trouble" here.

I really, REALLY, hope that microsoft closes the DP for everyone and let's it be available only for developers. That way only techsavvy people use it. Because for christs sake, if you can't even handle having to downgrade or simply, SIMPLY, wait some more before you people start whining so effing much....

Seriously, for accepting to install something on your phone that voids your warranty you are being too whiney about this. I could understand the anger in people with the BitLocker issue but the rest of you are just too much...

that's not actually a pretty good rollout. 

why? if you have dp, you need to downgrade to 8.0. instead, flashing 8.1 by nsrt / nsu would be available.

a good rollout is what apple is doing with their devices. they rollout their software for all supported devices at the same time at all countries without requiring of authorization process.

Then please buy an apple product...it has been explained umpteen times to people here as to why windows phones can't get it at the same rate as iPhones...

There's no good reason why the country variants, which are in no way associated with carriers shouldnt get the update day one instead of the drip, drip release of the update for one single phone in one single country. Its the most ridiculous rollout I've ever seen and even more so from the so called biggest software company in the world but seeing as they cant manage a simple function like attaching files directly in their email client I really shouldnt be surprised.

Yeah, that's getting really tiring. NO OTHER PHONE gets the iPhone treatment. If you want that... get an iPhone.

I think Lumia 920 and 820 will be the last to recieve this update!!

All I want is that from now MS (Nokia) stop to ties SOs udpdates to firmware updates and release they separately! No need to make a firmware update in every SO refresh.

Well if your an expert about updates then you should apply for a job and show Microsoft hows it's done and when your done with that shoe Google hows it's done also

Why would 920 and 820 be the last ones get the update? MS's current update logic suggests that 920 is the next device to get the update. I haven't forgotten the 1020 but it will reach its EOL soon, so it may not be the next device to get Cyan.

Thanks for confirmation, Daniel. On the support page the update is available for 1520 on VF IE, and I was checking all the day and getting "is up to date". Hope the update will be available soon ;)

Oh and Android any better LOL seriously get and iPhone with there buggy ass OS updates if you want them instantly

In South America, bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. It is bordered on the north by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French overseas region of French Guiana; on the northwest by Colombia; on the west by Bolivia and Peru; on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay and on the south by Uruguay.

Funny that Venezuela got it first than Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure I am the only one that owns a 1520 on Venezuela, and it just so happens to be a 1520.1 CV Hong Kong :)

LOL only the one? Really? "El papá de los helados pues"... Get down dude. I known at 12 persons in Venezuela with a 1520 and I had 6 Lumias. Please come back to the earth.

Fino pana mientras más usuarios de Lumia haya mejor. Yo voy por mi cuarto Lumia y he convertido a algunos hacia el 620.

In Canada with the Hong Kong CV. Makes me wonder if I should've waited to buy another version of the 1520 =/

46 countries are concerned. Keep those updates coming.
@Daniel Isn't it "Nicaragua" instead of "Nicaruga"?

Miracast is a pretty big deal for me, and I'm looking forward to Camera improvements for the 1520. Night time shots just suck..

He's referring to the complaints made against people asking about Cyan for 520 in the first comments of this article (which is about 1520 and not 520) .

Lol, 5n thn..but am not asking wen the updates will be released , just a curiosity to knw tat 520 nd 525 will receive cyan at same time, because I own both...

They have the update since a month, so, one month, 2 at max as the rollout will probably be completed by the end of August.

Just curious, why does the Cyan update page include HTC and Samsung devices in the "THE UPDATE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE FOR" list?

That page is for Windows Phone 8.1 AND Lumia Cyan updates; we include both, although HTC and Samsung obviously don't get the Lumia Cyan firmware. I thought that was self explanatory, but perhaps may make it more clear. First question about it I've heard.

I hear ya and I understood the page's dual purpose.  Just thought the list was a little misleading, especially since there were questions from non-Nokia phone users when Cyan starting rolling out asking when it would be available for them.  Even think you clarified it a couple times in other article comments.  Anyway, not trying to stump the chump ;-)

Same here. RM-937 on Rogers with Dev Preview. Ugh. The thought of receiving Update 1 before Cyan seems a bit silly to me. Had I known there was a possibility of having to downgrade before firmware updates I never would've installed it.

You have a choice just like everyone else either iOS with there buggy software or Android which who knows when the next update well come to your phone

LOL. I won't be switching to iPhone or Android just because of an update lol. That would be a little too dramatic. I'm just slightly annoyed at best that I've been asked to downgrade to upgrade that's all.

I guess they are going a bit in reverse order ... 520... 620.. 820..920..will be the last ones to Recieve the update

Waiting, aah I have a Hong Kong CV Lumia 625 down under. Besides the 2 little arrows above the network and WiFi, there is nothing special about this cyan. Actually worse than the big Skype update that announced the other time.

Waiting for update 1, ... And BBM update. Don't tell me when it will arrive.

I've been eyeing the 1520 since it first came out, but can't stomach buying the neutered AT&T version without wireless charging. Is there an unlocked version I can buy that has the international guts and would run on AT&T LTE?

In Argentina (which is missing in the list!!!) All the Lumia 1520's are getting the update right now. Not sure about the rest of the Lumia family. Now let's start waiting for GDR1... Come on Microsoft!!!!

Are there any deals, current or upcoming on Lumia 1520s? I've had one, returned it, played with a 930 and realised the error of my ways, now I know I want it back, but the deal they had with 930 here in UK was immense! £350 with a whole heap of extras whereas the 1520 is almost double price with nothing extra

I donno why no ones ever talking about Lumia 525... As if the phone has never been released ... All talk about 520 and just simply forget 525 ... I doubt if its really an upgrade over the 520 ... 525 users please support .. Really ... Badly need the cyan update for the country variant .. I'm from India...

525 will most likely get the update at same time as 520... they are identical but 525 has 1GB RAM.

No Hong Kong country variant on the list? That is where my unlocked 1520 came from... I am currently running the Dev Preview, so I don't know if I should downgrade to 8.0 yet.

I'm just waiting for Cyan update to actually fixes the goddamned lags on any games I run on my L1520. And I'm not sure if GDR1 without Cyan could do that or not (Though I'm worry that Cyan would not do that either!).

I received the 8.1 upgrade last week on my 1520. I ❤ the OS overall but it's not without its bugs. After raising the lock screen, the system spins in a "loading" sequence more than not. I've also experienced system lockups and overheating, both problems I never had with v8.

My 1520.3 is stuck in airplane mode on 8.1/Cyan, won't turn off at all, or turn the cell radio on. Anyone else have this problem? Everything works perfectly fine on 8.0.

I've done soft and hard resets, yeah. Assuming that the reset Option 2 on there is the same as Option 1, only to be used if Option 1 doesn't work.

I've already done that, unfortunately. I reflashed back to 8.0 with the tool and went through the update process for 8.1, getting the official firmware for the phone.

I am able to turn the radios on/off in 8.0 and get cellular connection and everything. In 8.1 I can't, and when I try to, it constantly switches them on and off extremely fast, makes the phone heat up, and won't stop until I turn airplane mode back "on" in the action center.