Nokia Lumia 920 enters the world of Minecraft

The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone has entered the world of Minecraft in a very creative fashion. The Lumia 920 model was created by Minecraft player Gokuroyu, took 14 days to complete and includes over 370,000 blocks.

And it's not just the outershell. Gokuroyu takes us inside the inner workings of the Lumia 920 to display the camera, memory storage, XBox Music and more.

When asked why choose the Lumia 920 for this project, Gokuroyu commented,

"I was pretty impressed with how great it looks, how awesome Windows Phone 8 is going to be and how much stuff Nokia put in this phone (like the incredible PureView camera). Let’s say that it was love at first sight. One night I was playing Minecraft and listening to ‘Creep You’ feat. Nina Sky (Nokia ‘Sped Up Mix’ from the Nokia Lumia 920 trailer). Then a crazy question came into my mind, “hey, why not build a big Nokia Lumia 920 in Minecraft?”

Gokuroyu has been a Nokia user for several years and is currently using a Nokia 5800XM. He is currently saving up for the Lumia 920.

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Nokia Lumia 920 enters the world of Minecraft



Enough of these crappy ports. We just need minecraft and instagram. THAT'S IT!! WP got the other apps, we just need those two, and we can succeed. I hate instagram, but it is sad people really like it. But it is popular, so...

So you want McPE? Even though a majority on Android have declared Survivalcraft far better than McPE and costs less. Especially after Kaalus finishes adding circuits to Survivalcraft in the next update. Naw, think I will stick with the clone.

Sounds like Nokia needs to send this guy a free 920 and some accessories to go along with it.. That is impressive..

I posted this on twitter wen the guy made it on YouTube and then there wer articles like crazy on it I even tweeted it to Nokia,Ben the PC guy,Nokia bloggers and some others they responded and loved it ;)