Nokia sent 50 Cent a Lumia 1020 and he thinks 'it's kinda HOT'

In another shrewd advertising move, Nokia sent rapper 50 Cent (aka, Curtis James Jackson III) one of their Lumia 1020 Windows Phones. This apparently comes after Nokia caught wind of a USA Today interview where 50 Cent was quoted saying he had purchased a smartphone simply for its camera. Nokia representatives bumped into him at CES 2014 and followed up with a little care package.

50 Cent is impressed early on with his new Lumia 1020

Not to be outdone, Nokia shipped him a Lumia 1020 to show him just what a smartphone camera can be.

So what were his thoughts on the Lumia 1020? Earlier today, he posted the following on his Instagram page:

“I got a new phone today it's kinda HOT. the [sic] camera on it is killing my other phone.”

And really, who can blame him. Not only is the Lumia 1020 a sharp-looking phone, it is hands down the best camera phone on the market.

Both Nokia and Microsoft have gone to great effort to have their Windows Phones be seen in commercials, television shows, movies and the hands of celebrities since its release. Hopefully, 50 Cent is impressed enough to hold onto his for a while.

Source: 50 Cent (via Instagram)


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Nokia sent 50 Cent a Lumia 1020 and he thinks 'it's kinda HOT'


I never understood that completely. the rich and famous are the ones who could undoubtedly afford products at any cost. yet a poor guy like me has to pay full cost for stuff.

I get that free stuff to the rich and famous means exposure... but I don't get it at the same time.


Because thousands are listening to what famous people say, and wants what they have. It's as easy as that.

First, there aren't that many famous people. So, it does't cost a lot to give them stuff for advertising purposes. Second, thousands and perhaps millions of people see them using the free stuff as opposed to a few dozen seeing what a poor person uses.

So I get free phones off Nokia all the time, and I have about 70 followers on twitter, and about 200 on both youtube and instagram... It's not that the little guy never gets free stuff... It's that you never hear about it...

It's simple. Look at the number of followers he has on Instagram and Twitter. Spoiler alert. He has over 1.5 million on Instagram and nearly 7.5 millon on Twitter. So a company sends him free stuff to get max exposure to his millions of followers. 

Companies could send my mom free stuff, but she's got like no followers on either social network. Poor mom. 

Giving him a 1020 will sell enough of them to make it worth it. Giving you one would probably mean not getting anything in return sales wise.

I would give them devotion. Ex: my first Nokia, a 920, but I now know Nokia was founded in 1865, so it'll have its 150th anniversary in 2015!

It's simple really. The fact is more people will make a purchase in order to emulate the lifestyles of celebrities as opposed to those of us whom are less popular. Nokia stand to gain more recognition by placing their products in celebrities' hand than if they were to simply hand it over to you for free. This is no other than product placement. Marketing strategies have been following this trend for decades. This advertising move cost them substantially less than a TV ad yet it is just as effective. When efficiency is effective, desired results are achieved. It's what competent manages do. I'm sure you know this already.

Rino good people. Did several tracks with him on two albums I produce. Most humbled rapper I ever had the pleasure working with. Dope E too. Put me on alot of game for mixing tracks. Remember chilling with them at MacGregor Park

Ok thats super cool. He really is humble and cool, one of the most underrated rappers. I have done shows with all of them in Europe. Have had the pleasure to work with many dudes from Houston, strong ties there. I have worked with Trae and Willie D also...

I met Trae never worked with him. Worked wit KRino Dope E KB Da Kidnappa and Kuwait. Never. Got the chance to get Klondike Kat on a feature. Actually had some unreleased KRino features that got lost when HDD crashed. Sad day. Small world when WPC talks about KRino

Small world, but Im on the other side of the globe though. I have done fair amount of shows with various rappers, not only from Houston. But stuff we talk here are my personal taste, so its special. I always wanted to bring out Kat, but as you probably know its not that easy for him to travel overseas. Damn I forgot Point Blank, had him down here also. SPC all the way, no doubt.

Imma hit you up send you some old CDs I did back in 05 and 07. You might like em. Well they're not me but artist I produced

KB dropped a new album not that long ago. Listened through it once real quick, reminds me I need to check it out again tomorrow.

Great day when WPC talks Wrekless Klan,need more of this!

I'm from Humboldt County extreme far Northern Cali and I grew up jammin all this here. I called up screw (RIP) and ordered from him before he passed,they used to send me photocopied order forms since this was before shopping online was how it is now. I even hit up Bigtyme records and they sent me a ton of dope $#!t. Screwhead till I die,he showed the south a bunch of west coast artists he loved and introduced me to so many dope southern rappers,never met a DJ as influential as Screw,these other cats just slow and chop,he actually made beats better the artists were on. Him and DJ Burn1 only DJs I've found that introduced me to so many awesome southern artists.

It really is crazy to talk about this here :D Bigtyme had some great albums back in mid 90's. Many mentioned here but also 20-2-Life and PSK13 were my favourites. Now remembering all this, Rino actually did a dvd from he's visit here, he was selling it in the states..

Man I forgot I had a track with PSK13 too. We sipped ritas at the house. Smoked with blank, big pokey in the studio. Good times

Never thought I'd hear K-Rino mentioned in a WP forum!! I love this guy. He practally lives in the studio, makes like 10 albums a year lol

After reading this through, tommorrow morning I need to listen to all Street Military albums. Its been too long... Hahah!

So after reading through these comments and listening to a few of his albums... I must thank you all for introducing me to new music.  This dude is pretty awesome.

There have been a lot of things that been destroyed in mainstream. Mainly from rap and pop. Ex. All 80's songs that they keep ripping off.

You mean sampling? Which pretty much IS what hip hop production is based on? I take offence at the term "ripping off". Ignorant.

I'm talking of these so called "artists" that make sounds on a computer while "sampling" a song, putting words around it and making millions! There is no artistic ability IMO.

Who the hell drink Robitussin in 2014? The real tussin was taken off shelves back 92-93 and reformulated because of its content. If you sipping tussin and not the prescribed kind or codeine you're a wannabe. LOL alright enough with drug talk.

Codeine is overrated, doesn't do shit to me unless it's a huge dose. the real drug in there is the dex anyway, that's where the hallucinogen is.

Bacalao, I think they meant it came from Houston because of Bun B and Pimp C. But yes, Da Mafia 6ix did come out with that song. If you listen to Slim Thug, he's got a remix of that same song. Album is called Thug Thursday and the song is called Sippin' Flow. You can here Project Pat in the background.

Houston been sippin a decade before it was ever mainstream drugging. No thanks to 3-6

I do remember hearing about that 10+ years ago...thought it was weird this is just getting around now. Does anyone else feel old?? Lol =P

Ha! that's funny... still shouldn't assume what he does or doesn't know tho, like no one ever expect for anyone to not know what a grapefruit is tho haha, good we came together for a deep humbling message wardamneagle09, the world is a better place

Irrelevant. The amount of free junk they get is absurd anyways. They just toss it all into their bedroom size closets and regift to guests.

Yup. Never buying a WP again. Google can fuck me in the ass all they want, but this garbage is too much.

A celebrity getting a free phone is too much? Your ass can remain safe from Google because they give out phones as well.

I'm missing what the problem is? I'd love a new phone also, but honestly? What publicity are they going to get from it? I can see the WPCentral headline:

"Some Lucky Schmuck In Detroit Recieves Free Phone From Nokia and No One Gives a Shit What He Thinks"

Damn, I'm going to miss 'Zv2112', I mean...a member for 4 months, half of his comments trashing Microsoft. Brings a tear to my eye. Plus such well thought out criticisms! 

50 says that the camera is killing his other phone maybe he put the Lumia 1020 on top of the iPhone and is squashing it.

Still remember the article on phone arena that said that Justin beiber had offered to be the brand ambassador for blackberry, literally quoted as "give me a million and free devices and I'm sold"
BlackBerry management dismissed it saying this boy is just a fad and would soon be forgotten
Im not a belieber but don't remember seeing a z10 anywhere apart from display counters

My wife showed me a picture of a pregnant selfie of Gwen Stefani the other day. To my horror she had done it on an iPhone. Looks like she ditched the 8x. Bummer.

To be honest so did my brother...htc was kinda shady with the quality. He had to change it 3x before finally switching to Lumia! =[

Aye magic, I'm chuffed to bits for 50p. People should make up their own damn minds about what they buy rather than looking at some poxy celebrity and saying ' ooh look what they got I'm gonna get one too then I might look like blah blah blah ' f'k off society and stop acting like sheep! Be yourself and buy what you f'king well want.

they should've gave it to people with more exposure to the pop culture e.g. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna or Bruno Mars and they should've made the advertisement hidden. It goes like this:
- Nokia gives phone to artist with huge followers on instagram
- Nokia pays artist for advertisment
- Artist posts picture holding the phone (yellow phone. to make it bright)
- Artist uses phones on tour and it gets more exposure
- done.
lel but I guess Nokia can't force artists to do that.

Kate Perry uses one yellow 1020 in her latest video clip. Also, Nokia gave a bunch of lumias to Justin Bieber, yet today he bought a few iPhones and gave them to his fans.

 Does anyone know if the 1020 is due for a refresh before the sale to Microsoft is complete? The 1020 is a great phone but if 1030 came out with a quad-core processor and 64 gigs of ram (if At&t doesn't screw it up), it could probably fix the issue with the lag between photos. And considering how Nokia, loves to one-up themselves, they would probably include a few more improvements.

Other news say that Justin Bieber bought a few iPhones to give to his fans. I guess that box full of smartphones that Nokia sent him is really starting to pay of...not.

Lame. 50 is lame. Though a collaboration between Nokia and his SMS (I think that's what they're called) headphones would be great for Lumia.

Kinda hot? Dude please... it's awesome! I love my 1020. We have an amazing NYC skyline view in our office, and people always asking me to take pics of it with my 'Fancy camera phone' :) P.S. I also have a camera grip installed on it :)