Nokia updates Display + Touch for Lumia phones but details are lacking

Consider this an FYI post as we really have no other details, but Nokia has pushed out a minor update for their Display + Touch system app (found under Settings). The app is now version and may be related the 1308/1314 firmware that went out recently.

Display + Touch is what helps control the auto-brightness, sunlight readability options and sensitivity for using gloves. At some point, Lumia users can expect a color manipulation tool from Nokia, but this update does not contain that feature.

Pick up Nokia’s Display + Touch app here in the Store or scan below to get the latest version. Thanks, Naveen, Rodney and Armandraiz for the tips!

QR: Display + Touch


Reader comments

Nokia updates Display + Touch for Lumia phones but details are lacking


That is the first I've heard that this feature is coming to the 920 - what excellent news! Been pining for it on every phone I've had since reading about it on the N9.

For me This fixed Camera zooming issue. On My phone When trying digitally Zoom it took insta photo. Now it works Like before

My live tiles was fixed after the firmware update yesterday. Work fine just as it did before.

I won't know until my battery drops below 20% but I'm hoping it will stop dimming my screen at night unless my battery is less than 20%. That's what it sounds like it should do in the settings but in reality it dims my screen at night regardless of battery level.

I was think this update fixes the recently found issue with light dimm/bright I noticed this morning before I updated.

Usually, my screen would get really bright, looked over exposed when under direct sunlight. This morning noticed that it was darker than usual.

So, I'm hoping this fixes that issue.

I had it disabled, yet it still went nuclear bright in the sun. Maybe this fixed that issue. I'm on build 1308

Yes, I want my phone to launch into space and land over Alaska this time (maybe there won't be as many in-car cameras like there were in Russia)

I have not received the 1308/1314 firmware update for my phone yet but I did receive an update to the display / touch app..I have the Lumia 920 and I live up here in Canada

Hey Daniel, what's the whole color profile change thing about? What'll allow us to do that we can't now?

When you say "color manipulation" do you mean that we can use different background colors other than boring black and white?

What ever happened to that sound manager app for HTC windows phones they said it improved graphics performance in games like fruit ninja but it was pulled because it did something to the zune settings or song files 

This was most likely to fix sunlight readability being on all the time. After 1308 firmware update I had an issue where it was turned off, but still activated. If I turned it on and back off again it would disable, but only for an hour or so.1314 didn't fix it either. After the update it stopped turning itself on. I left a tip for Daniel, but he never listens to my tips :)

Updated my 822 and no change, just like every other update that I get.. this is starting to get really lame.

I got it around 10hours back
Thought it wasn't useful thus WPCentral didn't mention anything about it. But for the first time i got an update before an app update article

I noticed after the 1308 update since the phone is my pocket all the time it was setting off the screen was too sensitive. So I lowered the touch sensitivity to normal and it was still going off in my pocket. Will test tomorrow while in my pocket with 1314 update.

I turned off bright sunlight readability on my Lumia 920. Cause this feature is useless to me. There is no sunlight here in the Netherlands. Let alone a bright one.

I have the same problem in England, but you might as well leave it on - it wont do any harm! Plus its quite nice when you realise its so sunny that most people cant see their phone :P