Bring your Lumia: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf begin official Qi wireless-charging rollout

Have some juice with your java.

What do San Francisco Microsoft fans love more than coffee? Free wireless charging for their Nokia Lumia devices of course!

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has integrated wireless charging docks into their shop tables for customers to charge any QI enabled phone. The move is an obvious promotion by Nokia (which was announced last December) as the table is plastered in their logos – not to mention the Nokia brochures sitting on the side. Despite the advertisements being for the Nokia Lumia, if you have smartphone with a wireless charging case – you can join in on the fun.

I personally think this is awesome, and hope to see wireless charging spots pop up in more international chains such as Starbucks (because what would be cooler than showing those hipster what they can't do with their phones).

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf App

That being said, who is down for some coffee? While you are at, make sure you pick up the super awesome Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf app for Windows Phone here in the Store. You can order your drink right from the app, huzzah!

Thanks to Tilo for the awesome tip and photograph!

QR: Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf WP8


Reader comments

Bring your Lumia: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf begin official Qi wireless-charging rollout


So it was introduced four years ago and companies are still growing this capability.  If people continue to use it, what point does something move from gimmick to not gimmick?
I recall that folks thought automobiles were a gimmick since many people felt horses were faster.  Not suggesting the potential impact here is analogous but pointing out that virtually all innovation is seen as a gimmick.  Tablets were a gimmick until Apple figured out the correct mixture of hardware/software.

Gimmick? Ha...it's my main way to charge the phone and I love it.  The pad is next to my computer and that's where I put my phone down during the day.  Having places to easily charge your phone during the day is NO gimmick.  It's brilliant.

Get The Coffee Bean app and filter for "Wireless Charging" locations. If I remember Vegas already has a few locations.