Quickly create ringtones on Windows Phone from YouTube


Early this morning we reported on the mini song "Metro" by Matt Oglesby created on nothing but free Windows Phones apps. The tune has a chill yet vibrant feel to it and as a few of you noticed in comments, it would make a solid ringtone on your device.

While there are browser plugins that will easily rip YouTube audio and convert it to an MP3, there is a much easier way to do it directly on Windows Phone. The free app YouRang by Red Pegasus Media allows you to search YouTube, bring up the video in a small window and then by using pre-selected arrows, you can edit the section you want for a ringtone on your phone.

The app is free, beautiful and super simple to use. It maintains the full audio quality, volume and lets you "max out" the length of the ringtone according to Microsoft's specifications. In short, there's no reason not to get it even if you just want "Metro" for your ringer (just search for 'Metro' - Track Created...).

Pick up YouRang for free here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. [Edit: For those outside certain regions, stay tuned. The developer has submitted an update for other regions and it should be available soon]

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Quickly create ringtones on Windows Phone from YouTube


I contacted the developer and he has submitted it to all other markets and it should be availaible in the next day or so.

I have two reasons why not to install:

1. Requires access to owner identity
2. Requires access to music and video library

Why does it need this access?

1. Owner Identity is not your name, it's a unique Live ID generated number but contatins no personal information

2. Should be "duh" how else are you going to save an audio file as a ringtone to your deivce?

I guess I just trust these apps anymore after Google and Apple were caught allowing address books and photos to be uploaded to third parties. "Access" to me means the ability to save, but also to take. I think MS need to provide more details on these definitions. I know I'm the only one who cares based on millions of android phones sold and used every day, but I do care.

You might as well not own a smartphone then. Or practically any electronic device. Good luck reverting back to the dark ages!

My smartphone is primarily a business tool, not a toy. It is useful to me as such without frivolous "apps" such as these.

I downloaded this a couple weeks ago and just tried it today. Works great. Props to the developers on this one.

Reminds me of the old Nokia phones back then where you could compose your own ringtones. Wonder if Nokia has anything like that in the pipelines for Windows Phone 7.

Is it me but when I went to YouTube on ie I am suddenly getting a message saying we can't play this on your phone to every video I click? It used to work like wtf :S

I actually met the developer of this app at the 'Behind The Live Tiles'  on the 3rd (Dallas). It's good to see him getting a shot out on WPCentral.  

It's available in India now , just downloaded it.
I see a lot of people downloaded and tried the app and commented bout it in here , well that's good . Why not rate the app and post the comments in marketplace as well ?
This will be helpful for the people who search for apps on marketplace and of course for the developer as well.

just a thought!