Samsung's Omnia 7 refresh (SGH-i708) sails through FCC with FF camera

Why mess with a good thing? The Samsung Omnia 7 is a pretty popular phone, only rivaled by Sammy's other offering, the Focus. So it makes sense that Samsung would give a modest update to the design by adding a front-facing camera to the device and we're gonna bet some new silicon on the inside e.g. Adreno 205 GPU, maybe a faster CPU.

Other than that not much else can be gleaned from the filing. Since it is the FCC, we have to leave the door open that perhaps some US carrier will actually pick up this bad bad--Sprint maybe?

Source: FCC; via Phone Arena, Pocketnow


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Samsung's Omnia 7 refresh (SGH-i708) sails through FCC with FF camera


Oh no! Looks like a simple battery cover swap would be needed. This thing better come to AT&T to rival the Titan. My bets are Sprint and several months later..... Verizon (if ever).

I can't believe they haven't changed the design. I'm not saying it looks bad, I think the front looks amazing, but the back could be improved. I hope they make a couple design tweaks before releasing it.

I'm guessing this is the so-called "Omnia W". If it is, then I would bet on the GS2 equivalent being branded "Omnia S" if they follow the same guidelines as they do for Android, just using Omnia instead of Galaxy.

Can you make phone calls with it?Cause here in Sweden a lot of Omnia 7 owners are very dissapointed by the low quality of the phone functinality. And then they got a second disappointment of the crappy samsung support that is completely incompetent of fixing the issue. After over 6 months of complaints they still cant fix the phones so you can make phone calls without interruptions or robot voices...The support story was the last straw for me. I will never ever buy something from Samsung again...

how is this boring?- CPU upgrade (awsome)- Samoled PLUS (FREAKIGN AWSOME)- FFC (meh) i just hope they dont do liek the Omnia 7 and forget about the SD slot . i hopes its more liek the FOCUS. the 3 things people wanted!!!!! aside from the useless LTE 4G thats out on 10% of world wide carriers. this is basicly the WP7 VErshion of the GS2.

I love my Omnia 7! So if the new version will have more storage and gyro (in addition to FFC) - it will be my dream phone.

Design wise, I thought that the Omnia 7 looked better than the Focus, especially given the materials used for the Omnia 7. While I'm disappointed that the design aesthetic didn't change much, if this device makes it to the U.S. I think that it would be a good looking device for Sprint or Verizon to have (I say this based on PhoneArena's assessment that it has CDMA bands).Hopefully, Samsung has learned their lesson from the firmware issues they unnecessarily plagued some Focus users with, and will release devices that will provide a consistent, top notch experience.

I would actually LOVE if they did this with the Focus. I still love this phone even at a year out. I wouldn't mind having a FF camera on it though (even though I don't know if I'd ever use it).

I thought that all second generation WP7 devices will have the back logo square like HTC Titan etc...

i hope screen refresh is also there. not that super amoled is not still great, but a bit more sharpness of the samoled+ would be nice.

Sprint. I'd buy this in a flash. FFC is what I want. and a bigger screen, and not keyboard. and thin. and...

these design complaints are getting out of hand. who cares if it's a rehash or what not? maybe y'all should design ur own phones.

On closer investigation, the apparant "hatch" on the bottom of the phone is also on the original Omnia 7. The extra "button" on the left hand side appears to be a sliding switch of some kind. With it's size and shape I can't imagine it being openable, thus probably not a MicroSD slot, however, on page 9 of the Internal Pictures there is a 1.5cm slot that looks like it could be for a MicroSD card.