Slacker Radio gets overhauled on Windows Phone 8 with new redesign and features

Slacker Radio

Late last night, the popular Slacker Radio app received a massive update to version 2.0 for Windows Phone 8 devices. From a new look, to new premium features, it’s a truly outstanding update from a service that hasn’t paid too much attention to Windows Phone lately (we last wrote about it in 2012).

Let’s take a look at what’s new!

Slacker Radio 2.0

  • Updated look and feel
  • Slacker Premium support, including on-demand, play songs, albums and single-artist stations, create your own playlists, download on0demand content for offline listening, customizable News & Sport, News, comedy and more
  • Fine tune your stations                                                                                                                           
  • Live station support

Okay, so the big deal here is the new redesign, which has a more Tile look to it and melds nicely with Windows Phone design esthetic . The premium features have been there for a while and run for $3.99 a month. That gives you no ads (the app will play a video ad otherwise), unlimited song styles, complete song lyrics and the ability to download stations offline.  Whether or not you think it’s worth it, depends on how much use this and the Windows 8 Modern app.

But you can’t have it

If you’re on AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon and you hit the link to download you’ll most likely get a prompt telling you this item is unavailable. Evidently, the carriers each have their own partnered version of the app and those haven’t been updated since early 2013. That means you can’t get this update…or can you?

In fiddling around with our SIM card, we’ve managed to install Slacker Radio 2.0 on our various devices, and we’ll show you how by following this link (hint: you can’t just remove your SIM).

For the rest of you, you can grab this Store link and download Slacker Radio 2.0 right here.

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Reader comments

Slacker Radio gets overhauled on Windows Phone 8 with new redesign and features


Never heard of this app and the fact it's not available in Portugal and wasn't updated in 2 years might have something to do with it.

I think the real question here is have they fixed the playback issues where it just stops playing and you have to fight it to get it to start playing again? I used to use Slacker, I used to be a premium subscriber. But I dropped it when I got tired of the app refusing to play when changing tracks.

It's not perfect, but it's a trillion times better than the previous version, and more in line with the iOS version.
I've only had the music stop (and not start again until a restart) once, but it was from resuming the app. And with 8.1, resuming is generally buggy, so that's not a big deal yet.

This app looks great! I used to use Slacker before Nokia Mixradio came along, but haven't used it in a long time. I love the little News updates add-ons and the lockscreen support, and the UI in this is really nice. It has a few bugs (why does it show Mariah Carey as the album of the week on one page, but when you click on it, it goes to the album of the week by Miranda Lambert?), but hopefully they will actually keep this one updated. Maybe they finally got a developer that actually uses a Windows Phone as his private phone?

I hate the video ads though. Are they only played on WiFi at least?

Nope, they're on cellular too. And they're HD-ish quality at that, which sucks with slower connections. (The Surface ad takes a minute and a half to play through for me, though all of the others play without stuttering.)

It's good incentive to pay for service. I'm currently deciding between Beats or Slacker. Beats seems to have the most feature-packed Windows Phone app, but I do really like the stations in Slacker. I'm undecided.

I might finally consider subscribing again and cancel mixradio.. It is still great but I still prefer Slacker's selection of music

Been trying to use the limited free service for an hour now.  It's still buggy.  It's still crashing between songs.  Looks pretty before it crashes though.

Someone recently posted on Slacker's Facebook page that he spoke to customer support and was told that the carrier versions of the Slacker app have been submitted to the carriers for approval. Hopefully, that approval process won't take too long and we can all get the updated app soon.

Got another crash.  Returning to the app occasionally crashes.  if the phones screen shuts down, returning to the app after resuming crashes.

Again, looking good, and the issues are minor.  I don't want something that will take another 2 years to fix.

I'm using the icon with verizon, I deleted the old slacker, searched the store for 'slacker radio', downloaded it, I turned on the app and it loaded the new format but the only issue was it wouldn't play the music. So I restarted my phone and its working top notch. I didn't take out the SIM card or anything. Also I don't have access to 8.1 either. Just saying in case anyone had a similar issue if it hasn't been resolved with carriers already.

Never worked for me. Installed but could never play any songs for some strange reason. I guess its time to unstall it :D