Spotify update brings free music streaming to Windows Phone

Spotify has enabled its free music streaming feature to Windows Phone users. Available for Android and iOS users since December 2013, the feature allowed users with a free subscription to access existing playlists on their devices through the Shuffle Play option.

Previously, only premium subscribers were able to stream music via the Windows Phone app. With today's update, free users can also stream content from their playlists. In addition, Spotify has tweaked presentation of search results and made discovering new artists easier. Here's a look at some of the highlights in the update:

  • All of the music. Listen to all the playlists you've created and playlists from the people you follow. Spotify lets you discover new music, save, shuffle and share.
  • Your favourite artists. Want to listen to a certain artist? Just hit shuffle play, sit back and listen to their entire catalogue. Don't settle for something similar. Don't settle for just one track from the artist you want to hear every 20 minutes.
  • Want the right playlist? Just Browse. Going for a jog or to the gym? We've got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. Hosting a dinner or getting ready for a big night out? We've got you covered. We even have playlists for different moods, so regardless of whether you need an upbeat boost or something more relaxing to wind down to – we've got just the thing.

How many of you were waiting for this update? Are you glad that it is available for Windows Phone? Sound off in the comments.

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Spotify update brings free music streaming to Windows Phone



This is 50% bad news for xbox music, as more people will switch to Spotify. But 10% good news for us xbox users as it may get cheaper. And 40% a mystery. Lol. Personally I wont be switching. With xbox music when I get In the car and start the engine my phone connects over Bluetooth and starts playing my music, either the last thing I was listening to, or a random shuffle. Spotify doesn't do this, you have to run the app and select music. And I like how xbox music is available everywhere. No Spotify on the actual xbox which is where I listen to music second :)

I was genuinely interested at first but BS has a smell and therefor doesn't need or require clarification. If it smells like it, it is.

I would actually venture to guess Buffalo dung smells very similar to Bull dung, although I am not highly experienced on the smell of bovine excrament.  But that is 100% of a case of "if it smells like it, it is NOT."

Umm, how so? There will always be a market for Music streaming services, as long as the xbox music app is integrated in WP, the experience will always be better than a third party app. Unless they F up the app like how they did before the recent update.

Is the recent update that much better.  I was so disappointed, that I have not booted up Xbox Music on any platform in months.


Sadly, I am paying for both Xbox Music and Spotify.  Windows Phone seems to get the shit end of the stick with both.  So this recent update of Spotify seems to have broken the app on my Lumia 635.  Won't even play a complete song, before the music just stops playing.

And this is the kind of thing I mean - which is why I have been paying for both services.  One app gets fixed, the other breaks down, and vice versa. And neither one handles giant (thousands of tracks) playlists anywhere near as good as Zune Music used to.  Its bloody annoying.  All the while, Pandora (which I am not paying for) ALWAYS works perfectly.  Of course, you do not get the options with Pandora you get with Xbox Music and Spotify.

It's frustrating enough, to almost make a guy go back to Android. 

This is just another mix radio. I like hearing an entire cd sometimes and for that I'll stick with Xbox Music. Oh and Xbox Music also has a Mix Radio as well

Nope, Spotify now allows you to listen to any song or album you want, create your own playlists, etc. all for free (at least for me - UK). The only thing you can't do is download the songs to listen offline.

Unfortunately that is not true.  Two very popular artists this week I discovered aren't in the Spotify library.  Whether that's the artists' fault for not licensing or Spotify's fault for not figuring out an equitable agreement is neither here nor there---bottom line is there's still music I want to hear that I cannot get on Spotify.

On Android the app itself is ad-free, but it will occasionally pass some audio ad (most of the time is advertising spotify itself) between the tracks for some seconds.
So no, you won't die with it.

not really sarcasm I think. I get the youtube ads VERY rarely. and I mean like once every few months. I think it depends on your region


What do YOU provide for free? I'm guessing nothing. 

Ah, the entitled generation...gotta love 'em.

Change the location for UK, or US, download the app a the put it back on PT..
Ps: I'm listening to Spotify on my Lumia while I wrote this :D

Spotify is available on Portugal almost for 2 years now..

It's quite buggy in my experience also, though its more like a UI glitch and some album art won't show. It's pretty usable on mine anyways, but still there are some occasional stop of music.
Now after this, they really need to refine the app, its lifeless, no animation, boring UI design and weird graphical glitch.

Before there is a barrage of comments about it still asking for a premium subscription.

Update is not live yet!

It will take a couple of hours.

No-one that is platform agnostic would ever pay for Xbox Music. It'll always be a niche service. Spotify is just better in every way (even on Windows Phone - which is a platform that was given no love by Spotify for such a long time!)

While Xbox Music needs some work, I think that there are things it does better than Spotify, and I'm not sure about the platform agnosticism comment, Xbox Music is available on a decent number of platforms, including iOS and android.

Out of curiosity, what does it do better?
Xbox Music just doesn't have the brand cachet of unless you are a Microsoft person, I just don't see any reason for people to use it. Having such a shoddy Windows Phone app definitely doesn't help the cause.
Spotify has become the de-facto music streaming app. I'm not sure the Xbox brand is strong enough to overcome that.

I'd agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, Xbox Music will never surpass Spotify in sheer member numbers, but in terms of a quality experience, I believe Xbox Music has a decent shot of being top dog. At least on Windows Phone. Its more tightly integrated and the last update made it miles better. Long story short, Spotify will never fully support windows phone enough, unless tens of millions of handsets sell overnight. Barring MSFT spinning off Xbox music or offloading it elsewhere, they'll support the service on their phones until the end of its lifetime. It'll see more love, while Spotify on WP will consistently lag behind its iOS and Android counterparts. I'm sticking with XBM for the foreseeable future.

When did it become de-facto? I thought Pandora was that before... Meh, I could never keep up with what I "have" to keep up with to be in the in-crowd. All I know is that it seems like more people should want MixRadio's offline mixes feature for free in their streaming player of choice (which, because of this talk, I've checked and Slacker Radio now does apparently (and it's supported WP users since WP7 on top of that)).

For me, I'm not really seeing anything super special awesome that would make me only use Spotify.

How about Xbox music allows you to actually download and own music. Unless you have unlimited data, that makes it better than any other service on Windows Phone. Does anyone actually want to own music anymore?

I can download my Spotify playlists for offline use...
I personally don't care about owning my music. I also find Youtube and Spotify provide a more socially interactive way of listening to music....and if I really want an album, I'll always buy it on CD (often at a vastly cheaper price compared to Xbox Music).
Also, if I really want a particular song on my phone, I just cache the video using MetroTube.

Yes, Spotify Premium allows you to download for offline playback...
& no, you cannot buy Spotify music - but £10 a month (or £5 with a student card) for 15 million songs a month kind of makes ownership redundant anyway.
You spend £10 on Xbox Music to buy an album. I spend £10 on Spotify and get the whole musical world!

i hope they optimized it more, it isn't the fasted or most stable app on my 635.


being able to browse my music would also be a nice addition. if it wasn't so cheap i'd have dumped it by now.

The fact that it runs poorly is not the 635's fault, it's Spotify. How do I know? It sucks just as much on my 930...

Although, since my 920 STILL doesn't have 8.1, the update isn't showing for me. This just for users with 8.1? Or is it yet to arrive?

I did read it, it says nothing about the update not being available right now and says the update is available for 8.x, does that mean 8.0 too? who knows? Please don't be such a condescending prick in future though :)

If u r using wp8.1 dev. Version u will need to downgrade to wp8 official in order to get update the ones who want wp8.1 cyan and don't wanna downgrade and waste time and usage of internet must wait for sometime in order to get A PATCH update.

For anyone having a wobbler that it's not out yet, give it time it depends on your location.

I'm in Ireland so may have to wait until 12:00pm

I think what he means is that you cannot just select the song you want to play. Instead, you are presented a mix (a la MixRadio) inspired by the song or artist you selected.

Is Spotify and beats music be used NORMALLY in INDIA??? Can the BOTH be see for downloading music??? please I really wanna use Spotify and beats music. Thank you in advance.

No one streams music here. We just need a better music player. Xbox should get well soon. Till that time. Extreme music works cool on my phone.

Spotify is for Europe (mostly 1st tier countries) and US. Beats is US only. Even if India has a growth in WindowsPhone, they don't spend money on apps and subscriptions, so services like this are not interested in India.

Correct. India doesn't or rarely spends on services except banking and cable connection considering the whole population of India.

These services are not for countries like India or Pakistan. Most of us have Wifi and not ridiculously expensive mobile data connections. Pakistan just got 3G services in past months and they are pretty much out of the reach of common people. As for wifi, why waste data on streaming, when you can easily download it and listen to it as many times as you want. Nobody here particularly cares about mixes or playlists or any of that stuff IMO.

Last fm scrobbling was the first thing I looked for in the change log. I wish they'd add it as they have on other platforms.

Hell yeh we need scrobbeling! My GF has also problems with her offline playlists.. If she makes a playlist offline it downloads all the songs. A few days later she checks again and the same playlist is not available offline anymore :( annoying but i wasn't able to reproduce it on my 1020 with cyan. Anyone has the same problems?

Thanks for replying.. But she owns a Lumia 930 , her offline playlists are already on the phone. She noticed however that it's the same playlist everytime, others are working great.
Advised her to create a new playlist with the same music and another name.. Maybe it works

If you want to listen to music while offline, MixRadio remains the only alternative (unless you load your phone with your own songs). If you want to listen to mixes, MixRadio has the advantage that it's ad-free. For everything else, Spotify is better.

I hope the look and feel gets refreshed soon on this I also find the software as buggy as hell. This is a lacklustre app compared to it's IOS and Android siblings. They promised me they are going to be showing the app the love so hopefully this is the beginning.

Spotify radio is free to use on iOS and Android. It should also be free on Windows Phone.
Could you please explain to me why you think WP users should have to pay when the other two OS's don't?!

Because despite we complaint a lot about 512MB games on our low end WP devices, we are still bunch of rich bastard who always prefer to pay any dime and penny the developer ask for the app. /s

Deezer also put out an update yesterday so that people with a free subscription can listen. I'm thinking they knew this was coming.

The difference between the two is that on Spotify you can shuffle a specific playlist or artist which for me makes Spotify the winner.

Hate how everything comes 10 years later to WP. Angry birds epic for example is broke as hell and missing important features.

Not truth, the offline capability is linked to a premium account, I have premium and I can have offline playlists in Costa Rica.

That is the same for iOs and Android.

This is not working....and also the change log in the store shows last updated version as 30 June 2014...i am using US as my region....

Can I now use my Spotify Unlimited subscription on WP and stream without ads? Btw. no update here either...

I'm letting my current box Music Pass subscription expire next year 'cause I've had some new, weird issues with it recently and I am just done with it. I guess I'll be switching to Spotify when that time comes.

I have been waiting for this update for months it's stupid that we had to wait this long for features android and ios has had for months this was seriously a reason for why I was going to switch to android or ios

Still says that I need a premium account oh well uninstalling again. Reinstalled and its working I think it downloaded the old version.

This update was rumored to add dinosaur walking, but that's fictitious. Was a feature I was totally looking forward to.
If you don't know what I'm talking about check the update history.

I can finally leave my android phone at home now! Spotify is my main music app even though it's free. Gonna give this a good run over the next couple days

Thanks for the article Harish. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.

Finally!!!! \m/
I don't understand why they make it only premium on WP users while on other platforms have free subscription. I have to download it now.

Still annoyed that My Music is still not there. For the moment I still have to create playlists to easily access my albums. Fingers crossed for the next update

OHMAHGERD!!! SHUFFLE PLAY! I've been waiting for Shuffle Play since Spotify first appeared in WP7. I no longer have to deal with the first song on the playlist being the first track played every single time I play the playlist on shuffle. Its the little things in life...

Is there any way to trick the app into thinking I'm in US? I'm actually in Serbia and Spotify isn't supported here :(
I use Hola on the PC to trick the website...

If you have WP8.1, you could find a US-based VPN that supports IPsec/L2TP or IKev2, though I don't know any one that's free (if anyone knows one, do tell us please ;D).