Sprint HTC 8XT at Amazon.com

Sprint's HTC 8XT at Amazon for as low as a penny!

It didn't take long for the Sprint HTC 8XT to be on the market before we started seeing penny sales. Amazon.com may be the first and is offering the 8XT for only a penny for new Sprint accounts.  You've got the obligatory contract requirements but a penny isn't a bad deal at all.

Looking to upgrade? Then the 8XT will cost you $79.99 and to buy the HTC 8XT outright (without contractual strings) it'll cost you $429.99. There are separate pricing for those on Sprint's Family plan ($29.99-$79.99) and shipping is noted as "usually ships within 2-5 weeks".

Still... not a bad deal if you're in the market for a Sprint Windows Phone.

Source: Amazon.com; Thanks, Tyrone, for the tip!


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Sprint's HTC 8XT at Amazon for as low as a penny!


I really care less about other manufacturers making windows phone,as long as Nokia makes them that's all I need :) the rest can go make whatever they want sent from my Lumia 925.

If you say so, I have all 3 first flagships and prefer the 8X over them all. Lumia xo.e in last for me unless in taking pics. Sent from my HTC 8X. ;D

How is that abysmal 16gb treating you? That's why I was never able to justify the 8x. I have 10GB of music on my phone. And it will be higher once I sift through more of the collection on my PC.

So, you come to a page that has absolutely nothing to do with Nokia to express your indifference towards phones from other manufacturers. Okay.

If u like Sprint, contracts, and HTC WP8 devices...meh. A Lumia 810 on TMo is better than this, just not as "pretty". But it's a better phone with no contract.

I think people will like this phone, I played with it and its a very capable phone imo. I use and HTC 8x and still love the design HTC uses with its phones.

Off topic, but what would fellow WPC members think about Vizio making a WP phone? The intro into the desktop/laptop isn't bad

I'm not on Joe Belfiore's twitter to message him, but I would strongly suggest that members who are to flood his twitter box with the suggestion of Vizio making a WP phone because they do have good design taste and 1080p HD screens are right up their alley

Why the indigo one? Grrr... In my opinion, it's the worst colour for a mobile device in at least these past few years. Just needs a little bit of teal and it'd fit in perfectly with the 1990s.

If offered in black/white, grey/yellow, or black/red, they'd sell a lot more.

I know someone on sprint that is waiting for a decent WP, got to play with mines for about 10min and was like 'Wow, I'm super impressed, everything is just so simple, clean, designed wonderfully'

You sure ? 3 months from now on ebay for a used one, I would bet you could find one for that price. Even the Verizon 822 could be had for less than $100 if you look around a little...

I can't wait for the penny 1020 sale.  It might take some time, though.  They don't offer the 1020 at all yet.  I just can't part with $300 knowing that the Other Storage bug will eventually render the device useless.  What a bummer.

I just ordered one contract free from Ting for $375. Even if you do buy the .01 cent deal as a new customer, the data fees and minutes for two years are more than just buying the phone outright.

I actually think that the design is half-baked. I preferred the 8S and even 8X to this, design-wise.
The metalic circle around the camera just stands out from the polycarbonate. In a bad way. It is too much with the two-hues-of-the-same-colour approach.
Love the dual-colour-design though, but then 8S is much much more aesthetically pleasing.

Just picked up this phone yesterday from the Microsoft Store for 99 with a 50 MSFT store gift card and 10$ toward the use of apps.

Still waiting for Sprint to start releasing those WP8 commercials. And in store displays. And billboards. And magazine adds. Not so much, huh? Come on Now network, give WP an actual chance. Maybe when they start pumping out the ATIV S Neo?? Maybe??? Please?????

Nah, that's Sprint's style: get a WP device (7 or 8), tuck it in a dark corner, don't push or advertise it, then claim it's not selling due to no demand.

Yup, made even more the case now since they exhausted all of their marketing and network expansion money to offer the iPhone. I can make a reasonable guess that Apple has imposed other "limitations" on them as well... Such as "thou shall not market Windows Phone...". Sent from my HTC Arrive which is, as of today, off contract! Love the phone, hate the carrier! What does unlimited data mean when the network behind it makes it tough to use said data? Now weighing options... =D

Just Glad to see sprints in the game too I had them for my Nextel love my 2-way I miss that whish Nokia made 1 then that would be the best phone ever a 1020 with 2-way how sweet that'd be. Mmmmmm ya baby ya.

To me, that's the problem with all. Carries and WP. While there are some commercials, all they highlight is the camera; why the camera + all the other features?? I used my phone more for productivity (office, sharing/editing/creating and uploading corporate docs to SkyDrive to share with coworkers), text messaging, banking, scanning documents, and playing games via apps that are on the store. Honestly, I think the store has matured enough now that app count/selection isn't that big of a deal because there are comparable if not better apps to substitute the missing top apps.

Glad to see all 4 major carriers finally having an offering...plus a few regional carriers to boot. I'm on US Cellular with my lowly Ativ Odyssey. Sure I'd love to be rocking a Lumia 9XX...but they have to start somewhere. This can only help the case for future Windows Phone offerings.

so what happens when my Arrive becomes faulty/unusable, will they offer me this phone instead or can I still get the arrive (via insurance claim)? I vowed that the Arrive will be the last HTC phone that I purchase, plus I love the physical keyboard; however, I am done with HTC (after my Arrive kicks the dust) as well as Samsung phones. Does anyone know?