The Surface Pro 3 gets real as some specs and pricing are revealed

Come this Tuesday, Microsoft is holding a small but major press event in New York City dealing with the Surface line of devices. Rumors of a Surface 'Mini' have been circulating, suggesting that a device around 8-inches with a new pen will be one of the major talking points. In recent days, reports of a 'Surface Pro 3' started popping up, but instead of a Surface Pro 2 refresh, this appears to be a new model, possibly with a larger screen size.

Windows Phone Central has learned some of the details of this new series, including pricing, processors and storage size. In addition, there will be new Type covers, possibly to fit the larger device.

For the Surface Pro 3, which is now confirmed as being a real device, there will be five versions offered with varying pricing and configurations:

  • i3-4GB RAM-64GB - $799
  • i5-4GB RAM-128GB - $999
  • i5-8GB RAM-256GB - $1299
  • i7-8GB RAM-256GB - $1549
  • i7-8GB RAM-512GB - $1949

As mentioned above, there will also be new Type covers, though it's not known what – if anything – is new about them. Considering the Surface Pro 3 is expected to be a larger device (possibly in the 12 inch range), it would make sense that large Type covers would be required. Those covers will come in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Cyan
  • Red (Microsoft Exclusive, possibly limited to Microsoft Stores)

Other details about the Surface Pro 3 hint at a smaller bezel, larger screen size and the Windows button being located on the vertical side, as opposed to horizontal. Unfortunately details about weight, battery life, screen size and dimensions, are not known.

Needless to say, Tuesday is shaping up to be a major day for Microsoft as the Surface family is expected to grow with both smaller and larger editions. Many details still need to be filled in, including what they look like and other tidbits. Windows Phone Central will be there live to cover the event, so stay tuned.


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The Surface Pro 3 gets real as some specs and pricing are revealed



I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro and a Nexus 7 Android tablet. The Nexus 7 seems to spend its entire life being charged and the only thing I can do to stop it draining overnight is turn it off completely, which is a pain because it takes age to boot up again. The Venue 8 Pro boots up in seconds and holds its charge for days. The Nexus 7 grinds to a halt when it's doing stuff in the background (like updating apps) but the Venue 8 Pro is speedy all of the time. I like the Nexus 7 as a device... if it happens to have enough power when I want to use it. The Venue 8 Pro is just way more reliable and performs better.

Seriously I charge my nexus 7 (2013) like every 2 or 3 days not being used I can leave my dell on for like a week with just the screen off and still come back to somewhat usable battery. 

Yeah, same here.  We have a Nexus 7 and I'd find it completely dead more often than not.  My old Android phone was the same, they did not idle well.

Yeah, the i3 model with 64GB of RAM. i3 is not the same as the i5 Surface Pro 2. Charging $800 for an i3 Surface Pro 2 is idiotic. It should be $700 with the  keyboard included.

Microsoft needs to drop Surface entirely if this is the road they're going to take, pricing themselves out of the market.

Microsoft should also be making things simpler, not more complicated. Instead of releasing 5 different versions of the Surface Pro 3, they should make only 3 Surface tablets period. A Mini, a Surface 3, and a single Surface Pro 3. They're only making it more difficult on themselves. They completely failed to meet demand this past holiday season becuase they didn't manufacture enough, and now they're trying to offer 5 different tablets with different specs and storage sizes? Considering these tablets haven't succeeded yet and they haven't figured out how to ship worldwide and meet demand, they should limit the number of models they offer.

I don't know if that is fair.

I've seen only a few Windows Pro Tablets (i3) with similar specs selling for around $700 w/out any covers or accessories. Selling a Surface Pro 2 (inarguably a far superior product in terms of build quality by comparison to those units selling that low) with similar specs and a touch or type cover for the same or less than that seems idiotic.

Admittedly the other units have a larger screen but that isn't necessarily a positive (and in the ultrabook market the smaller devices can often be more expensive... it is tough to squeeze all that silicon, along with a reasonably large battery, in to a 10" full windows device).

Surface RT for $199 recently.  I love mine and use it everyday and I wish I could say that I waited and only spent that much.  But I have already gotten my money's worth out of it so I can't really complain.

Surface 1 RT is a great tablet. At 199 it's fantastic. Side by side with the iPad, which we just did all weekend I honestly can't figure out why people still buy iPads. Overpriced, no multitasking and the OS is a mess.

Having said that the SPro3 is going to be EPIC! 

I agree. We actually just bought one last week. My wife loves it! It does everything she needs it to, and we now have a second W8 computer/tablet at a very affordable price. 

Rather than LTE, I hope they have a removable battery, ideally hot-swapable; if it has a removable battery I would be getting the i7 1.5k model, but with a sealed design as the previous Pro models, there is no way I would invest that much, and be screwed in several years when the battery starts dying and there is no way to replace it without extensive and expensive repair service.

Same goes for use of the tablet in a business environment, wthout a swapable battery it's nothing more than a consumer product.



unless you are incapable of following youtube tuitorial, nothing is unfixable unless it is soldered.

Surface is virtually unfixable. Surface Pro got a 1 out of 10 by iFixIt for repairability (iPads are around 2 I think). Almost everything is glued together. If something breaks, you WILL HAVE TO take it back and even then Microsoft just replaces the device, and even they won't attempt to fix it (that's what I was told when I replaced my Surface RT because it had the "phantom touch" problem).

Too expensive... With that I can buy a ultrabook with NVIDIA graphics, i7, +8gb ram and ssd
Yeah no touch screen but for me is not deal breaker

The ultra book he's describing can be had for several hundred dollars cheaper than the lowest capacity Surface Pro.

Cool, where can I find one? I've been looking for such a laptop, and if it's a few hundred dollars cheaper than $799 I am in!

Alienware and Asus, amongst others, regularly have deals on refurbs or older models (never used). Also, Newegg discounts older gaming laptops via its official website and its Ebay channel. The deals are definitely out there, if you're willing to shop around!

On that note, where can I find one of these for under $400. Since were considering returns and older models, can get a surface pro original with 128gb for $400 or even less.

If you can find that capacity Surface Pro for under $400, then there's no viable ultra book that can compete with it. 

I got my Surface Pro 128 GB on ebay last week for $450 with free shipping. Came with a touch keyboard, a micro 64 GB memory card, 2 vga adapters, 1 hdmi adapter, 2 power cords, wedge mouse, and stylus.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it. Not even a scratch on it. Im just trying to get use to it after using an RT for the last month. Wish the surface pro wasnt as heavy/thick compared to the RT, but seeing I needed a replacement for a dying laptop, I really cannot complain.

I bought a surface pro from best buy for $500, it was brand new. I'm sure those first Gen devices will drop even more in price now that #3 will be out soon.

I got same thing 128gb at bestbuy couple of months ago, its a beast for $499 brand new. microsoft store ran same deal few weeks later.

Key words..... Older & refurbished.... Good luck to you guys. Everyone in this forum always complain about build quality of the current offerings windows has as opposed to Apple, yet when Microsoft takes matters into their own hands and produces quality devices compared to other OEM's, all of a sudden, it's too pricey even though the build quality and specs are both there. Seems like a bunch of Jr John Kerry 's ( flip floppers). Sorry, but if the surface line fails, it will be the so called supporters fault as we called for quality/specs & when MS obliges, we run to the same OEM's we previously complained. Talk about fair weather fans!!!

I'm not a fanboy of this shit. I buy the product that is best made at the best price for my wallet. Period. As a consumer in the market for a Surface tablet, I'm allowed to praise what I like and criticize what I don't like.

If the Surface line fails, it's because they're not selling to the average consumer, whether or not the supporters buy each and every iteration that Microsoft makes. 

As for your comment about older and refurbished models, it's good financial sense to buy an older or refurbished model, especially if you get a great deal, or you know that the older model is cheaper and would fit your needs perfectly.

Why the hell do you care how other people spend their money?

He doesn't care about how you spend your money. He is pointing out the ridiculousness behind the complaints people have regarding the surface line of products. The principal of which is pricing. These units simply don't compare to anything that's out there if your consider their build quality, specs and probably most important, their form factor. These units should be selling like hotcakes if people who are claiming to want Apple quality products but on Windows would buy them. Look at how limited the competitions OS is and people don't bitch about the price. If they do, they are buying Android. Microsoft has the luxury of choosing to be in the middle, but they opt for higher end. Frankly, that's what you're getting. A surface is much more practical, durable, and portable than any of its roughly equivalent competitors. People forget this is a PC tablet (except ARM/RT which does come close in functionality if comparing W8 Apps). Surface is for average consumer they just haven't figured out how to make PC people spend frivolously on PC components and gadgets the way Apple product fans do, or crappy Dre Beats. PC users just don't do that as we're use to demanding lower prices for everything lest we build it our selves and that's the problem with surface. PC users are precisely the people they need to ditch and go after those that spend.

Raywp7, You my man are more elequent in delivery of similar response thought I have in mind. so, I say thanks for sharing my thought.

For me, it's not even a decision. I don't have an $800 line item in my budget for a tablet.  I didn't "go cheap" with an low end Android, I just go without.  I can use my laptop and my phone to do whatever I need to do.  A tablet, Surface or otherwise, would be a luxury.  People who aren't currently in the market to spend this kind of money on luxuries are not "ridiculous".

going without is nit ridiculous. asking for high build quality and high end component in a very compact package and then asking the it be priced the same as cheaply made plastic arm based android tablets is ridiculous.

Hit that nail right on the head!  I will spend the money for surface even if I have to wait a few extra months to make the purchase.  I have always been pissed with the OEM's for producing crappy products.  What cansumers are starting to realize that business has always known, price is not everything. Its functionality, scalability, reliability & product roadmap.   Since Windows XP there has been nothing but crap when it comes to hardware and Microsoft was thrown under the bus by the OEM's with Vista.  Microsoft finally did what I had been wanting for atleast two decades even though it is later than it ever should have been. Microsoft if you stay the course and show the world your vision for your products while still putting a computing device in every home and every hand, goal accomplished. Ignore the short sidedness of our American Society you will continue to be the company of choice just stay the course. Apple and Google do not care about the consumer they are focused on beating Microsoft, why because you were first. The first is never forgotten remember that. If we all understood that we would be far more successful. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!


People aren't asking for it to be priced the same as "cheaply made plastic arm based android tablets", they're asking for it to be cheaper than a laptop that has superior specifications.

As I've said before Apple/Samsung can get away with charging ridiculous amounts for their products because they have that level of recognition with the average consumer. Microsoft don't. To your average joe Microsoft don't have that level of connection with the consumer yet, people don't just "buy Microsoft" for the sake of it because, to be honest, to most average consumers they still look at Microsoft as a software entity first and foremost.

Now that I have seen the prices, that top of the line SP3 will be $2500 Australian (at a bare minimum, $2300) That is ******* ridiculous, you could buy TWO I7 laptops for that price, not the same form factor, but still, hell buy an ultrabook, or a convertible tablet, and have change left over, all with extra RAM and dedicated display.

Well said, well said!!! Couldn't have put it better. The way people complain about MS product pricing you wonder if they are being robbed or something. A truly objective comparison with any similar product always reveals that the surface line still gives the best value+price deal. I'd take RT over any other ARM OS out there anytime, no question about it!

I just have to say again I'm really impressed with your response.. It's been somewhere at the back of my mind for a very very long time, thanks for voicing this!
The root of the problem as you've said is that PC users are simply used to the lowest prices possible. As such anything and everything Microsoft does will unfortunately always be (blindly) measured against the cheapest price. Apple does not experience this challenge as their users simply do not compare their products with anything, therefore they are at liberty to fix prices as they see fit and still make sales. I think PC users have generally come to take the value MS brings to the table for granted. It's always so sad when I see people rate iOS and Android over RT, making it appear so inferior despite the fact that it is over and above the other two on ARM hardware. It isn't even given a chance. Enough said, MS please keep up the good work!

Oh PLEASE. You sound just the apple fanboys. "It's special it's worth the outrageous price."

Anyone that buys into that BS is an idiot.

Hooray for RayWP7!!! Even if his user name is way out of date, his thought process is completely solid! ;-)

(applause).... Thank you! Thank you! I was two seconds from posting a similar comment after reading through these comments. You can't have it both ways people! You want quality it comes at a price. Durability? Performance? Design? Options? Reputability? This is what we asked for, something above the normal offerings in the Computer aisle. Of course there are cheaper alternatives, that's been the case forever. Yes, you can purchase another ultrabook for cheaper, maybe even a refurbished one. It'll probably last a long time too, but that's not why someone is buying a Surface Pro 3. Their looking for the intangible things. The "feel" of the device, construction and design. And their willing to pay for it. It's like some people want Porsche level engineering and quality at Camry prices. MS should definitely continue offering high-end computers, they have the other OEMs to showcase lower end devices. For those that can swing these prices, this is what we look.for, a certain level of craftsmanship. The nice thing is there are plenty of alternatives.

I personally don't, I'm speaking of spec mongers on this site. You are out of line as I was speaking of those persons who cry for build quality and specs as I mentioned in my post. So if you weren't one of those crying for the things I mentioned then as stated, then it doesn't apply to you and youth should learn how to decipher whether it applies to you or not.

Key words..... Older & refurbished.... Good luck to you guys. Everyone in this forum always complain about build quality of the current offerings windows has as opposed to Apple, yet when Microsoft takes matters into their own hands and produces quality devices compared to other OEM's, all of a sudden, it's too pricey even though the build quality and specs are both there. Seems like a bunch of Jr John Kerry 's ( flip flippers). Sorry, but if the surface line fails, it will be the so called supporters fault as we called for quality/specs & when MS obliges, we run to the same OEM's we previously complained. Talk about fair weather fans!!!


Thank You!  I have Surface Pro, taking really good care of this baby and it's looking like day one.   I hold off on Surface Pro2, because from Pro1 to Pro2 aren't a major key factor for me to upgrade .  I am now ready to ugrade to Surface Pro3, and this Surface Pro will go to my niece, because she has her eye on this from day one.  I love my Surface Pro, especially when I'm at a Coffee shop here in Seattle, and EVERYONE else are either with MacBook Pro or Macbook Air.   I want to stand out!  I don't want it to be cheap! 



Preach brother and let them hear it from the mountain top. well said.

fyi: I am one of those advocating for not just build quality, but plus bestifil design and I have never whinned about surface pricing and really loved their build quality with originality for surface line of products. my household have an rt and 1st edition pro 128gb.

Thank you sir as I currently use a Lumia icon, Nokia 2520, distributed several surfaces in my organization as I am the IT manager. I have been waiting on the surface mini as well as a surface phone if MS ever releases one. I would love for all of my devices to be surface products.

That is an awesome spec for $600. also looks elegant. this though to some extent proves omg55's point. those buying apple devices would rather gladly pay $700 for iPad Air 32gb.

I am sure I do not need to state miles of differences between both and all the bazillion things that the lenovo above.can do that the iPad Air can not even sniff. Now wrap that same spec in a mac os ultra book which is not touch and I bet you it will cost close to $2000 conservatively and apple fans not apple company will defend that purchase with words like build quality, design arsthetics, it just works. MS packs saps spec into a 2LB tablet, awesome design, mag build quality for say $1600. We windows fan will cry murther and bitch like sailors.  Surface designs have awesome originality and solid quality but we just don't want to pay for it.

No, because the Surface Pro 3 doesn't have nvidia graphics, also I'm talking about having more that 8gb

And yeah I'm not talking about buying that for less that $1000 but still cheaper that the Surface Pro 3, but anyway the Surface Pro 3 is still a great device but too far away for my budget so I don't think that I will spend too much money for a device like that even that I wish

Nope. Because the Surface doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. It's not such a big deal for many but you won't be playing Watch Dogs in a Surface. I have a Surface 2 and a desktop for playing games but my brother just uses his Asus ROG notebook (1250$) and connects it to a display to use it at home. His is giant and unportable with no touchscreen but there is a model with touchcreen and cheaper (1000$) but with a SLIGHTY worse graphics card.

I'm not talking about the way I need dedicated graphics card, in my case I will not play games at all but I need the graphic for processing things (with OpenGL and Cuda for example)
But yeah not everyone need graphics card, in my first comment I don't explain at all
But anyway if I had the money enough to buy a good computer as I said and also a tablet, I will go for this new surface without think it twice

Then buy an ultrabook. Every time a surface is announced the same people come out of the woodwork to say 'how much!, for that price I could get an "insert pointless reference to an incomparable device from a different target market here"'

The surface is not an ultrabook, it is a high performance tablet computer, and it is priced accordingly, Ultrabooks are ten a penny these days so it's no wonder you can get one cheaper or higher spec for the same price.

If it's not sour grapes/trolling then save your wisdom for something else.

Thank you. I would love to see a Surface ultrabook line, but the Surface is about defining a Windows tablet, not trying to compete with the dozen or so OEMs cranking out ultrabooks. If you dont like tablets and want an ultrabook, go buy one. The Surface is a tablet. Yes, it can replace a laptop for a lot of people, but its a tablet.

For me it did actually replace a laptop, and that had replaced an iPad. I have a displaylink dock set up at home with KB, Mouse, screen, ecternal HD, priner etc. So I have a great mobile tablet (laptop as well, as I also have a type cover) and when I get home I plug in one USB cable and boom, full desktop computer, so  I get all three :o)

For $300 less than my SP2 with g type cover, my wife has a Lenovo Yoga 11S. Bigger than I wanted, which is why I have it too her and got the Surface, but a nice PC with the same internal specs as my SP2.

That Y series processor seriously hampers performance. And the screen doesn't compare at all.

Yeah, I only had my eyes set on the original Surface Pro, because it was for sale for $599. But, now, I have my eyes set on the Surface Mini. Hopefully, Microsoft releases an LTE version at the right price.

The price would be much easier to deal with if they at least include a touch cover in the price of the tablet.

Just do like I did. Wait till last gen model goes on sale. The surface pro aside from battery life is great for me and this Christmas I will likely get the sp2 if they are around the same price as my pro was when I brought it last Christmas.

The iPad Mini is actually the best tablet that I've owned, so far. Great screen and all-day battery life seal the deal. But, I want a a Surface RT tablet, because the iPad isn't the most productive tablet for typing documents on. And, most of the keyboards available require Bluetooth and are overpriced. But, the Surface will be complementing my iPad and 1520, for sure. I'll definitely get my us out of it.

I have the Surface RT, and while it is decent, it's better to go non-RT.


Also what's up with the music app playing the same 20 or so songs over and over with a list hundreds, and shuffle and repeat on.

Look at the price list for SP3, I wouldn't be surprised to see that MS would drop $100 for all the SP2 line offerings.

MEH. The 'details' won't even matter. If that's the pricing the surface 3 will be a bomb just like the other versions.

Got a surface for 150$ and a surface pro 2 for $800 plus type 2 and more. Never really used either unfortunately... Let me know if anyone wants either

My thoughts exactly.... I will definitely be getting a surface 3 or 2 when they announce a surface 3.

It's of no use. People won't see the functionality of the device, all that they would see is that, there's a cheaper android tablet and talk crap about the surface. Same goes for the laptop perspective. People will just bitch about how the surface is soo costly and Microsoft should keep it to themselves. On the other hand it could become a style statement /"look at me I'm a rich guy" device. But that would need people to buy a Surface. And the plus side it self has a catch. I'd rather say, Microsoft should make a good cheaper low end device first, let that device gain some reputation and then when the surface has a name in the market, bring in the big guns. Introduce surface pro 3 or 4. Till then better stay away from India and save themselves all the bitch talk from the ignorant Samsung users which are unfortunately crowding in India..

Everyone that sees my beast of a tablet (Surface Pro 2) is pretty amazed by it.  The only thing that I found to really bring it to it's knees is my Unreal Engine 4 level I'm making.  That runs perfectly fine on my desktop, but horrible on the SP2 (like maybe .5 fps).  Sure it's not optimized, but I was quite saddened.


But I've thrown a bunch of games at it, along with either a wired x360 controller, or wireless x360 with adaptor (that impressed them). 

Softimage, Maya, Houdini, Photoshop, After Effects.  It's amazing what this tablet can do. 

However, I still do the majority of my work on my desktop.  Like someone above mentioned, an nvidia gpu would be nice, but then price would be even more expensive.

I wonder when Wacom will announce new models of their win8 tablet.  I like the buttons they have on the tablet; don't have to use the keyboard as much.


Lately I've been using the SP2 for displaying sheet music for playing piano.  It's the best method I've found so far.  Flipping pages is simply a matter of swiping across the page.  It's much quicker than physically turning a page of a real book.  And not having to lug around a bunch of books is fantastic - all goes on the microsd card!

Yeah. I'm not saying that it is not good. It's just that here in India people looking for a tablet, look at 3 things. Android version, screen size and most importantly price. Notice how I said android instead of OS? That's because people are very ignorant. Anything that's not android is a piece of crap to them. Windows Phone is slowly getting recognized for it's uniqueness, but there are people who think wp7 and wp8 are the same thing. When I first told my friends i bought a L520, they said "What's the use it doesn't even have Bluetooth". One of them got a 620 as a gift but had it returned and bought a galaxy grand because she "thought it didn't have Bluetooth" and didn't even check. That's the sad state that is happening here. The point of this is that people's mentality is that if it's not android then it must be missing features. I'm not saying everyone is like this, but most of them are. This is what I fear would happen to surface. It didn't happen to wp bcoz of 520. Itz becoz itz a cheap but awesome device. Not everyone would risk a lot of money on something new. So that's why they should bring a budget device first.

They are running Intel Core processors, what do you think? Windows 8.1, of course, otherwise, it wouldn't be the Pro edition anyway.

Last time I was tracking:


I've been using my surface for 5 hours without pluging in to power. The battery estimate claims I still have 43% left.

I have been doing browsing (Firefox), ssh connections (KiTTY), OpenVPN intermittently, Sublime Text, SQLyog, WinSCP, Miranda IM, and Thunderbird.


So pretty darn good!

Nice!!! It sounds like you can easily make it through the day with juice to spare! Here's to hoping, Microsoft can further improve on the battery life of the Surface line! I'm really hoping this rumored Surface Mini has great battery life.

Depends. I have an sp2 and would sell and get sp3 but only if its LTE equipped. Thats the only upgrade I'm looking for at the moment. Love my sp2

There was the ativ smart pc. Don't know if its successor got it. Then theres the dell venue pro & also a latitude tablet aswell

Uh, I wish the windows button was a hard button not a touch one, too easy to turn display on.

When screen is on and I'm typing on my 2520 I sometimes hit windows key, when I swipe down to close an app I sometimes hit it and when screen is locked and I go to grab it I sometimes hit windows button. While on my Samsung t700 I don't cus it has a hardware button.

Priced to fail, again. No one but Microsoft fans will buy these when you can get atom tablets and regular ultrabooks cheaper. And being bigger means they will be heavier and less appealing as pure tablets. Ridiculous strategy.

Can't argue with that. I would buy a mini pro in a heartbeat, or a pro 2, if the damn keyboard was included.

For what it's worth we are looking at the Pro series with a potentially larger screen size, so there is a chance that there may be a series of 10 inch Surface (non-Pro) devices for lower price-points. Let's hope some sanity prevails and we see active digitizers alongside Atom and Core i3 on a $449 and a $549 Surface, respectively.

My brother actually wants a surface pro but needs out at a minimum of 12". I think people who buy sps are looking for laptop/netbook and tablet replacement.

I would love to see them sell at a cheap price, but so far the Surface line is losing money. I think they are trying to change that.

I'm intrigued, through the top end device coming in near $2000 - this device had better have a discrete graphics card because it is going up against serious competition in the form of ultrabooks, gaming laptops and the top end macbooks and even the razor.
I'm guessing (and hoping) this thing is a beast in the vein of the wacom cintiq, but a real deal laptop replacement.
And at those prices the thing had better come with a type cover.
Otherwise it's going to get slaughtered in the marketplace. Too many compromises...

Sadly when most oems implemented haswell they choose to skimp on good discrete cards for low voltage cards that sacrifice any performance gains the top end versions of these cards have

The thing your forgetting though is that discreet graphics chips consume more power than the APU that's currently in them. Meaning your going to draw more power and create more heat.


a tablet simply cant handle that and there is no logical reason to include one.


Some of you guys just don't get it. Microsoft is not going to undercut their OEMs with the Surface. It is always going to be a premium device.

Premium doesn't only mean more expensive... It should be more refined features
Like the razer custome number pad

If that's the case, then Microsoft might as well quit and rely on their partners. I like they're building premium tablets, but if they're going to price them out of the market and fail, just to not piss off their partners, then why waste the time, effort, and money?

Forget about your partners. They don't deserve any loyalty. These bastards have been flooding the market with Android tablets and Chromebooks. They don't give a damn about Microsoft.

Here is a true story.
So I have been working at Starbucks for 6 months. There is this young man(a student), that usually come and did his homework's with his chromebook. One day he came in with his MacBook pro. So I ask him where is his chromebook, and if the MacBook pro is new. He told me that his chromebook stop working,so he replaced it with his MacBook pro. I asked him why not get a cheap laptop. He told me laptop are cheap, once bitten twice shy. He wants something that is well built and will last for a while. I told him I bought a surface pro (and showed it to him) and windows laptops are better than what it used to be. He told me he likes my surface, and wish he knew about it before he bought the MacBook pro.

First of all, the suface line is built to be better. I don't know much about the build quality of the yoga, but i doubt it's as nice. I also looked up the Yoga's price, it really doesn't look that great compared to the prices listed here. Amazon has an 8gb ram/256 hd for 1,468.88, that's hardly $300. That pc also doesn't seem to come with a pen either or a detachable keyboard. . Also, i've played around with Lenovo's, they are awful. I once helped a guy who bought one, out of the box it couldn't even run windows updates (it had w7 installed with a side disk for 8). Also, How can you compare screens when the Surface 3's screen hasn't even been announced yet?

1- best buy had that same model for 1100 for months as a promotion, so does the official Lenovo site with coupons all the time
2- Lenovo build quality is one of the best
3- what's a detachable keyboard when the whole device thickness is in mm
4- I am comparing gen 2 of the Lenovo screen, so if you really want to be fair wait gen3
Tdlr: the surface waaaay too expensive

Lenovo's tablets don't even touch Surface in terms of build quality. Not even close.  I would agree these are too expensive and won't well very well. They better get the mini pricing right.

2- Lenovo THINKPADS are the best. Ideapads, even the yoga, is certainly average+, but not the best.

Haha, I guess ThinkPad's are ok if the only laptop you ever saw was a cheep dell or HP. I've always heard how great Lenovo is, but the first time i touched a think pad, i was surprised at the plastic and cheapness of it all. I also hated the keys, they felt like they were going to fall off the thing. And to top it off, it was full of bloat ware, and windows 7 couldn't even do windows updates out of the box. FAIL

You lost me with your claim that best buy was cheeper. You must be talking about the refurbished model. Because I just looked, it's listed as $1,656.64

No, for awhile, Best Buy did have it on sale for $1100.  I know, because I was researching it, before finally buying an Asus due to concern about the yellow-tint issue.

I'll believe you. And you know what, there's probably a good reason these were being sold at a reduced price. Odds are, i wouldn't want to trade my surface pro 2 for one of those pieces of trash.

Doesn't that weight bother you?  Yoga 2 weighs 3.1 pound and the Thinkpad Yoga weighs 3.52 pound.  The detached Surface gives you flexibility.  Although I wish the Surface Pro 2 could weigh less than 2 pound as a tablet, it is much lighter than the Ultrabooks.  For Ultrabook, you have to carry the keyboard all the time whether you use it or not.  I really like the Surface's Kickstand which is handy and easier to operate than the foldable keyboard.  So the the formfactor design can mean a lot to many people who are willing to pay fot it. 

The Yoga 2 Pro screen is atrocious. Go to Bing and search for the "yellow problem". I've got one because the design itself is great, but Lenovo went super cheap on the screen quality and wireless card, with no pen support either. Surface Pro is the better device.

How about no ? You go google the firmware that was issued less than 2 months later that fixed that problem

Screen for sure is not better. There are problems with yellow. Check it on lenovo forum. Resolution definitely is not everything as some ignorants think.

The Yoga is a great device, but its more of an Ultrabook that can sort of work as a tablet. The Surface is a pure slate tablet that can also work as an Ultrabook. The lines are blurring, but to me, the pure slate tablet is a more challenging form factor to put together and more the space where MS wants to have an active role in the market. I like tablets and would much rather have the Surface than something like the Yoga thats more laptop-oriented.   

I really, really hope this is a small laptop and not a tablet. A laptop would make me seriously consider shelling out the cash for the low end model. I've been a little interested in having a laptop.

A Surface Pro with it's kickstand and type cover IS a laptop. But it can also be a high powered tablet. That's the beauty of them.

Here's the thing, it ISN'T a laptop. The bulk of the weight is contained in the screen. Fine by me for what the Surface is(a hybrid), but not what I want in a laptop.

I agree. The Surface is a tablet first that can do laptop duty in the right conditions. Its primary design is to be a pure slate tablet though. That's exactly what I love about it. If you really want an ultrabook and dont care about mobile apps and touch tablets, the Surface probably isnt for you.

If Microsoft want to really disrupt the tablet market they need to do what Motorola is doing in the smartphone market, make amazing phones for a small price

"Sure, because it worked so well for Motorola." :-P
Except for your weird example of a non existing success story, I have to agree with the last part. They need something outstanding. I've not been impressed with Surface so far (only tried the first gen, tbh).

yeah. they need to sell surface/sufrace pro at a loss, to drive adoption of windows 8. IMHO.
of course, I've no expierence running a billion dollar platform, so WMMV.

Yeah that is true, but msft has it all to lose. Man if it goes even one percent right, it could be massive.

Look at it, msft has surface premium and overprice

They have lumia, mid-range/lower-range, the lumia tablet too. That should be expanded as the low cost model.

They also have nokia x. They torjan horse, the stepchild, the ugly ducking. They can really attck the buttom setter with that. Make a tablet too.

That is why they can afford to overprice.

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This is awesome. I just bought a Venue 8 Pro, so hopefully they won't make Surface 3 or Surface Mini with Intel processors just YET :D I enjoy Surface tablets a lot, but I hate that they're behind other companies like Samsung that often set the new standard. Samsung makes some killer future-proof inexpensive pieces of hardware.

I hope they do make a Surface Mini. A Surface Mini with Windows 8.1 RT (that includes Office) and LTE would be a day one purchase for me.

I hope it's ARM for the sole reason that I just bought the Venue 8 Pro. Don't care much about the bigger tablets, as 7-8" is that much more of a sweet spot for me. Just the right aide to fit in your hand, take with you almost anywhere, and get everything done without carrying around a big, fragile chunk of glass ^^

Agreed lol. I'm leaning more towards RT, because of the included Office apps. Otherwise, I'd have opted for the Venue 8 Pro, as it's an awesome piece of kit.

I had a Dell Venue 8 Pro for a while now.  I found myself use it mainly for the bedside reading and web browsing that a RT tablet could serve well.  It is not comfortable to use Desktop on the 8" screen tablet, although the DV8P does support the legacy apps.  RT fits well with the 8" or smaller screen tablets.  The Surface Mini sounds interesting if it weighs less than 0.8lb.  I would trade my DV8P for that.  The DV8P is little heavy to hold with a single hand for a long period of time.  Hopefully, the Surface Mini is a bit smaller in size and lighter in weight.  MS would probably also release their new Office Reader along with the Surface Mini.  A 7.5" tablet with an active stylus will serve that new Reader app well.  It would probably support the Nook eBook/Magazine service.

Yes. Microsoft makes the highest quality premium products and leaves the variety items for their PARTNERS to make up for. People tend to leave out details like this when they unfairly compare prices. When they say its too expensive, it just means it's too expensive for them.

I would definitely pickup the Surface 3 of Microsoft can match the lighter and the thinner bezel of the iPad Air.

Ultimately the OS is the biggest hurdle at the moment. Needs a huge transformation. But I'm positive this will happen by fall 2014

No kidding, these things are a joke. Anyone who wants to do serious work is going to buy a laptop. Anyone who wants a casual replacement/compliment to a laptop is going to buy a tablet. And with the much cheaper iPad being "the" tablet to buy, no one is going to shell out this much cash for a Surface, especially with Windows 8's current reputation (even if most of it is bogus). If MS wants to make the Surface successful, they need to make less options, make CHEAPER options, and they need to market these things like hell.

What about people who want a mobile tablet they can dock at home and it becomes a desktop, or setup on a table and get some work done. Will that cheaper iPad do that? Will the laptop function as a mobile tablet while you are out and about? 

The Surface line is for people who want a tablet that can also get work done. If you need an apple analogy, imagine an slightly bigger iPad that is can also run OSX like a macbook pro or dock to a monitor and keyboard and run like a desktop.

i3-4GB RAM-64GB - $799

i5-4GB RAM-128GB - $999

i5-8GB RAM-256GB - $1299

i7-8GB RAM-256GB - $1549

i7-8GB RAM-512GB - $1949

Prices are just too damn high. $800 for an i3 and only 4GB of RAM. A cool $1000 for an i5 and 4GB of RAM. The i7 and the i5 at 256GB should have 12GB of RAM instead of 8.

All I've got to say is this better be a 12" tablet or larger and it better damn well include the keypad. Microsoft is not going to sell any of these except for the cheapest i5 and i3. Why even bother at these prices Microsoft.

If you want something cheep and made of plastic, go to lenovo or hp. I personly would rather pay for something quality.

if it was just a laptop you'd be right but its a tablet and a desktop replacement as well, most people that buy that 1000 mac also buy a ipad as well cause you cant go every where with a laptop, you need a desktop or at least a lap to use it, im on a laptop now on a desk, if i use it laying on my bed it gets hot cause where the vent are located, when im in the living room I use my phone to browse the web cause I don't want to unplug the lap top and have to sit there with it on my lap, when Im working i dont mind doing that but just to watch tv, it aint worth it if it was a tablet then instead of my phone id use it, plus I can go do a music session over some ones house and only bring music gear and this tablet, would be all i need, and a usb 3.0 hub

I don't get why Microsoft keeps compromising. They aren't market leaders anymore, they can't have their prices so high. Everyone says the build quality of their devices is top notch, but make the devices more compelling and stop losing money from Surface please.


I would love to get a Surface Pro, but it is too expensive and it isn't a laptop replacement just yet.

Not only is it a laptop replacement, it's a desktop replacement. I do graphic design, web design, 3D modeling, Animation and Video Editing on my Surface Pro. (just got a pro 2, which is even better). I LOVE THIS DEVICE!