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Flipboard just hit a version 2.5 milestone today and with it comes a bevy of new features and "polish" to the controversial Windows Phone app. Perhaps even more of a big deal is the 512 MB RAM support, which was promised shortly after the app's release back in October.

Indeed, this update seems to be a beautiful addition to the 2014 wrap-up in app updates that we are witnessing. Let's check the full changelog.

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Flipboard showdown: iOS vs Windows Phone

Flipboard is a very popular app that grabs content from several sources and presents them in a magazine format. There's a social networking aspect to as well since it lets people curate and share content as their own magazines that others can follow or subscribe to. The app has been available on iOS and Android since 2012, and you might have heard that the Windows Phone equivalent has just been released. We happen to have an iPhone 6 Plus lying around, so let's compare Flipboard running on iOS with the recently released Windows Phone app. The results may disappoint you.

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This afternoon, Flipboard finally released their long anticipated newsreader app for Windows Phone 8.1. The app was released previously in error and then later pulled from the Store. Now, the final version of the app is available, although it still has some rough patches, which is why it has only a 3.3 (out of 5) rating on the market.

One of the biggest disappointments with the Flipboard app is for those with-low-memory Windows Phones like the Lumia 520 and new Lumia 635. Due to the current coding in the app, it cannot run on those devices, cutting out a rather larger percentage of potential users of Flipboard. Luckily, Flipboard is addressing this shortcoming.

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Update 2: Flipboard has informed us that they are working with Microsoft for a 512 MB-optimized version of the app.

Update: Users can now download the Flipboard app. It is still not available for 512 MB phones although it does have some 'flip-like' animations.

The long awaited Flipboard online news reading app for Windows Phone that's been in development for over a year and had a false start a few days ago, may finally and officially be available for download in the Windows Phone Store sometime today.

Originally, the app became available but it was later pulled from the Store due to it being a 'placeholder' version and not the official one.

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Back in Berlin, Germany a few weeks ago during Microsoft's big reveal, many people noticed the Flipboard app for Windows Phone was preloaded on a the new Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 display phones. I won't get into the politics of what happened, but you can pretty much guess that Flipboard was not announced that day. Instead, it is still Coming Soon™.

This morning though, a link for the app has been spotted on the Store. As you may have learned from the headline, you cannot yet download it, making this likely blocked by the developers until they are ready to announce it, or it is a private beta, meant for internal testing.

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When you pick up a tablet for multi-media consumption, it may be a safe bet that a good magazine app will be on your Start Screen. From our forums, Windows Phone Central member rkeenan wants to know your suggestions for a good magazine application for his Windows RT tablet.

In addition to carrying around his Windows tablet, rkeenan also carries around his Galaxy Note 8 (which he'd like to get rid of) to access his Google Play subscriptions. Let us take a look at a few magazine apps from the Windows Store that might help rkeenan cut his ties to the Galaxy Note.

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 app store has yet to be a juggernaut of variety and applications. We had previously heard that the company mentioned this holiday season as a goal date to bring a majority of popular apps to the platform. Yesterday at Build 2013 in San Francisco, Microsoft’s loveable CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Facebook, Flipboard, and NFL apps will be arriving soon.

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