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It's no secret that Windows Phone devices like to make cameos on popular TV shows lately. We saw it used on Hawaii FIVE-0 the other day, when we compiled a few examples of SkyDrive and Windows Phone in action.

Now we got word from you folks that NCIS: LA has been making judicious use of our favorite OS. Indeed, the HD7S showed up no less than three times on three different episodes this season. Heck, there's probably more but we only have so much time.

And because we're swell people, we did all the work and compiled those three cameos into a short lil' vid for your viewing pleasure.

Make sure to take a look at our growing collection of Windows Phone product placements and like they say here in New York City, if you see somehting, say something.

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Though it was rumored to be coming on Tuesday the 11th, Microsoft is now officially delivering the Mango update to the HTC HD7S on AT&T, which includes hopefully that updated firmware (to enable the compass feature, selective focus and general performance enhancements).

Microsoft just updated their blog with the info (guess they forgot it this morning) and users should be able to plug in their phones now to start receiving the update.

Lets us know in comments if you got it and how it went!

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AT&T HD7S Mango update starting today [Rumor]

Although AT&Ts Mango update program has generally been quite successful, there are a few missing pieces: Samsung Focus v1.4, the Dell Venue Pro and the HTC HD7S are still missing.

Looks like that last one, the HD7S, may be getting Mango slightly sooner than expected. The original leaked plans aimed for an end of October ETA, but now it seems they may have wrapped up testing earlier than expected. WinRumors received an internal AT&T letter stating that the Mango update for the 4.3" screen device should be starting today.

From part of the letter that WinRumors received:

"On October 11, 2011, Microsoft is scheduled to begin rolling out the new Mango 7720 update to AT&T customers with existing HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 devices. The update supports the same enhancements that began rolling out to AT&T customers using HTC Surround, LG Quantum, and Samsung Focus devices in late September."

Going to the official Windows Phone support page, we see in fact that the HD7S is in "scheduling" meaning a switch to "delivering" is easily done. However, the Focus v1.4 is still in testing and the Dell Venue Pro...well...

"The HTC HD7S is currently Scheduling, while the Samsung Focus v. 1.4 is Testing and the Dell Venue Pro is in Planning."

Hit us up if and when you get your official update. Heck, our own George Ponder will be flashing his ASAP.

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The clock is ticking on the WPCentral Windows Phone giveaway.  You've got two days left to get your video responses in to have a chance at an AT&T HTC HD7S. 

The rules are simple.  Just post a video response to this YouTube Video telling us why we should consider you the biggest Windows Phone fan? What sets the Windows Phone apart from other systems? How does it make your life easier? Even if you don't have a Windows Phone yet, tell us how owning one would make your life easier.

Make it compelling, make it creative, and make it under three minutes. Only one entry per person and we'll give you until Wednesday, August 24th at 5:00pm EST to submit your entry. We will then take a few days to judge everything and pick three winners. The top video gets the HD7S, the first runner up gets a Qmadix Boost Pack and the third runner up get a $25 gift certificate to the WPCentral.com store.

Good luck everyone!

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Okay... so here's the deal. We've got an AT&T HTC HD7S (see review) just itchin' to be given away. All you need to do to have a chance at winning this Windows Phone is to submit a video response to the above video over at our YouTube Channel. Just follow this link to submit your response.

The topic for the video response? Why should we consider you the biggest Windows Phone fan? What sets the Windows Phone apart from other systems? How does it make your life easier? Even if you don't have a Windows Phone yet, tell us how owning one would make your life easier.  Make your case in creative fashion such as creating your own Windows Phone commercial, submitting a testimony, or a music video.

Make it compelling, make it creative, and make it under three minutes. Only one entry per person and we'll give you until Wednesday, August 24th at 5:00pm EST to submit your entry. We will then take a few days to judge everything and pick three winners. The top video gets the HD7S, the first runner up gets a Qmadix Boost Pack and the third runner up get a $25 gift certificate to the WPCentral.com store.

So gather your thoughts, warm up you video camera and give it your best shot. WPCentral would like to extend our thanks to AT&T, the WPCentral Store and the fine folks at FH-Digital (thank you Jackie!) for making this contest possible.

Update: After much consideration, we're opening this up to everyone.  Just understand that this is a carrier locked phone and it will be up to the winner to have it unlocked.  We won't be able to provide any support for such a case.  Also, please remember we are asking for video responses, not written responses.  Good luck and we look forward to seeing how creative you guys and gals can be!

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If you've read our AT&T HTC HD7s review, we gave the phone fairly high rankings despite the let-down of Super LCD--the one key difference between it and it's brother, the HD7, on T-Mobile.

Since that review, we've managed to get a side by side between those two devices to get a better idea what, if any, the difference in screen quality there are present. In short, while the Super LCD on the AT&T HD7s is a little punchier and bolder, it's only slightly better than the HD7 and is still dwarfed by the Samsung Focus Super AMOLED, which is brighter, punchier and works better in sunlight.

Still, the HD7s looks good "in charcoal" as opposed to the chromed-out version on T-Mobile and they seemed to have fixed the loose volume rocker, which was present (and annoying) on the T-Mobile version.

The biggest disappointment though with the the HD7s/Super LCD is the "screen ghosting" (seen after the break) which we though would be fixed with the newer screen technology (the HD7 suffers from the same distortion). In conclusion, if you like the HD7 you'll like the HD7s as it slightly improves things. But if you were not sold on the HD7 before, then the HD7s willl not convince you to change up. And we really doubt and Focus owners will drop the Super AMOLED for Super LCD. And just think, this fall, Windows Phone users stand a good chance of getting a taste of Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus tech (see PhoneArena), leaving Super LCD even further behind.

Hit the break for some more "versus" photos and see for yourself. *Note: Brightness on every device here was set to 'High'.

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HD7s for $50 at Best Buy

Never to shy away from a deal, we've been tipped that the AT&T HTC HD7s is being offered over at Best Buy for $49.99 (after contractual discounts). The offer also includes free shipping.

Not a bad deal but the catch is finding one. If Best Buy's inventory of HD7s units is similar to AT&T Premiere Site, it may be a tough deal to locate. A quick store inventory search indicates not a single Best Buy in Alabama are showing the Windows Phone in stock. The online listing indicates the phone usually ships within 2-5 business days but "usually" isn't a guarantee the phones are in stock.

Still, if you're in the market for an HD7S it might be worth a call to Best Buy to see if your local store has them in stock.

Thanks goes out to Ben for the tip!

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Although the AT&T site still lists the new HTC HD7s (see review) as available, we're hearing that in fact the phone may be backordered.

Potential customer and reader Chase ordered his HD7s a few days ago from the AT&T business direct/premier online site and just received an email noting that the phone is backordered:

Dear CHASE xxxx,

Thank you for your recent purchase on the AT&T Premier Online Store. We are pleased that you chose AT&T as your wireless service provider.

Unfortunately, items in your order are out of stock and are backordered. We will ship them as soon as they are available, and notify you of the shipment by email. We will ship multiple backordered items when all items are in stock.

If your order remains out of stock or backordered for 30 days, your order will be automatically canceled.

You can view the status of your order on AT&T Premier Online Store at any time.

Reference Web Order Number: 101xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you,

The AT&T Premier Team

This of course raises the question: did AT&T just have low stock or is that phone in high-demand? Alas, we'll never really know, we suppose, but we like to think it's the latter reason. Chime in if you received a similar email from AT&T about your order.

Thanks, Chase, for the info

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Ecolife Hydro Side Case - Review

Ecolife has a new case out for the HD7/HD7S. The Ecolife Hydro Side Case utilizes the same recyled material that Ecolife cases have become known for but also adds rubber edging.

The Hydro Side Case is a welcome addition to the WPCentral Store line-up and to see how well it matches with the HD7 (as well as the Samsung Focus), ease on past the break.

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Well, AT&T made good with their June 5th launch date for the HTC HD7S (see our full review here). Not only is it available at retail stores and AT&T's online store, it is also available over at AmazonWireless.

Through Amazon, the HD7S out of contract, will run you $489.99, as an upgrade $149.99 and as a new phone with contractual discounts $99.99 ($149.99 if it's a part of a Family Account).

Depending on the purchase you may also be eligible for free two-day shippin and additional instant discounts from Amazon.com. Unfortunately, it hasn't appeared on AmazonWireless's $25 gift card promotion. We're hoping that will change later today.

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AT&T HTC HD7S - Review

T-Mobile customers have been enjoying the HTC HD7 for some time now. The large screen Windows Phone is now headed to AT&T as the HD7S. The "S" is for the Super LCD WVGA screen. Personally, I would have liked to have seen AT&T go with something more creative like the HTC Slate. HTC HD7S is fitting but it can be somewhat of a tongue twister.

We ran a first impression video earlier and was impressed with what we saw. Over the past few days we've used the HD7S exclusively and while it still makes a good impression, there is some room for improvement.

Move on past the break to see how well that first impression lasted.

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One of the more frequent questions I've seen with regards to the new HTC HD7S is "how does the screen compare?" The HD7S sports a 4.3" sLCD WVGA screen that is supposed to be a notch better than your average 4.3" LCD WVGA screen. I'm in the process of comparing the HD7S with the HD7 to see how much of a difference the "S" makes.

In the meantime, while it may be an apples to oranges to watermelon type comparisons, we thought we would see how the HD7S compares to the Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Focus and to the smaller WVGA LCD screen of the HTC Surround.

For the comparison, I set the theme to Blue and set the screen brightness to high. In comparing the Start Screen, a game (HydroThunder Go) and a music video the Focus seems to have more contrast, giving the screen a little more pop to it. Comparing the sLCD to the LCD, the differences are surprisingly slight. Maybe a little more contrast to the sLCD but is it enough to really make a difference?

The video may not do the comparison justice as opposed to having the phones in hand. Each are respectable in their own right and deciding which is better, may simply boil down to personal preference.

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AT&T's HTC HD7S - First Impressions

The FedEx Truck left a surprise at the doorstep this afternoon, the new HTC HD7S from AT&T. Out of the box, the new Windows Phone feels good in the hand and it makes a nice first impression.

The 4.3" 800x480 screen looks nice and while it may not match the vibrancy of the Samsung Focus's AMOLED screen, it's not too shabby (it's actually rather nice). The HTC HD7S weighs a smidgen heavier than the Focus and is very comparable in overall size. I think I like the rounded edges of the Focus just a little better.

The HTC HD7S will be available from AT&T on June 5th for $199.99 (after contractual discounts). In the meantime, we'll take the HD7S out for a test drive over the next few days and have a full review up on the site shortly.

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AT&T HD7S available June 5th for $199

While we haven't seen an official press release, in today's social networking age this might be the next best thing.

AT&T has posted on their Facebook Page that their next Windows Phone, the HTC HD7S, will be available starting June 5, 2011 for $199.99 after two-year contract discounts.  No word on out of contract pricing but our guess is in the neighborhood of $499.99.

With the ealier news on the HTC Trophy coming to Verizon, it looks like the end of May/first of June will be an exciting time for both AT&T and Verizon customers.

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AT&T: Windows Phone 7 is "doing fine"

Jeff Bradley, AT&T senior vice president of mobile devices, answered a few questions to PCMag and what was said about Windows Phone was fairly positive, including the comment that WP7 is doing fine. While predictions for the platform are looking great and skeptics remain skeptical, it's almost comforting to learn that a massive carrier are pleased with how WP7 is performing.

"Mango will be the next event. With the timing of when [Windows Phone] came out and the timing of Mango, it didn't leave a natural period in between when we could introduce an interim round of devices. We're working very, very actively with the ecosystem and Microsoft."

AT&T have the HTC HD7S coming soon and Bradley mentions that their next wave of devices will feature Mango and new hardware specification. Of course, all current Windows Phone are upgradeable to 'Mango' but they will lack some relevant hardware like a gyroscope and new CPU make.

So, mixed reactions from manufacturers and now a somewhat positive answer from AT&T, what do you make of this? Typical PR or speaking the truth?

[Skeptic alert: You have to wonder if WP7 wasn't doing fine, whether Bradley would say so publicly. Our immediate thought would be 'no' and he would say something generic like it's "doing fine". Reason being it would sour the relationship with Microsoft, obviously. Of course without any sales numbers to go by, we still really don't know anything, do we? -dpr]

Source: PCMag, via: WMPU

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Hands-On with the HTC HD7S

What can you say about the HTC HD7S, announced for AT&T earlier this morning? You can say that it will be availalbe in the 'coming weeks' and you can also say that it's virtually identical to the T-Mobile HD7. With one notable exceptoin: the HD7S sports a "Super LCD" screen instead of the standard fare on the HD7. We didn't really have any complains about the latter before, but he have to say this S-LCD looks incredible and combined with its size makes this phone the de-facto best screen available for a Windows Phone 7 device - sorry Samsung Focus.

Beyond that build-quality is top-notch. We like the metallic yellow under the kickstand especially. Grab a few more images after the break!

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Yesterday, it was announced that AT&T would be getting the HTC HD7-S, with the "S" standing for Super-LCD, a screen tech comparable to Super AMOLED (sans the annoying pen-tile matrix). It's a big win for the HD7, since the T-Mobile version's screen is one of the worst we've seen for Windows Phone and it's a shame, because that phone deserves better.

Pocket-lint did a quick side by side of the sister phones and to them, the Super LCD was much better:

It’s clear that the HD7S is the better of the two, plus you’ll get a phone that you can use in 2 years time after T-Mobile shuts down its spectrum if and when the AT&T merger goes through.

That last part referencing the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger announced on Sunday. Although it's hard to tell from the pic (and differing themes don't help), we're inclined to believe just about anything is better than the T-Mo's screen. We have our crew on the ground for CTIA as well, so expect some hands on time with the HD7S shortly. Check out Engadget's write up of S-LCD vs AMOLED.

Source: Pocket-lint

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HTC and AT&T have taken the lid off the HTC HD7S, a Windows Phone 7 device sporting HTC's now-favorite 4.3 inch screen with Super LCD technology, a 1GHz processor, SRS WOW / Dolby Audio,  and a 5MP camera 'round back capable of 720p HD video recording flanked by a dual-LED flash. NoDo / Copy/Pase will also be on board.

In other words, we seem to be looking at an AT&T version of the HD7, albeit loaded up with AT&T's "suite" of software like U-verse for TV and tha swanky Super LCD (which fixes the HD7's biggest problem, in our opinion). We're on the ground at CTIA Spring 2011 and we'll bring you more as we get it!

Full press release after the break

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