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Turbo Camera reaches 250K downloads, celebrates by going on sale

Turbo Camera for Windows Phone

Turbo Camera is a neat camera app for your Windows Phone that delivers high speed shutter performance and allows you to convert your images into an animated .gif file.  The burst mode reaches as high as 30 frames per second on some Windows Phones. The app recently passed the 250,000 download mark and in celebration, the developer has lowered the price to $.99.

Turbo Camera normally runs $1.99 and the sale price will stay in place until the version 2.0 update hits the Marketplace. According to the developer, the update is scheduled in the next few weeks.

Turbo Camera

The version 2.0 update is expected to include an image editing tool and a public album where Turbo Camera users can publish their .gif video creations for comments.

There is a trial version available to let you try out Turbo Camera and the $.99 sale price for the full version makes things a little more attractive. If you're on the fence with Turbo Camera, now might be the time to take the plunge.

You can find Turbo Camera here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR: Turbo Camera


Reader comments

Turbo Camera reaches 250K downloads, celebrates by going on sale


As far as the burst mode is concerned, yes, you have that ability with both HTC and Nokia Windows Phones.  But can you create a .gif file in-house?

With some phone models you may need to tap a point of the viewport to focus before start shooting, than keep the phone perfectly fixed (for best results use a tripod).

This app was released in April this year and has racked up half a million downloads in 4 months?
I find that a bit hard to believe to be honest.