UK retailer Tesco offers £100 discount on Surface 2

UK retailer Tesco offers £100 discount on Surface 2

UK buyers can now save £100 on the Surface 2 at retailer Tesco. The discount comes just after we had reported that the Microsoft Store is offering American buyers a $100 discount on the Windows RT-powered slate in the U.S. The discount applies to both the 32 GB and the 64 GB models of the Surface 2.

Does this discount make the Surface 2 tablet more appealing to you? Let us know if you pick one up at Tesco or if you spot discounts at other retailers.


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UK retailer Tesco offers £100 discount on Surface 2


Why is everyone dropping the price? Is there a new surface coming out or are Microsoft getting rid of the rt os? Something fishy is going on Imo.

Lolwut? May as well "drop" phones too because we can "run out of memory" there too.

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I'm sorry. I'm a true WP fanboy. Still i think That Windows RT is crapcompared to the iOS/Android tablet Experience. IMO , winRT should be dropped and all tablets should be equipped with full windows 8.

Rubbish. Its windows without desktop mode which isn't optimal on a touch device. When we get metro office, I wont use desktop ever on my surface 2. Rt has its place, ita pure new windows with little danger of a virus or malware. Love mine.

You miss the point.  These are SURFACE tablets; half of the marketing for them revolves around the ability to attach the keyboard and turn it into a laptop.  RT effectively restricts you to tablet mode, cancelling out a major aspect of the device for a lot of buyers, whereas full-fledged W8 gives you the choice of either or.  Someone running full W8 could still opt to rarely - if ever - touch the desktop side of the device, but at least they can rest comfortably knowing it IS there for those situations or programs that need it.

It doesn't really offer anything exceptional as an ARM based tablet. I'd rather save my money and get a Surface Pro.

It does. Mouse input. Side by side multitasking all over what an iPad does for less money. Amazes me more numtpies don't just get that.

Mouse input? Wow. I'm not sure how I've lived without that on a full touchscreen tablet. Side by side multi tasking is more of a gimmick than anything else in my opinion. I don't think it has any advantage over just switching back and forth.
It really needs to offer more to compete with Android and iOS offerings.

Side by side multi tasking is in no way a gimmick. Think of using office to do an essay and copying quotes from a webpage or book from kindle snapped right beside ....i can't imagine going back and forth like you do on an iPad...... Not that I'd be writing an essay on my iPad!! And that's just one example

I agree with aero.  How can you call side by side multi a gimmick?


- cross-ref, or follow instructions from one side of the screen while working on the other

- Watch a youtube video on one side; do something else on the other

- Easily navigate between two tasks without having to keep alt-tabbing back & forth

If you don't think that has an advantage over alt-tabbing, I honestly question you as an individual.

Apps are still a real mess on win RT . Sorry , desktop win8 on tablet is what MS should do to overwhelm ios/android tablets.

I do not like ARM Windows, it's just windows without the Desktop, which defeats the point of it. But I might if it drops to £200

The same for me. I love WP but I would never buy an ARM windows tablet . When you can find 10.1 tablets running full windows 8 at 300/350$ , why would you even consider the surface RT ?

Old strategy games and games for x86, Visual Studio, far too many programming languages, proper file management and image editing. So RT is a no-no.

You Can even get some i3 powered Windows 8 tablets for 400$ , 2x times cheaper than surface ( of course , specs are below ) but it's still a very good deal.

Yeah I'd only really use it for light PC gaming, word processing and internet browsing so that's a pretty good deal. I'll have to frantically save up my money now!

I also think the Surface Pro is overpriced too, it makes more sense to buy a touch screen laptop or convertible, since you don't have to pay an extra $100 for a type case (or whatever they're called, they cost something around that).

It's was that price in the UK Microsoft Store when I last looked (still is now). I was tempted... but the old Surface RT is still doing fine, so I have no excuse to change!

I don't get all the hate for win RT. I have a laptop running windows 8.1,never use the apps. I have the surface running RT and hardly use the desktop, only for office. Win RT is perfect. The battery life is great and I've got all the apps I need. I don't need window 8 on a tablet.

Because of big mouths and small brains and most nay Sayers never owning one. After you with surface rt for a while do you really appreciate the elegant simplicity of it. Love mine. My iPad hardly ever gets touched these days as rt is better.

Unfortunately, despite this nice discount, the device is still over priced here (as are all UK consumer electronics). I could get a full windows laptop or a tablet running full day windows for this price, as such they should be proving this even lower, as well as making the convergence between the various versions of Windows easier to understand and mutually compatible

My Surface RT is really bad, it has trouble loading anything and seems unresponsive, I was the most hyped I'd ever been about any device when I heard about it too *sniff* I'm a mild user and it isn't for me.... So who is it for?

Not sure why you are having problems but my surface 2 RT is super fast like seriously fast and very responsive. And to make things even better Microsoft is going to release a preview build for windows 9 RT this fall. For all surface RT models. WinRT is not going anyware and keeps getting better and better. I love my surface and use it 100% and replaced every PC in my home.

You can get a Lenovo 8 inch tablet from amazon with windows 8.1 for £179 roughly... Slightly smaller but alot cheaper and has the full windows experience!