Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data

If you happen to be looking for a new smartphone plan and don't need a lot of data and only have one line to worry about, Verizon has now dropped a new plan that might be of interest to you.

As part of a new promo, you can now get unlimited voice minutes, unlimited text messaging and 2GB of data for $60, you'll want to pay attention to the overage charges though that are set at a whopping $15/1GB. Obviously not going to be an option for everyone but it's sure to fit some needs.

If you happen to have a smartphone with Verizon Edge, you will receive $10 off the monthly access on the single line plan. If you're looking for the full details, Verizon has kindly set up a FAQ section on their site to view.

Source: Verizon - Thanks, John!


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Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data


You are, I'm paying $130 for 2 lines with unlimited voice/text and 3 GB data, insurance, visual voicemail and tethering... maybe some other stuff.

Verizon is just crazy with existing customers.  I have more than one account with them for personal and business.


My personal line for my family is 4GB/Unlimited, and with 3 phones, it is $210 a month. 


It would be cheaper to destroy the phones, pay the termination fee, and buy back in with Edge phone contracts. It is something that will get resolved, but I literally have to go to a 'true' corporate store in person to get it fixed.


When they did their 'More Everything' crap, all the plans came down in price a bit, except the 4GB plan I had my family on.


The sad thing is that I know they will fix it for me, but ONLY because I have other accounts and know people at Verizon.   However, there are a lot of people that are locked into a 2yr agreement at insane prices, and in areas of the country where Verizon is the only viable service - which Verizon knows and leverages against their customers.



Around $125 for 2 lines, unlimited calls and texts, insurance and 16GB of 4G... Vodafone UK. Tethering is not metered, its just part of my usual allowances. (2x £32 line, 2x £7 insurance multiplied by 1.6)

I'm paying 20 euros by month for 3 GB, unlimited voice and text, tethering, VoIP, visual voice mail. Yes, I live in France. :D

I use the preview but normal users shouldn't have to. I also manage a business account and the last thing I would do is install the preview on their phones.

I'm paying $30 no contract unlimited calls,text,mms,roaming, and long distance calls, made and received and no hidden fees. only downside is 500mb data but when you're surrounded by wifi that's not an issue. I've never used the whole 500mb.

This is not a bad plan if it includes subsidized devices. The pricing is exactly the same as their prepaid service.

And enjoy the feeling of not being able to use 4G LTE phones. I love Page Plus but until they allow 4G phones it's not an option.

Is it really the best deal telcos can offer to US citizens? Prices in Europe are really lower: I pay about 20 € (25 USD) a month (no engagment, no fee if I resign) for 3 Gb 4G data, unlimited calls to 55 countries landlines, unlimited calls in France (mobile and landlines), unlimited SMS & MMS. 

Actually, Sprint has it closer. One single line $25/1gb. That's pretty much the cheapest anywhere. Plus better overall coverage according to both coverage maps.

I never know what to respond to such a heavy bias...except that I love my Sprint so far...after 7 years....haha

Try a different carrier just for a year and you'll notice the difference. Its hard to tell what you are missing out on when that's all you know.

You get what you pay for here.
You can get MUCH cheaper plans, but you'll probably have to sacrifice service quality, i.e., 4G coverage, support, device availability, etc.

From what I understand about most European carriers, I understand why most are cheaper as their service is more comparable to Tmobile or Sprint here.

I doubt they are. I borrowed an A&T go phone when I was last in Cali and the coverage sucked.
Anywhere in Europe our coverage tends to be spot on. In all fairness I did get better Orange coverage 2000m up a mountain in Austria than I got in central Manchester, UK (but I'm not on Orange or EE anymore :D ). In the UK the networks have been instructed by the telecoms regulator to provide at least 98% nationwide coverage (I think)... So us paying less doesn't mean we get less. It means we have a more competitive and realistic market.

If Verizon was GSM I might be all over this (taxes and hidden fees would probably deter me in the long run). But as it is no way I am getting rid of my 1520 or going back to being unable to switch phones whenever I want without the need to activate them. I am assuming you still have to activate CDMA phones even if they use a sim card or am I wrong? I have been gone from CDMA for so long (used to have Sprint) that I don't really know.

You can just swap sim cards. Just went from my 8x to a 928. Switched cards started up the new phone it already transfered my contacts along with it. Without having to click a single thing. Was nice.

Don't even have to do that. You can do it all online and register the new SIM yourself but you'll need a second line to receive the confirmation code request.

You can get this same plan for $65 on ATT... I'm on it. Well, I say ATT cause you said 1520. Maybe you meant TMobile, I dunno.

Not exactly true. ATT in our area and region has much better service and coverage than Verizon. It could be the opposite where you live.  IMHO there is no Bar None provider.

That said if you are in an area where ATT provides great service the new Cricket plans are great. I recently moved all of the folks who work for me in the field over to them.

155.00 per month for 5 phones taxes and fees included. 2.5 gb LTE data then throttled per phone. Unlimited talk & text. 

I had all phones on Straight Talk with same data,talk and text and it cost 279.00 a month per 5 phones.

Over a years time I will have saved enough with the number of phones we have to get them all 1320's which most of them are very happy with.


$279 doesn't make sense unless you bought International Plans and got some sort of discount of which they don't offer multiple month discounts like their regular national plan.  Otherwise, 5 lines at Straight Talk should be $233 or less, if buying increments of at least 3 months or more and whether you bought from Straight Talk which adds about a $1.50 in taxes and fees or from Walmart where it is a $45 or less, no tax or fees.

But I did go to Cricket and their pricing for multiple lines is without a doubt better even with the slight misinformation above because looking at their site you do pay extra for International calling.  Reading their terms, I thought auto-pay discount didn't apply to group plans so 5 lines would come out to $160 but you must be getting it for the first line.

Still a ton of savings. Sorry to nitpick but I use Straight Talk so the discrepancy in your reporting of pricing bothered me and I like things to make sense if there is no other information for me to work from.

At around $65/month savings(at least by my calculations) it is significant enough to change for what is essentially the same service since each provider uses AT&T towers.

Straight talk is actually 50.83 per month per line with taxes and fees or 254.00 per month for 5 lines. I did the math at 53.80 per month. Not sure why that was stuck in my head.

I believe we got the autopay discount because we moved 72 phones over to them.

Thanks for the correction.


Huh, that is really weird why you are charged over $5 in taxes and fees.  For the past year and half when I didn't buy from Walmart, I paid $46.54 that being the worst price since I only bought 1 month at a time, something I only did when I got too close to the cutoff and because Walmart was notoriously slow in sending me the code via email.  With Walmart it was just $45 or $125 for 3months, no taxes or fees.

Do they charge didn't fees in different states?

While I generally agree, there's been times including the past 12 days when my boss could make calls and send texts on her ifruit on ATT and I couldn't do either unless I went outside. She has also had reception at their ranch and I had nothing but wifi. I'll never understand why I can sit side by side a friend of mine in our neighborhood bar and her ifruit is faster at pulling anything up than my 928.

You may be off base.


Qi... OK, They don't support Qi. (Which is the reason I bought a 1520.3 instead of their gimped version).


But they don't support WP? Are you kidding me? They single handledly offer the largest selection of Windows Phones in the US and have been somewhat adequate with the release of updates for them.

I think people are upset that there hasn't been a new high end device on att since the 1520. Most people who have 920's will be up for upgrades in the next two months.

This is true but I think this is the fault of Microsoft/Nokia instead of any partcular carrier.


I also think this is the reason WP growth has reversed. They just haven't come out with anything with a wow factor in a while. In the meantime the Galasy S5 came out and the next Note is about to come out.

How is 2gb not a lot of data? That's heaps, what the heck do Americans do on their phones to need more than that if you're using WiFi all the time?

Netflix, Hulu, XBox Video, and tethering the phone in the car and playing Halo 4 multi-player.


(It is the American 'excess at everything' way)   :)

I commute over a hour each way to work daily and only have access to wifi at home. Im sure im not the only one either.

It's not hard to eat up data while driving or going about one's business. Outside of work or my house I'm rarely connected to WiFi.

On a shared plan, some people leave their data on all the time... While I conserve by using WiFi when possible. Saves battery too.

As of right now I've used 8 GB this month.  I would ask the exact opposite question.  How could you think 2 GB is a lot of data?

Ditto! I'm halfway through my monthly bill cycle and used 8gb data and 3gb hotspot. Skyping my girl, movies, music, browsing, Facebook, OneDrive.... And then at home, per request, Sprint put a tower near my house so my LTE is faster than my WiFi... Hence, little WiFi use xD

Definitely true, but we get much better gas prices so it's really 6 of one, half-dozen of another. Pluses and minuses no matter where you are.

>Yea, but Euros have better beer prices and better beer which is what really matters

Yep, your right, that is most important ! :)

You are correct sir! And I believe we're ranked #13 in the world with speed. However I believe the good 'ol USA is still the best country to live in!


I have this but with 1GB, but it was a limited time special I believe. Guess I need to try and see if I can get this instead. I've been doing surprisingly well with just 1GB though.

Edit: Just called and had it upgraded to 2GB. The guy I called had no idea they offered this plan, but was happy to change my plan once he found the code for it. He said it would be offered until 9/30.

Damn it as I read Verizon I thought Cyan is being released for 928. Well waited for Black for months will wait again :)

Weird, the main page linked in this article states $60 for 1GB and $75 for 2GB, but if you click the FAQs, it says $60/2GB.  Verizon really needs to get their act together with their website.

Just talked to Verizon Wireless via chat. Don't think this will work for existing customers already under contract unfortunately. Think you have to be upgrading to get the new pricing. Maybe it'll change when this becomes widely known and people feel like they're getting screwed? Hope so.

If it stays this way, I'm going to get a new phone when my contract is up this year to get this new pricing, can't pass up the $30/month in savings. Might mean an iPhone 6 if no new high-end Lumia and the HTC One doesn't seem like it's a good option based on people's expereince. Really hope something high-end is announced by then. I was really counting on that McLaren.

FYI, the $60 is correct. It's being strictly called Single-Line pricing though. So only accounts with one device.

Were you already on a single line plan? I'm on More Everything and when I go online, the option doesn't exist? Maybe I'm using the wrong screen?

Thanks so much for posting guys. Since the 3 of you had success, I did call in and see what could be done. Took awhile to find the right code but finally got it to work. I decided to press my luck tonight to get this to work because my month begins tomorrow. So this is really great and along with the $30/month or so in savings, I will be able to maybe wait out the next high-end Windows phone if the HTC One isn't going to work out for me.

I literally just got out of chat with them to ask about switching.  I am still under contract for another year, have a "second" line (it's really just a $10/mo fee for upgrading early, there's no actual device attached to it) that is also under contract still, and they still switched me to this $60/mo 2GB single line plan.  I'll be curious to see what happens with that second line.  Maybe the customer service lady just made a mistake and I wasn't supposed to be eligible, but I checked my account and sure enough my plan was changed correctly.  What a rare sign of good customer service from Verizon.  She kept calling it a "loyalty" single line plan.  I'd try again if I were you.

I chatted with them online and specifically asked to switch to the $60 2GB single line plan.  I didn't see it when I logged into my account and clicked "change plan" in there.  It just gave me options to change the amount of data I got under my previous More Everything plan.  When I chatted with them online and asked for that plan specifically, she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about.  I prefer chatting with them online because then if they screw something up with changing plans (they've done that to me a lot with my high speed internet), you have a transcript to point to.  Good luck!

Thanks! I got it changed. I called in because the online chat said they couldn't do it but calling Customer Care they could help me. I had to extend my contract by a year, but I wasn't going anywhere anyway and it will be replaced with whatever contract I sign whenever I upgrade my phone. Very pleased.

Nothing. Love the look of it. But enough people have complained about HTC especially about their support, that I figure I'll wait and see how others do in the next few months. Also, not sure about no longer having some Lumia features including the HERE apps. Just gonna wait and see how it does.

Slovenia, 21eur - 28 dollar for unlimited text, messages and 1GB of internet + 3GB free for 2 years :) however the price of high end phones with this plan is around 400-600eur

Yeah. But you also don't get to live in the greatest country that has ever existed on earth. So it's a tradeoff.

Does this include phone subsidies? For example, can you buy a Lumia 930 at subsidized price like $200 with this plan? 

Yes, it's just the new pricing for single price plan. Everything else stays the same, including subsidized pricing. I assume this is to compete with T-Mobile.

Most likely. Remember though, T-Mobiles' equivalent plans offer unlimited data (just down to 2G speed I think after the LTE limit is reached) and mobile internet sharing (which Verizon only offers on their shared line plans). Verizon definitely is more competitive with this pricing, everything taken into account. But T-Mobile still has more features included (though worse coverage IMO).

I think it's most likely a ploy to lure people from their unlimited plans and get rid of that headache once and for all.  Unfortunately, they don't have to compete with T-Mobile on price because of their superior network, and they seem very aware of this with the way they treat their customers.  I've almost left Verizon several times (and have once) on principal alone.  If only somebody else had service in my area as good as Verizon's...

Like I said, I would have stayed away if anybody else had good coverage in my area.  AT&T had 1 bar at my house and 1 bar at my work.  Not really useful when you keep losing service.

It's the fastest and most reliable service in my experience and now the least expensive Verizon plan. But thanks for your thoughtful and eloquent input. :P

I just switched to T-Mobile because I could get a smartphone with unlimited calls and text for $47 when I was paying almost $40 for a dumb phone and no texting. It is only 512 Mb data but I didn't want it for data anyway (it also shuts off data when you reach the limit, so there are no overage charges.) Now I'm just waiting for them to switch my number over and send the Lumia 630(635? I don't remember which)

@brego33: I was a twelve year TMO customer.  After they bought MetroPCS and implemented their GSM phones and (TMO) network, I switched.  I was paying $30 for 30 days of service, 1500 minutes or texts, 100mb of data, which I used almost none of.  Yeah, I was old school.

The 30 day TMO programs are a pain in the patooty. It means your date for payment constantly changes except for those 30 day months.  And you pay taxes on top of that.  So, for an additional $7-ish per month, I get the same re-up date every month, unlimited talk and text and 500mb of data. 

Your TMO phone doesn't even need to be unlocked.  Insert a Metro SIM, and there you are.  I didn't even have to change my voicemail!


Or you can go to T-Metro, pay $50/mo and get an additional 500mb of data.  Or, for the same $60, unlimited data.

Truly, Verizon is the worst when it comes to costs. 

When my sister tried to upgrade her iPhone to whatever a couple of years ago, they wouldn't let her keep her plan.  The options were, of course, not in her favor.

At one time Verizon and AT&T had the most incredible coverages, because with the right phones, they would back up their PCS services to the old fashioned, low frequency AMPS service.  But that's been gone for seven years, so it's all pretty moot.  And when T-Metro rolls out their 700mhz voice over LTE, it will be a whole new game.

What the heck is T-Metro?

I've had Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon service over the past 3 years. At least where I live and travel, Verizon has by far the best coverage.

He's probably referring to the fact T-Mobile bought MetroPCS and was combining the names seeing as GSM phones that have service with MetroPCS are essentially running in T-Mobile's network.

@Mike So:  Don't know T-Metro?  Let me bring you up to date.  TMO bought MetroPCS in May of last year.  Metro was a CDMA network, which my brother and some other relatives were on here in Florida without complaint for many years.  The native coverage was here and there, roaming had issues.

Within two months TMO rolled out GSM phones for new customers that piggybacked right on top of the TMO network.  In fact, if you go to www.metropcs.com it even says something like "Riding on the T-Mobile Network."

TMO/Metro will be shutting down the CDMA network by end of next year, but some large markets are already going dark this year, ahead of announced intentions.  TMO is offering good deals on phone upgrades for those that have old phones. 

TMO all by its lonesome self has already become the nation's largest prepaid carrier.  And it's on track to displace Sprint as #3 well before the end of this year.

If you are OK with prepaid vs. postpaid, MetroPCS is a far better bargain than anything at TMO.  And you get the exact same coverage, etc.  When I switched, my TMO phone fired up on the new MetroPCS SIM w/o any problem.  I didn't even have to change my voicemail.

2 gig of Data (4G LTE data to boot) is too small a cap before overages. Tmobile for me!

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I pay 10€ for 350 call time, 350 texts and 350 MB in Serbia. I really can't figure out why people over the world are complaining about overpricing. Here people earn average 200€/month.

Thanks for sharing my tip Chris!

Sounds like a great deal. I'm currently paying $70 a month with AT&T for the same plan. This is $60, and only $50 a month on Edge. If Verizon continues to keep getting all the latest and greatest WP's and still support Qi wireless charging, then I'm seriously considering paying an ETF on my 15 month old "free" 920 (2-year contract) and jumping ship to Verizon.

I have 5 lines and 12 GB of data with vzw, and I'm paying $300/month including taxes. It is highway robbery in my opinion.

Straight Talk (Walmart) now does Verizon network as well as ATT. $45 for unlimited everything. Regular sales tax. Page Plus and Selectel are good Verizon MVNOs. Howardforums is the place to go for info.

You could get Cricket Wireless (owned by At&t, so same as at&t service) and pay $60 for unlimited everything and 5GB of high speed, price includes taxes. If you sign up for auto pay it would only be $55.

I pay 330 a month unlimited Talk and Text, with 8GB of data.

I have 5 Smartphones on the account.

2 windows phone and 3 iphones.

Straight talk is better - 45 a month for unlimited everything, but data is throttled after 4gb. You can't beat that - and no contract.

I'm paying $100 a month for 4 lines with 2.5 Gb of 4g LTE data per line and don't have to worry about those ridiculous overage charges. T-Mobile.

With TMO fam plans the data is per line, not shared. They are a much better deal for post-paid plans than the big 3. And your data isn't cut off, it only drops speed after the limit.

I pay $180.00 a month for 4 lines. 2 smart phones with 6 gb data each and 2 feature phones. 1400 minutes and unlimited text. I get a 23% discount with my employer. nice thing is they take 23% of my data ($23.99 something instead of $29.99) and also my total bill. I can’t complain. Well....getting rid of their unlimited data...ill complain about that...

i ah 90 a month before a 15% discount for 3 lines unlimited everything with 1gb high speed data and includes free roaming abroad and free interntional texting. Tmobile rocks!

2GB of data. Are you F**King serious. These cell phone companies are crooks. Data should be unlimited, just like minutes & text. Capitalism at its finest. Its a bunch of BS!

@IAmBay: Capitalism at it's finest will end up offering unlimited data if the company can live with it. If the companies decide to form an unofficial cartel and control prices, that's NOT capitalism...

Woah!!! I knew you yanks had your data plans with subsidized phones, but I never checked your prices... The mentioned data plan, without subsidized phone, but also with only a 6 month "handcuff" period, would cost just 29$ here in Denmark. Mine costs 18$, and I have 4 gb plus phone-like-home in Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Ireland and Hong Kong, but have to manage with only 4 hours of talk time (I use 1 on average, so absolutely no problem). If I go above the 4 gb, it just shuts down until I actively choose to pay for extra data. My old contract just slowed down to a crawl without changing extra, but the phone-like-home deal weighed heavier.

Now I understand why you're so fixated on subsidized phones; your contracts are ridiculously expensive!

5GB would make it useable. I guess our needs are different. I still haven't gotten into streaming, it it is not my GPS. Have a positive day throws2000!!

O.O $15 dollars per Gb that is insane and what's more insane the prices listed in the comments... If I was to tally up:
£20 for unlimited calls, texts, 1gb sim only (for me)
£11.99 for 1000 minutes, unlimited texts, 250 mb also sim only (my dad's contract)
£30 for unlimited calls, texts, 2gb, gs5 - my bros contract.
£15 for everything unlimited (3g) (full monty plan) younger sisters contract.
That's about £77 for 4 lines.

You guys pay too much, then again I guess that's why you get the phones upfront for next to nothing.

2GB is never enough. If they offered 5-7GB then "maybe". But has long as I get unlimited dats on T-Mobile for $10 more I'm staying put.

You're speaking for yourself, and that's fine. As long as you know that most people don't use 2GB of data on their phone. I have unlimited data and never come close to using 2GB in a month.  

Americans should rise up against their carriers. You are really getting screwed! Is there no consumer rights organization over there?
In my country contracts longer than 12 months and carrier locked phones are illegal. And I don't pay anywhere near 60$ a month for unlimited call/text and 2GB data.

I have Straight Talk Bring your own phone.
Unlimited talk & text, 3Gb of data @ up to 4G speed for $45 a month. If you go over on data, it drops down to 2G speed.
Don't let the kids watch videos.

Verizon sucks, I am with Metro PCS (T-Mobile LTE) $60 everything unlimited including LTE as well with Nokia Lumia AT&T

Make sure that Verizon doesn't switch you to the Loyalty Plan, which is also $60, 2gb of data, but it extends your contract for a year even if you're already on a no contract edge plan. It's not the same thing as the Single Line Plan. They did that to me yesterday, but good thing I went online and caught it and made them change it to the right one.

AT&T Unlimited everything with Lumia 1520 & Galaxy S5 while sharing 10GB with my bro, and his job's discount = $110.00 after taxes.

$100 4 lines unlimited talk /text , 10g data /2.5g per line LTE & slower speeds after 2.5g. Never incur overages. plus Unlimited International texts & data and only 20c per min on calls from anywhere in the world. Best part is that there are no long term contracts. Always month to month. Lumia 1520.3 LTE works awesome for me . Others are a rip off

Verizon stop branding your phones with no taste. That's another thing you can stay to improve besides your high rates

Ho my! Didn't know it was so expensive I'm the US... :-/
Here in France, thanks to mobile operator "Free", we have free talk, free text and mms (multimedia texts) and 20Go of data.... For as much as 20€... :P

I'm with Verizon and have left them twice, once for Sprint which I regretted quickly and even got out of my contract because while I was trying to bookmark a link the phone totally went belly up and did nothing. I went back to the big V, then got pissed off about the cost and went to Cricket, which while it was cheap and my first smart phone, I had crap reception out in the country when riding my motorcycle. So back I went. I had 3 Thunderbolt's and 3 Rezounds inside of a year, all with terrible problems. Then I bought my 928 last may and I've never looked back. No horrible issues, grandfathered unlimited data, texts AND no contract! That alone was worth the $500 for the phone. The thing that has always bothered me though is that even though I bought my phone outright, I'm still paying $108 a month, the same as when I had a subsidized phone, which makes no sense to me. So now i'm eyeing this new $60/2 gig plan as something I may look into. I rarely hit 2 gigs, but wanted to keep my unlimited. I could get used to using wifi more as I'm already on it with my descktop at home and there's wifi at work, even though it kills my battery. I did recently purchase a Lenovo Mixx 2 and could easily use that on wifi for pandora and other things that would help me not cross that 2 gig plan, but honetly if it's only $15 to go over some, it would still be worth it. It's hard to believe that ATT has more WP phone choices than Verizon which bothers me greatly, I've just never been a fan of ATT and  to jump to an Icon or 1525 isn't a big enough of an improvement over the 928, to me anyway. I am on the Developers preview anxiously waiting for whoever is responsible for not getting Cyan out to do so and I'm not sure if ATT has that. I've seen my boss get reception when I couldn't, which just kills me.  Depending on how they treat me today when I call to inquire, I may try ATT if they don't play well! But if I switch I'd have to get one of their phones and there's nothing wrong with my 928. I guess it's $60/2gig or I'll just keep what I have. I'll post the results as I've yet to see anyone on this thread in the US that's purchased their device and switched to this new plan!

Still confused about Edge. Paying for the phone while receiving a discount on monthly access? Sounds like they just want money. Rather stick with the same phone, I don't care.

I just got off the phone with Verizon and made the switch! My biggest concern became whether or not it would put me back on contract and it wont! In the past 3 months I've gone past twice, 2.3g and a 2.4. That would only cost $10 extra and I'm fine with that! Woohoo!

I had the same thing. Even if I were to go over and I doubt I will, but if I do, it's still less than what I was paying, which yes, I realize is ridiculous, but it's part of being on Verizon. I can bitch about the price all I want, but I remember perfectly well having AT&T and being in a 2 hour dead zone with no reception as I drove from a large college town to one of the biggest cities in the country. No reason in the world for AT&T to have such a large dead zone but they regularly do and T-Mobile is worse and don't get me started on Sprint...

don't you got to add $40.00 for the line also for a total of $100.00.  where is this a deal, cricket is 2.5 gig -$45.00 and no $40.00 a line fee

Jesus...you guys are being ripped off in U.S. In Croatia(EU) i pay $25 for unlimited calls and texts, 3GB of data (4G) and i also get 15min, 15 texts and 15MB while roaming which also includes international calls from my country towards EU.