Where does Nokia's Amazing Everyday music come from?

We've been kind of enamored with Nokia's "Amazing Everyday" music since the day we first heard it. You know, the little pop-synth riff we've been exposed to on nearly all Lumia commercials. What we didn't know was those snippets come from a band called 'Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' (awesome) and that the song was called "Garden".


Now, we're sure some of you did know this so please forgive our ignorance on the matter. But for those who were oblivious, clicking play on the above video will be an odd experience. Odd we say because to us it's like someone took Nokia's commercial music and made it into a pop-synth song, not the reverse. But perhaps we play with phones too much.

Either way, we like it and we think you'll like it too. Thanks, Arun3, for enlightening us!


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Where does Nokia's Amazing Everyday music come from?


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is the brainchild of Orlando Higginbottom and he's releasing his first album in May. I love Household Goods as well.

You are welcome ...Dan... Btw, the instrumental sounds better definitely...but nevertheless it's awesome!! I have it (the instumental) on my playlist.... :)
And great coverage of the CES!! Thanks for all the news!!

This is a good example of what happens when you give art young male students too many drugs!
I think the girls voice was ok, especially more towards the end. Guy should have kept quiet though.

I personally think the song sounds "to cute", but I'm going to be honest... As long as it sounds good to the majority, and works for marketing purposes, I'm all for it. All I care about is if it helps sell phones, and increases awareness,,,,, but I can't wait till its replaced..lol

hahaha terrible singing. Nokia background tunes makes it better to listen too. Never heard of this band group before.

I thought we could have up to 40 seconds?  Guess I need to verify that it works, and if not, do another round of slice 'n' dice on it... :)