Will your older Type Cover work on a Surface Pro 3?

Surface Pro 3 Type Cover

Microsoft just announced the Surface Pro 3 at a press event in New York City. The new model features a 12-inch display, which is up from the 10.6-inch display found in the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2. As such, Microsoft also announced a new Type Cover to go with the Surface Pro 3. Now those Type Covers aren’t cheap and we know a lot of you are wondering if your ‘old’ Type Covers will work with the Surface Pro 3.

Yes. Yes they do.

Daniel and Mark are still lurking around the press event grabbing photos and shooting video. Dan busted out the second-generation Type Cover he had and connected it to the Surface Pro 3. It does work and you’ll be able to use it. Though it might not be ideal since the smaller footprint of the older Type Covers won’t completely cover the larger display with the Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 3

Those looking to get a Surface Pro 3 can still get some use out of their older accessories.

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Will your older Type Cover work on a Surface Pro 3?


It'd be weird, but nice and cool if they did. I would've prefeered an 11.6" 16:10 Surface Pro, as you get a nice 16:9 application with the taskbar taking up that last 16:1. New pen looks awesome.

That's a good tip! I just docked mine on the right side and like it very much over there. A little more headroom for my windows on the SP2.

I don't care about the 16:10 but given nearly all content these days is shown on wide screen devices, I have to agree with you. 3:2 is just such a weird thing to do these days because this is a laptop replacement, not a tablet. Only the ipad which is basically a glorified reader with apps really needs the portrait resolution. You're not going to use visual studio this way. you're not going to use office this way. you're not going to use PS CS this way.

such a waste. hopefully SP4 will show them the error of their ways. I'd be more included to want a squarish tablet in the 10 inch segment for store apps only...and even then. I prefer landscape.

Personally not interested in Surface Pro, as I don't need a desktop replacement. Hopefully they'll drop RT for a low-power Intel solution with Surface 3.

I was waiting for the Surface Pro 3, but 3:2 has totally killed any interest I have. Very dissapointed, definitely the best made full PC tablet around, but that is just an awful "ipad" like screen ratio, so now I'll have to look elsewhere. Unfortunately everything else sucks and has zero accessory support...

I ordered one as the "wife's" device. If I like it enough, I may order one for me. However I think I'll keep my SP2 until I'm sure MSFT doesn't backpedal to 16:9 when they release their broadwell versions.

I do think 3:2 is a lot better than apple's 4:3. However I think smaller tablets handle the square format better than large ones. so I'm really puzzled.

Yet I think for anything store apps will look great in 3:2

cool, at least people dont have ot get a new cover.  Im guessing it would add another $150 after tax on the price. 



Really? I used one at Staples and I actually really liked it. No worry of breaking the keys or anything

I'm surprised Panos didn't reveal new versions

Actually, what struck me was that they seem to not offer a touch cover, but only type covers. They also added a new shade of blue. First generation touch is horrible, second generation is supposed to be improved.

Oh yes, I love that navy blue color

Yeah, the Type Cover 2 is pretty awesome. Really easy to type on. And it's backlit, which just blows my mind

Even the second version of Touch Cover is not very good, as you don't have any real response as to when a button is pressed. It's like typing in a password in Windows 8, and using the no-highlight option. You only have a slight idea of what is being typed, but it's not enough at all. Just a little response and a lighter press would help A LOT. The Type Cover is a lot better, as you get some response, and the keys in general are easier to differenciate.

Maybe future versions of the Type Cover will feature micro-vibrators as a sex object form of tactile feedback. Try posting that around on Microsofts pages. They've shown that they listen to their fans

The touch cover 2 is much better, but you can't do anything serious on it, it is about as good as typing on the screen.

The screen typing is terrible. The touch covers are much better than typing on screen. Especially with the sound cues on, I can type almost as fast as I do on the type cover.

minus the fact that you can see the screen ...unless you're the invisible man and don't have a freaking giant keyboard taking half your screen.

I was wondering about that too.  It looks like they are about the same width despite the overall size difference, so if the ports aren't aligned differently...  but I haven't looked close enough at it - would rather have someone who knows for sure confirm either way rather than taking a guess anyway.  Bummer if not, just got a dock for my surface pro (original) and would have been nice to use it with a surface 3.

Has the Bluetooth keyboard adapter changed at all? Is it smaller or did they even announce a new one?

I think it's really useful and had a lot of potential. If there wasn't an awesome new tablet that came out today, I'd be sad.

I didn't get to see the full announcement and read all the articles. Has there been any changes in the type covers, besides fitting the new Surface Pro 3?

So I guess this means that there's no certainty of newer versions of Power Cover 2 since MSFT won't be sure what size it would be. Although it's only the first gen. that would need it... Hmmm, I wish they release a cyan Power Cover soon. I'll surely grab one.

Does the new cover work with the SP2? And does it magnetically lock on to the front if it does?

It would be nice to have a slightly larger keyboard that is more stable on the SP2.

This is actually what I want to know. I'd like to see the original type cover replaced with the newer one with larger trackpad if the new cover doesn't work.

Well, it is a noteworthy aspect of the device given the current trend of quickly making old accessories obsolete without regard for old customers.

Where's the pink Typecover. My girl likes pink and its very distinctive like the cyan for guys. Come on Microsoft, give us a limited run at least for breast cancer awareness.

backward compatibility? very nice microsoft! i honestly didn't expect for the current type/touch covers to work. nice!

Oh that is good to know!

I was just debating this with a friend on whatsapp, looks like I win the bet :D. But I supect he wont keep his end of the deal, as the winner of the bet is "supposed" to get a 930 lol.

Looks like they haven't become much larger, those Surface Pro 3, as the cover almost get to the top of the screen itselfs.