Windows Phone Accessory Review: Mobi Desktop Cradle

Mobi Desktop Cradle HTC Titan

While we are still awaiting patiently for HTC to release the desktop cradle (or should I say "become widely available"?) for the HTC Titan and Radar Windows Phones, a few third party vendors have release their version of the cradle. The Mobi Products Desktop Cradle is offered over at the WPCentral Accessory Store for both Windows Phones and we recently took one out for a test drive with the Titan.

Mobi Desktop Cradle

There's not much to the cradle. It lays horizontally on the table with the Titan easily connecting to the micro-USB port. To the rear of the cradle is a permanently affixed USB cable and the connection for the AC wall plug. A rather bright blue LED light rests up top to let you know the cradle is connected to a power source.  The blue glow of the LED looks nice but the colors do not change as the Titan charges.

Mobi Desktop Cradle

For the most part, I liked the Mobi cradle. I found it to be a nice charging solution for the Titan but it's not perfect. First, I could never get the Titan to go into Docking Mode automatically. The settings are switched on to have the Docking Mode launch automatically but for whatever reason, the Mobi never triggered it.

Secondly, I would have liked to have seen the USB cable be detachable. If you're using the Mobi Cradle as a stand alone charger without the need to connect to a computer, the USB cord just takes up space.

Mobi Desktop Cradle


Still, for those who are yearning to use their Titan or Radar with a stand up cradle, the Mobi cradle is worth considering. The Mobi Desktop Cradle is running $24.95 and you can find the Radar version here and the Titan here at the WPCentral Accessory Store.


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Windows Phone Accessory Review: Mobi Desktop Cradle


I have had the official HTC cradle for a few months now & Dock mode works perfectly. I have a nightstand clock app. & the Titan in the Dock running this app. looks very elegant. A must-have accessory for all HTC Titan owners.


Had my official HTC Titan cradel since December 18th 2011.
I live in UK, it was supplied by Expansys. The Cradel is a must buy. Why is it taking so long to release it in the US?

But isn't that one outing the phone in Portrait? I would love a landscape like this one.
Anybody else annoyed at the toolbar being visual? Does it go away with official dock?

The Microsoft store in Oak Brook, Il has the official HTC cradles for the Titan. I picked one up for my wife over a month ago.

Anyone know of a dock or cradle for the focus s? Haven't found one specifically for it, was wondering if a galaxy s II dock would wok.

This is dumb. We need speaker docks for our phones! iHome did it for apple we need an upstart to take a risk on wp and give us some options!

Phillips have a range of "Android" docks, that works with WP. No problem using it with my Titan. Music transfare over Bluetooth, and chargeing with micro USB.

@ahuczek ihome makes some but the problem is that USB doesn't send audio out like the iPhone connector so the docks either are Bluetooth receivers or have to plug in via the headphone jack and USB.

This says it doesn't work for the Trophy, but based on the visual appearnce, I don't see why not.  Any comments from someone who might know?