Xbox and Windows Phone Store and services temporarily down


We’ve been getting tips for the last few hours from users that the Windows Phone Store has not been working, specifically when you try to go download an app, you get an error message (we’ve seen a few mentioned).

As it turns out, heading to support.xbox.com alerts us to what appears to be a general system failure on several fronts, including Xbox 360, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Zune PC Client and more. That’s the bad news.

The good news is you’re not alone and clearly Microsoft is on top if it, though we have no idea if it’ll be back in 20 minutes or 2 hours. Just standby and we’re sure some of these last minute hiccups will pass on by. Thanks, everyone, for tipping us

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Xbox and Windows Phone Store and services temporarily down


Can you guys go back to putting the entire article into the RSS feed please?  Three paragraphs and I have to come to the site to read the last two?

I'd rather they not... a majority of their articles are crazy long, and it's a lot of scrolling and reading that I'd prefer not do every time I'm reading updates.

Uhh what? First you say put the whole article in then complain about getting the app as an alternative because you don't like how long the articles are????

I just browsed and downloaded an app. Does that mean it's fixed? I'm in mid-town Manhattan by the way.

I use to work for MS and do deployments to the app marketplace, along with other stuff (xbox.com, windows phone stuff, etc).
My guess is that they had a deployment today that went a little side-ways.  

Seems to be mostly resolved now.
I'm still having issues signing in to xbox live from my phone but everything else that wasn't working appears to be working again.

I was having trouble downloading music with my zune pass before but streaming was working fine on my xbox so I thought there was something wrong with my phone. It works now, but its nice to know my good ol' trophy is still soldiering on. Its a miracle that phone is still working after the literally dozens of times I have dropped it. 

I purchased a song the other day from my windows phone. Charged my card nut got a marketplace error in the process. Tried again later to redownload and its as if I never purchased it. So I wound up purchasing the same song twice. Who do i contact to get a refund for being charged twice for the same song?

Not completely back up for me... Can't view app images in the store.

(BTW, another reason I don't want to rely on the cloud to use my media.)

This probably has more to do with all of the apps that went live today. Skype for Windows 8 was made live in the store. Office 2013, SharePoint, Project, Visio, Exchange, and Office Web Apps all went live on Technet and MSDN as well. im sure their servers are just being pounded!

I'm getting a "Can't Sync" error in Windows 8 on my laptop. And it says "We can't sync with Xbox Music Cloud right now".

Can download apps now but says my card no longer working for purchases - it was fine yesterday though - anyone else getting this?

I'm pretty sure it will remain Marketplace on WP 7.5 (perhaps it will be renamed for 7.8 but I'm not sure).