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Xbox One September update now live, brings new media player and more

There's a new update ready for your Xbox One! A worldwide rollout has just started that will give Xbox One consoles new features like social features, party system updates, and the highly anticipated media player. That's right, the Xbox One September update is ready in August.

Those in the Xbox One preview program have been using these features for a few weeks, but now everyone will soon be able to watch and listen to nearly any media type on their Xbox One.

Here's what's new in today's update rolling out:

  • A new Media Player app: Play media files from an attached USB device with the new media player app – DLNA support for your home media servers is coming soon. Xbox One will support more formats than Xbox 360, including support for dozens of new file formats like Mpeg 2 TS, animated gifs and MKV, which will be added by the end of the year.
  • Party on in the new and improved Party App: Be the leader of your party with the new party leader setting. As the party leader, you can change whether the party requires invitations and you can remove others from the party. The updated app also lets you see what activities everyone in your party is doing and who is playing in the same game with you in addition to being able to quickly perform common actions like muting, joining, or sending game invites.
  • New features for SmartGlass: You can now post status messages from the Activity Feed and comments, or share items from both your Activity Feed and Game Clips. Along with the new comment and share features, a personalized Activity Feed has been added to your profile and messages have been updated to a new layout supporting a full conversation view. Additionally, we are adding the ability to record game clips directly from the Now Playing bar. Finally, for users who upgrade the app directly, we have introduced a What's New page highlighting the features of each release.
  • "Xbox On" capabilities in Australia, Canada (French), Italy, Spain and Mexico: New regions will have the ability to use the "Xbox On" Kinect voice command to power on their consoles when they're in connected standby (Instant On) mode.
  • OneGuide comes to Brazil, Mexico, Austria, and Ireland: The ability to configure live TV listings will be available to all customers in these four countries. Also coming to these markets is the ability to use OneGuide and the Universal Remote Control in SmartGlass.
  • Boot to TV: Now Xbox One owners will be able to set their console to boot directly to television when coming out of connected standby.
  • Bandwidth Usage Display: Bandwidth Usage will show users how much bandwidth their Xbox One is consuming over a period of time, a useful tool for those who want to track against bandwidth caps set by ISPs in certain markets.
  • Save your Avatar Gamerpic: A new option to save Avatar Gamerpics to users' OneDrive.
  • GameDVR deletes: Users will be able to choose multiple GameDVR clips to delete at once in the Upload app.

This is one of the best updates yet to the Xbox One. Which feature are you most excited for?

Want to grab the update now and not wait for your console to automatically update? Head into your system settings and click 'system update'. The update is rolling out to users around the globe, so you might not be able to click system update button just yet.

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Xbox One September update now live, brings new media player and more


I'm only getting my XBox One on 23 September (South African Launch). Can't wait though...need more friends on XBox One.....anyone can add me if you have an XBox One....

Gamertag: AlienatedBovine

And now we are hearing leaks that Windows 9 err Threshold will also get a monthly update. Similar to this I'm assuming. 

Maybe it's just naivety and I don't really understand the culture of the modern day gaming community on the interwebs but I've been playing a long time.  I never thought I would ever see the day when someone insinuated, in not so many words, that their console was getting way too many features, way too often.

I guess it must just be my naivety.

Thus far when a Developer Preview program has been live, since 8.1 (before it starts rolling out to devices), there have been two updates per month.

Yeah, then for once I'm glad to say: "It's that time of the month! YES!" You know... I'm not glad when I have to say this to the wife :P

I'd be happy in the new media player plays .wtv or .drv-ms files.  I doubt it will, as these formats were not on the list.

I just updated, but i cant find the new media player. Also there are supposed to be more languages, also not available to me :( what am I doing wrong?

Plug in a USB device with some media on it and you'll be prompted to use the media player. That's how it worked for me in the preview.

Will it reformat my USB external HD, so that I can use it again with my laptop? Cuz I formatted it with the x1 thinking this capability was already available....

The media player will not reformat your drive. If you want to use your HDD with your comp again you will have to reformat it in Windows Diskmanager. If you have a drive that is formatted as FAT32 or NTFS your Xbox One wont reformat the drive as long as you just want to play media from it. When you connect it you will get a question about if you want to use it as an external media for games and saves. If you press no, you can access the drive in media player.

I dont know if you can help but I have an external drive that is formatted in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format and its always worked perfect on my xbox 360 so I could watch movies. I've downloaded the Media Player Preview this morning and plugged in the drive but the app says "no devices found." At one point it asked me if I wanted to format the drive to save games, apps, etc to it or just use it to play media and I elected to just select the media option. any help would be appreciated. thanks. 

Hi @williamcmoran!

Ok. I have not tried q mac formatted drive with the 360 or One. This is beacause i just assumed that the Microsoft systems would not read the mac formatted drives. I'll get on it.

I dont belive the One will read the OSX drives because of the formatting but it's strange sinceyou got the 360 to do so. I mainly work with Server 2012 and windows but I'll look in to It. My old network/local share could read FATx formatted drives but not OSX so dont get your hopes up. Gimme like 50min ´s and i'll have a look.

oh, man! that's huge. i really appreciate you taking the time to look into it and also giving any insight that you find. Yeah, the 360 has been reading this drive no problem for a few years now. I guess I could reformat but this is the only external I have so I would have no way to back this one up. Plus, I don't know what other format that I could format the drive to so that it plays nicely with my mac and the xbox without any file size restrictions. 

No probbs man, happy to help. As I stated below, the only thing I got to work on bot OSX/Win8/One was the FATx Filesystem. So, sorry, but based on my trials the thing you havve to do Is format your drive to FATx (just transfer all of your files before, the disk will be completley erased during the format). The beauty of FATx is just that, It's read as an almost complete FS by bot Linux/OSX/Win, as a "standard" user, I dont believe you will miss any features from NTFS....

hey Stoffe, once again, i really appreciate the help. Looks like i'll be buying another external drive so I can back everything up but that's no big deal. It does make sense that it doesn't play nicely with the xbox one since it's a newer system.  The reason I formatted as OSX format before is because I read to do so. Is there any real advantage to it besides being able to encrypt it? Also is FATx the same as exFAT? I'm guessing it is. Thanks again!

forgot to ask..with FATx (exFAT), will I be able to read/write on both mac and pc? 

There's nothin to It bro. Glad to help.

No, I'm guessing you use the disk as a "regular" user, not connected to any enterprise system or such? Then there's nothing to worry about, with Fatx(exFAT) you are good to go. Store your music, files, movies and such on the FATx (exFAT) drive and almost any OS will be able to read it (won't pleadge to Linux since I have'nt tried It). Regarding read/write on Win/OSX it's all good.

Hi again @williamcmoran

Tried an OSX Extended drive and my One did not read it. Reformatted It as an FATx drive with media and that worked. So, based on that and NO OTHER research I would say that Xbox One does NOT read OSX formatted drive. The disk is probably recognized by win7/8 but as a HDD but since the One is a bit more limited the OS is not able to read the Filesystem. Probably have to reformat the drive as FATx (if you want 4GB+ files on the drive).


Anybody know if they made any changes to the audio decoding on this update? 

Currently I use 5.1 uncompressed, but I notice that my Denon receiver still displays the incoming audio a mixin and not doing the DTS or Dolby digital decoding at the receiver. Must be still happening up stream at the XB1?

That is an Audio issue with XBOX not outputting bitstream for the HD Audio Codecs.
It's a highly wanted feature but there is no word if it will get added in any future ups yet...

Yeah, there's a number of us who've been clamoring for an audio passthru option since the beginning.  That's the only remaining reason I still use my standalone bluray player.  I don't want the XB1 decoding audio on it's own, for DVD's I guess it's fine, but for bluray.  I want my reciever to handle DTS HD and Dolby TrueHD.  Something tells me the XB1 takes those formats and downmixes.  A lot of us have spent a lot of money on fancy receivers to avoid exactly that.

PlayTo is great except you have to initiate the play from a different device. I'd like to be able to browse my movie library stored on my PC from the XB1.

Ditto, one of the primary reasons I bought this at launch was to use it for media. But all my media is on a dnla enabled network drive. Which means I'm still stuck using xbmc on an apple tv. There's no way I'm going to start a video on my computer and then play to, to the xbox, that's just way too much of a phaff!

Maybe I'll get an Xbox one instead of a ps4. The media player capability is one thing I really require to justify upgrading from my ps3.

I just purchased an XB1. Almost went with the PS4, but after playing around a few times with both consoles I realized the difference in graphics was negligible at best. Sure it could be just the caliber of the games out right now. But, I feel with MS being a software company and their commitment to updates, that the XB1 will improve much much quick than the PS4. At least that was my reasoning.

I've only had it for a week. But, wow! It truely is a great system.  

You made the right choice. I hope you got it with Kinect too. The Xbox One just has way more and way better features, app, and games.

My plan originally was to get the PS4.  I'm not a big fanboy of either system, but I liked Sony's hardware decisions more than Microsoft's.  But then my work sent me to a conference in Vegas and they gave everyone a free XB1 (with Kinect).  Free always wins ;)

My friend is a die hard x1 fan, he talked me out of buying a ps4 (same boat as you) and told me to get a x1. He recently bought a ps4 and would recommend it over the Xbox. He said his only plans for his xbox is Halo MC collection.

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Nope.  When I was testing the media player last week I tried both a 32GB USB 2.0 drive and an 4TB external  USB 3 drive.  Both drives worked fine.  The ony issues I did have were with mkv format.

Alright well now I'm even more satisfied with my purchase, now if we can a good baseball sim like MLB the show then I would have no reason to invest in a Sony system

Thanks for the link, but .srt files are selectable subtitles. Hopefilly we will be able too. Like it's possible in Plex. (Which app is soon to be released for Xbox One)

I'd love to see Plex or Media Browser.  Really, just anything that look at a folder full of movies, read metadata, grab box art and other information online and give me a well presented and executed interface.  Not just a big listing of random thumbnail screen grabs from a bunch of videos.  Plus, VOB support!!!

If they support MKV files but not the subtitles files, than its again the half way approach. But as it seems, it might be supported at least by the third party applications in the futute. Good news is, that it has MKV Codec.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner – Announced last week, this new hardware accessory will enter a limited preview program in Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain), in advance of its retail launch beginning in October.

This is from the source link.  Does this mean the TV tuner will come to the US in October?


For those who already have the media player running please comment on MKV, M2TS and losssless bluray audio fomats (DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby truehd).

MKV support is not very functional at the moment it will come in a future update with DNLA and other codecs

Also there is no Bitstream for BluRay HD Audio yet either.

I don't get it. I don't have the friend section on the home screen. I don't have new language options. The new features there are supposed to be are unavailable to me. Now what? Do I have to reset the console to factory settings or what?

I don't have the friend section on the home page either, even when I set my region to UK.
I'm from Ireland,

Not even all the preview members have that yet. That was an advance preview for select members, I suspect it will be rolled out next month. The friends app has many of the features that the friends dashboard section will show outside of gamerscore rankings though.

The language part is a bit iffy at the moment. I live in sweden and if I want to change the locale to Sweden, the only language I have available is Swedish. If I want another language I have to change locale.

I'm no big fan of having my games or my console set to display Swedish but i want access to the swedish store, subbed movies in Video and so on while having my games and GUI in English, at the moment that is not possible. So im guessing, it might just be that the language you want is not available in the locale you have your Xbox set to. I'm not saying thats it but i'ts a strong possibility

Such a rapid release cycle. The augudt update was out only 2 weeks ago. Guess they will spend some time on other stuff until october since this is the september update

I was getting bad lag through WiFi and I had to uncheck and recheck the option to support "Play To" in the setttings menu.  That fixed it.

As much as these new updates are welcome, it really drives home the thought that either a) the Xbox One was way rushed, b) it was designed by people who never played a video game in their lives, c) it really wasn't tested for usability before launch, or d) all of the above.

Who the hell cares about the ps4? I said nothing about the ps4. I don't own one. I own an Xbox One and I feel it was half baked. Go start your Xbox vs playstation nonsense in some other thread.

Defensive much? Look at the rest of the comments. I'm hardly the only one to mention the PS4 because guess what? It's a perfectly valid comparison. Specially given your moronic comment. If you can't handle someone responding to your comment in a way that somehow differs or adds counter perspective, then don't comment bud.

Not defensive, not moronic, but way to go with the name calling early. Exactly why I didn't want to get into an Xbox vs playstation thing, gamers are so quick to slide into those arguments at the drop of a hat, and quick to be really mean, too! Such a debate has ZERO to do with my original comment. Add "counter-perspective" and argue different opinions all you want, but at least make them relevant (we're talking about the Xbox One here), or don't reply at all, buddy. It's not rocket science.

Boot to TV is the biggest feature so far for Xbox being a living room entertainment center. TV is still the prime device, and means a family household can more easily integrate the One into their center.

Also helps with not-too-tech-savvy [grand]parents keeping the kids entertained.

So they released the Media Player app but didn't include the DLNA? Well I'm not copying stuff to a usb and trucking it over to my console. They shouldn't have released it if it wasn't %100 yet, the system has been out for almost a year and yeah they have updates every month, but they have been pretty small and most things should have been included when it was released. I will have to say that the PS4 has been pretty shotty about updates too, at least xbox one announce dlna with current work on releasing it.

Just so I know, why prefer DNLA over USB support ?
Through the current play to feature, I always found myself having troubles (file stuttering or so) I don't know if it's because my Xbox is in another room compared to my PC or if it's because I only have wifi G, but it never seemed convenient to me.

On top of that, why always have 2 machines on to watch content on one ?

I'm preparing to be disappointed though. It'd be a shame if Microsoft were to not fuck things up by, say ... not allow the Xbox to read ntfs disks.

Some people have the hard drive connected to there router to play giant files that were made for use in advanced audio systems

Some people like me have a server that has 24TB of Movies, TV Shows, and Music that is a lot more powerful than a media service that a router provides. My house is hardwired CAT6 and don't have to rely on wireless either. When I stream movies and tv shows over my network via DLNA or Plex it is seemless at almost BluRay quality. I don't have a 24TB USB hard drive to bring back and forth nor would I even consider that because other devices in my house and outside of my house stream my videos/music. I will continue to use the builtin DLNA in my TV and if the XboxOne gets it, then I'll check it out... and when/if the XboxOne gets a Plex App, then I'll definitely use that over everything else.

+1, only a TB but I use my server to stream to my tablets, laptops and XBox 360 around the house.  Couldn't run CAT 6 but I found out that Powerline 500 Mbps is quite a bit faster than 5 Ghz 802.11 with the XBox 360 USB adapter (the one with 2 Antennas).  Was very impressed with Powerline in general - it's only Ethernet 100 (not Gigabit)- have also used two different OEMs that both talked to each other seamlessly when being plugged in. By the way, my wife LOVES being able to watch any movie we own (use AnyDVD HD and Handbrake or Freemake Video to covert to .wmv files) rather than having to find a disc (our laptops don't have Blu Ray and one (ultrabook) doesn't have an internal drive.  Unless/Unitl XBox One supports DLNA off Windows Home Server (2011) then I will stick with my 360.  Also, have collected a nice set of digital downloads from XBox video sales that I need the 360 for when hooked to my 55" TV and Sony Soundbar.  So, unless/until they put out an app for Android (or the long rumored $99 XBox Media Player) I will have some XBox media player to play those movies (Some of the sales are quite nice - currenlty have Gravity and the new 300 movie for less than $10 (you need to download a hard copy for the many times MS loses their license - no streaming if you haven't downloaded) and my 500 GB XBox HD is getting full with all the sales I have had over the years.

My PC is on most of the time and I have a ton of internal storage that my media is stored on, it's much more convenient to use DLNA. I'd rather not keep hauling my externall HDD back and forth whenenver I want to use it. As far as any lag goes, I don't have any. Been able to stream uncompressed Bluray's without a problem. I do have a Netgear AC1900 router that can handle a lot of traffic though.

I have both systems and as far as gaming goes, you definitely picked the right choice, I do miss the PS3 DLNA on my PS4 though, they need to add it soon if they want to keep their customers or the XBOX One will start gaining momentum. I know A LOT of people upset that the PS4 didn't have the DLNA functionality that the PS3 did!

Is this like windows phone with updates where it takes a couple of hours to get to everyone cause me and my friend still don't see the update

I suppose Media Player is the most exciting development, but I'm preparing to be very dissapointed with the end result.

I currently use MediaBrowser3 to organize and play all my media. I still use MediaCenter to find and record TV. I'm guessing that Media Player will be much less rich in terms of organizing and providing external content about the media, and I'm assuming I won't have any ability to set TV recordings on my networked PC.

Until XBOX One catches up, I'll continue to access it through my XBOX 360 media center app, and all of the interfaces MediaBrowser3 provides for accessing media through my other devices like the Surface, Windows Phone, Roku, or Windows 8 app. I'm only getting the XBOX One when I feel like I'm missing something from a media consumption perspective.

Yeah, it looks like it just lists your movies by grabbing a random thumbnail.  There's no box art or metadata.  And doesn't look like vob support either.  This is progress but nowhere near replacing my HTPC.

For some reason neither my Xbox One controller nor my Media remote can control the menus for my cable on demand.l, but the remote in the Smartglass app can.


but you have to admit, Microsoft is geting bether in update speed...

they update, windows, Xbox and windows phone verry fast now, ok, you have to be in the preview for devloper to get the windows phone update faster, but it's a easy way to bypass the mobile provider...

So far I've been pretty happy with my choice this gen. The Xbox One is exeeding my expectations on the Media Front. Games with Gold though continues to be a Joke. With it being the same as PS+ in not being able to permanently keep the games, I'd expect much much better from Microsoft.

Is that true? I thought THE difference in-between the two is that you own the Xbox games. Maybe I've been misinforming people...

I believe you can keep them as long as you have an Xbox Gold account.  If you cancel your subscription, access to the games you downloaded for free goes away.

That is correct. On the Xbox 360 you can keep 'em forever. But on the Xbox one it's the same as PlayStation plus.

No, no, no. Here, check this changelog out. It even has an asterik to draw attention to the XBOX ONE part and I quote "Active Gold Membership required to play downloaded Xbox One games." in the last question and answer.

And here's the original announcement. Please note once again they draw attention specifically to XBOX ONE at the bottom with the Games with Gold offer, mentioning once again "Active Gold membership required.

the Media Player app is good but will bw bether with the DNLA and MKV support...

the Xbox on for french canada is verry good to

So i cant hook up my Windows Phone to play the Music off my SD card. I really feel like this was a pitty app. Who carries music on a flash drive anymore?

Figured I'd ask in here but I realize there is a forum...

My Xbox requires a restart to connect to my controller pretty much every day after one of these updates. What the hell.

Any insight? I have to power down forcefully(hold the emblem or unplug) turn on, then connect the controller. It is fine until the next time I use it... Meaning during a movie it will reconnect but upon sleep it loses the connection. The controller is up to date. Anyone know what I should do?

Damn, no vob support?  That's the format I need the most!  I don't download mkv's off bittorrent, but I do rip my own DVD collection into vob cause I hate compression loss.

I'm guessing the feature where you can watch TV on your tablet while playing Xbox is coming in the future?

Does anyone know if this will play DVD's?  I've ripped my entire DVD collection and kept it in it's native vob format cause I hate compression loss.  This worked really well on my HTPC running Windows Media Center and Media Browser.  But that PC is dead now.

I connected by external HDD and its not 256GB with SDD but normal 500GB HDD. XB1 wont detect it. It simply says connect a USB . Also will XB1 show folders etc so that we can chose movie? And will it play .mkv or that's coming end of year?