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New Xbox One preview update rolling out to fix freezing issues

New Xbox One Preview update rolling out to fix freezing issues

It looks like Microsoft is now rolling out a new update for its Preview program for the Xbox One that fixes some responsiveness issue. The update is starting to roll out from today and you can check for it in the system update manually. The update brings the version up to xb_rel_1411.141023-2232...
Plex on Xbox One

Plex app for Xbox One coming tomorrow, comment and win a lifetime premium membership

Ready for the official Plex app on Xbox One? Good, because it comes out tomorrow. Those with a Plex Pass premium subscription will be able to download and use Plex on their Xbox One. Not up to date with Plex? It's a super snazzy set of software that allows you to stream your photos, music and...
Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive Xbox One review, it truly is an Awesomepocalypse

Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games is the Xbox One's newest exclusive IP. These guys have worked exclusively with Sony on PlayStation for almost 20 years. However, Insomniac studios decided it was time for something new and Microsoft was willing to take a chance on them. Thus Sunset Overdrive...

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Review – Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Special Edition console

Review – Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Special Edition white console

Last year when the Xbox One launched, you could get it in any color you wanted – as long as it was black. But select Microsoft staff members received a white console with the words " I made this" emblazoned on both the system and the controller. The gamers among us who aren't fixated on black...
destiny expansion

Destiny's first expansion pack, The Dark Below, launching Dec. 9

Bungie and Activision scored a big sales hit in September with their long awaited sci-fi shooter Destiny and Wednesday they announced that the first of two planned expansion packs for the game, The Dark Below, will be released for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, among other platforms, on December 9...
xbox entertainment studios

Microsoft finally closes Xbox Entertainment Studios, Halo TV series still in the works

While it was first announced in July during Microsoft's first wave of its planned 18,000 employee layoffs, the company finally closed the doors on its Santa Monica, California-based Xbox Entertainment Studios today. It was originally launched in 2012 to bring new television content to the Xbox...
Watch our Halo: the Master Chief Collection preview on tonight on Twitch

Watch the replay of our first Halo: the Master Chief Collection Twitch preview

One of the year's biggest exclusive Xbox One games launched this week: Sunset Overdrive. We went all out for it, providing an early review and hosting a multiplayer Twitch stream on launch day. We even have a review of the Sunset Overdrive white Xbox One console coming up on Thursday. Awesome...
Costume Quest 2

Just in time for Halloween, Costume Quest 2 and How to Survive are now on Xbox One

Costume Quest 2 and How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition are both now available for Xbox One. In Costume Quest 2 you once again you take on the role of either Wren or Reynold on a quest to collect candy and awesome costumes. However, Dr. Orel White is doing whatever it takes to banish Halloween...
Xbook Duo

Xbox One and laptop get together one night, here's the outcome nine months later

What happens when an Xbox One and laptop get together? You end up with an Xbox One (and Xbox 360) inside a laptop. That's what hacker Edward Zarick did with his new Xbook Duo, which puts an Xbox 360 AND Xbox One into a laptop-like chassis. Hacker Ed sells Xbox One laptop systems and...
Grab a great deal on an Xbox One at Argos until November 4

Grab a great deal on an Xbox One at Argos until November 4

A quick heads up for Brits looking for a great deal on a new Xbox One, Argos might have the thing for you. For a limited time – until November 4 to be precise – you can snag the Kinect-less console complete with FIFA 15, Forza Horizon 2 and The Evil Within for just £359.99. That's a saving of £85...
Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield Hardline coming out on Xbox One in March 2015

Battlefield Hardline has a new release date. The game was originally slated to come out this month, but EA decided to give the game more time in development after lackluster feedback during a recent public beta. You can now look forward to playing Battlefield Hardline on your Xbox One or gaming...
halo 2 anniversary

Halo 2: Anniversary's new trailer shows some incredible-looking cut scenes

Halo 2: Anniversary, the new version of the classic Xbox sci-fi shooter that's being included in the upcoming Xbox One title Halo: The Master Chief Collection, will feature some incredible-looking revamped cut scenes, judging by the new trailer released by Microsoft today. The new sequences...
ea access

Electronic Arts: EA Access on Xbox One is growing 'well beyond early expectations'

Electronic Arts is apparently very happy with the initial response of EA Access, its game subscription service that's currently an exclusive on the Xbox One console. In an conference call with investors this week, EA's CEO Andrew Wilson said that EA Access is growing "well beyond early...